How to Become a Salesian Volunteer

Who is a Salesian Volunteer?

A Salesian Volunteer is a person open to a new world, to a variety of cultures, and has a profound respect for the dignity of the human person. The Salesian volunteer tries to live according to those basic values and attitudes that contribute to his/her way of acting: service, community spirit, "oratorian" style and pro-social justice among others.


Minimum Requirements:

Age: 18 to 30

Religious Affiliation:  Catholic or Christian

Marital Satus / Dependents:  Single with no dependents

Education Level:  Minimum High School

Length of Commitment:  Varies with applicants


The Salesian Volunteer Should:

  • Have successfully completed short term missionary experiences before applying for the long term volunteer experience.
  • Be present in all community activities: prayers, daily Eucharist, meals, community meetings, days of recollection, etc.
  • Respect the community’s daily schedule
  • Respect the community residence (no young people or adults are allowed in bedrooms)
  • Adhere to the Safe Children Policy of the site
  • Be willing to have open dialogue and communication with the community
  • Be a good listener
  • Be ready to learn and to seek help and advice when needed
  • Be willing to go to a training program (Salesian life experience)
  • For those under 21 years old, no alcohol consumption in or out of the community
  • Be respectful of the community life
  • inform the Director when leaving the premises
  • be responsible with the community for the upkeep of the house and property
  • respect community boundaries


Discerning the Call?

  1. Talk with the Salesian Volunteer Coordinator.  He may be visiting your campus to talk about The Salesian Volunteer Program.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the realities of being a Salesian Volunteer from a former volunteer.
  2. Spend time in prayer and reflection with the information you have and discern if the Salesian Volunteer Program is the program to which you would like to apply
  3. Attend a “Volunteer Discernment Weekend.” (Candidates are financially responsible).


How to apply?

  1. Complete the Salesian Volunteer Application    
  2. Have an interview with the Salesian Volunteer Coordinator. (approx. 1 ½ hours)
  3. Receive detailed information about the screening process (Financial and background check)
  4. Possible interview with a psychologist
  5. Arrange for a second interview with the Salesian Volunteer Coordinator
  6. If possible, be willing to spend a few days in a Salesian community
  7. Have a phone or personal interview with the Director of the community


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