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If you are visiting this website it is because you are interested in transforming this world.  You, like many young people, have the opportunity to do something to improve the lives of the less fortunate!  Take up the challenge with us!

Come help us make a difference in the lives of young people in Los Angeles!  Become a Salesian Volunteer.


Mission Trips to Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez – Join us!

Many define service as a dedication of time to another or group. The dictionary defines service as, "An act of helpful activity."  We at the Salesian volunteer program can just describe our service in one word, "love." We here at the program believe that one of our greatest displays of service, or love, is in our 2 week mission trips to Tijuana & Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.

In these trips that many youth and young adults gather together to not only give of themselves within these two weeks of service, but to grow within themselves. We here at the Salesian volunteer program believe that our visitation to the Tijuana and Cuidad Juarez missions are prime examples of the power of service. We visit several Salesian oratories that host hundreds of kids throughout the year and tend to tasks as minimal as washing dishes to some as large as building playgrounds.

Salesian Volunteers

We also give a lot of time to a couple Government owned orphanages that will touch your heart. Abandoned and left with no where to go, these orphanages offer shelter to newborns all the way to teenagers. At these sites we do not just observe to appreciate what we have, but we interact, play, and build relationships with the kids to give them what they do not have, to give them what we believe as Salesians service to be; love. Here at our program you will find something we believe to be unique from so many others and that is time to think.

At the end of everyday we take time to just talk about our experience of that day and really meditate on what messages we can take to not only benefit our own lives, but our communities. And of course, we wrap up every meditation with a very important question, "Where did you find Jesus today?"

Salesian VolunteersSalesian VolunteersSalesian VolunteersSalesian Volunteers

Our mission trips are open to all high school and college students looking for not just service, but understanding, self-awareness, love, and God. These trips are only two weeks to make an impact on these children and yourself that will last a life time. We highly encourage both mission trips to everyone and especially those craving more from their service, because as you will learn from our program, this is not only a giving of service, but a giving of love.

Watch our videos:

Tijuana Mission Trip video at


Ciudad Juarez Mission Trip video at


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Help us to make the difference in this world... become a Salesian Volunteer!

Volunteer - Internship

If you have a bachelor’s degree and you are interested in a spiritual experience living in a religious community without being a religious, and working with Campus Youth Ministry… This may be your opportunity!  


  •     experiencing a sense of family (community life)
  •     Spiritual, Emotional and psychological growth
  •     Being able to make the difference in someone else’s life
  •     Better understanding of yourself
  •     Looks great in your resume!
  •     Professional growth
  •     … and more!

Only for brave young adults who are willing to challenge themselves and expand their comfort zone while serving God!

If you would like to apply for this volunteer position, please contact us at

High School Graduates

If you don’t know what do to with your life, and you know that you can make a difference; this may be your opportunity. We are looking for young people at least 18 years of age who will like to become youth ministers in our parishes and youth centers!


  •     Experience away from home
  •     Opportunity to find your own identity
  •     Opportunity to serve Christ
  •     Growing in faith and emotional stability
  •     Being able to make the difference in someone else’s life
  •     … and more.

If you would like to apply for this volunteer position, please contact us at

Salesian Mission Day 2011