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Ecuador – Salesian Polytechnic University, the first Salesian institution to enter the "World University Rankings"

1 month 2 weeks ago

(ANS - Quito) - The British periodical "Times Higher Education" (THE), specializes in news and insights relating to the world of universities and of higher education in general, famous for drawing up its own ranking of the best universities in the world every year, and this year it also includes the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador in its "World University Rankings" (WUR) 2022. The prestigious ranking evaluates the global performance of universities, their contribution to the dissemination of knowledge, their social influence through research, links with society and their ability to respond to the needs of the university community.

Part of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS), the Salesian Polytechnic University is the first Salesian university to be included in this international ranking. At the national level, the Salesian university is in the second place and shares this result with other universities in Ecuador, in the 1201+ position worldwide.

The academic community of the Salesian Polytechnic University actively participates in the country's development, helping to build possible answers to increasingly complex problems.

THE'S evaluation is based on five pillars, which include within them a series of indicators that represent key areas of excellence in the higher education sector. They are:

-                 International perspective: international staff, links with society, students and research collaborations.

-                 Teaching: the learning environment at a national and international level.

-                 Research: impact volume, revenue and reputation.

-                 Citations: the influence of research.

-                 Links with businesses: knowledge transfer.

The Salesian Polytechnic University promotes institutional participation in various projects, national and international rankings, in order to improve the internationalization of universities, and in fact, the pillar of the International Perspective was the one in which it reached the best position, in 654th place worldwide. It is worth mentioning that this year, 1,662 universities from around the world entered the ranking, and 6 universities at the national level.

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    Peru – Extraordinary visitation of Fr Hugo Orozco, SDB

    1 month 2 weeks ago
    Peru – Extraordinary visitation of Fr Hugo Orozco, SDB

    (ANS - Lima) - From 21 August to 24 November, Fr Hugo Orozco, Regional Councilor for Interamerica, conducts the Extraordinary Visitation, on behalf of the Rector Major, to the Salesian "Santa Rosa" Province of Peru. During his first Eucharistic celebration in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Lima, he expressed the and enthusiasm he feels in sharing these weeks with the Salesian Family of Peru.

    “Getting to know you and sharing these three months with you will be an opportunity to grow in my vocation as a Salesian,” said Fr Orozco at the opening of his homily.

    Then, speaking of the theme of the Rector Major's Strenna for 2021, on the theme "Moved by Hope" and its meaning for the Salesian Family, he added: “The Rector Major says that, in precisely the most difficult moments, when we feel most oppressed, hope is a typical response of the believer. It is the hope of those who know they are not forgotten by God's gaze and love; it is the conviction that God does not abandon us ... When we say that we are moved by hope, we speak of the conviction of believers.”

    And he added that “This hope ... places us in front of suffering with attitudes of consolation, care and affection.”

    The Regional Councilor for Interamerica also spoke about the theme of friendship. “Don Bosco possessed a place where he taught and where he invites us to experiment and learn hope: that place is friendship. Friendship is a human experience that offers believers and non-believers to experience the closeness of a friend who does not leave you, who is present in beautiful and joyful moments ... and who brings you closer and consoles you when things go wrong.”

    “Friendship,” he continued, “in the Valdocco experience is a very clear proposal, not only for education, but also to give shape to hope, where the certainty and conviction that my friend will not abandon me is formed, does not leave me, even in spite of the distance. Friendship, for us Salesians, is the place where we learn and live the hope of the believer. It is this experience that our educational system then proposes as a principle. In order to educate, one must be friends with the young person in order to be able to make proposals that lead him to God, one must win his trust, his heart.”

    “Thus,” he concluded, “placing friendship as the principle of the Preventive System for our entire method of educating and evangelizing becomes an important step for our homes, schools and oratories.”

    To date, Fr Orozco has visited the Salesian centers in Lima, Callao and Cusco, where he has conversed and shared pleasant moments with his confreres, young people and members of the Salesian Family.

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      RMG – Inauguration of Exhibition halls of Saints of Salesian Family at Casa Don Bosco House Museum and other important events for Rector Major

      1 month 3 weeks ago
      RMG – Inauguration of Exhibition halls of Saints of Salesian Family at Casa Don Bosco House Museum and other important events for Rector Major

      (ANS - Rome) - A week full of significant commitments looms ahead for the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime; starting Wednesday 8 September until Saturday 11, 2021 Don Bosco's Xth Successor will be the protagonist of a series of events and celebrations that will see him traveling between Turin and Pordenone. The first and most important event takes place on Wednesday at the Casa Don Bosco Museum, where Fr Á.F. Artime shall inaugurate two rooms dedicated to the Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God of the Salesian Family.

      The opening of these two new rooms represents the completion of the definitive layout of the Don Bosco House Museum.

      In one hall there will be a larger space dedicated to the figure of Saint Maria Domenica Mazzarello, together with other glorified members of the Salesian Family (the martyrs of Poznam and Spain, the blessed Artemide Zatti, Alberto Marvelli, Zeffirino Namuncurà and Alexandrina Da Costa).

      In the second room, 32 display cases will commemorate the memory of various Salesians, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Salesian Cooperators, Past Pupils, consecrated persons and lay people of the Salesian Family who lived the charism of Don Bosco in a luminous way.

      “A contemporary installation will also show the great tree of the Salesian Family, germinated by the spiritual intuition and heart of the Saint of the young. The showcases are of particular interest as they contain personal objects and writings of those who have embodied the spirituality and pedagogy of Valdocco in an extraordinary way,” explained Fr Cristian Besso, the Rector of Valdocco - with Museum Director, Stefania De Vita.

      Also on Wednesday, again chaired by the Rector Major, the temporary photographic exhibition "Lock Art" will also be inaugurated. It expresses a lens eye view of the pandemic as seen from the special vision of 15 photographers from around the world. The exhibition, created in collaboration with “ArtFullFrame”, is opened to the public from 9 September to 21 November.

      Subsequently, the Rector Major will be in Pordenone: on Thursday 9th he will receive the “Seal of the City of Pordenonefrom the mayor, Alessandro Ciriani, an award given to prominent Pordenone figures and guests who have distinguished themselves over a period of time for their special activity, work and profession. In this sense, the recognition of the Rector Major of the Salesians is also a tribute to the Salesian Congregation for its presence in the city since 1924.

      The following day, Fr Á.F. Artime will officially open the event "Listen, Read, Grow", promoted by the EVENTS Association of Pordenone, with its lectio magistralis entitled "The educational challenge in a time of pandemic". The event will then take place from 23 September to 2 October and includes multiple sessions in presence and will also be broadcast online and on TV.

      Finally, on Saturday 11 September, the Rector Major will return to Turin to bless and inaugurate the new premises of the "Edoardo Agnelli" Salesian Technical Institute. The program also includes Mass in the courtyards of the institute, with the participation of several representatives of the Educational-Pastoral Community and the Salesian Family, and a moment of fraternal agape.

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        Vatican – Mariacristina Cella Mocellin, FMA Past Pupil, is Venerable

        1 month 3 weeks ago
        Vatican – Mariacristina Cella Mocellin, FMA Past Pupil, is Venerable

        (ANS – Vatican City) – On 30 August 2021, Pope Francis recognized the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Mariacristina Cella Mocellin, a lay faithful and mother of a family born on 18 August  1969, in Monza (Italy). From 1982 to 1987, Mariacristina attended the Linguistic High School at  Mary Help of Christians School of Cusano Milanino (MI), then run by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Lombard Province of the Holy Family (ILO).

        During her school years, Mariacristina manifests herself as a serene and positive girl, open to everyone. In the classroom she is a strong but discreet presence. A friend of hers says of her, “Cheerful and playful, she was determined, she did not compromise on her values. She was a recognized authority among us, but always ready to serve.”

        The imprint of the Salesian charism is present in her commitment as animator of the oratory and catechist at “Holy Family” Parish of Cinisello Balsamo where she lived, so much so that in her Diary she notes some of Don Bosco’s principles on education.

        Struck by a sarcoma in her left leg, after surgery and therapy, she is back in the classroom, scarred by the disease, smiling, and eager to recover. “Not one absence more than necessary. Will, decision, awareness, and a desire not to weigh on others, she was never closed in on itself,” testifies an FMA teacher. “Her attitude came from an inexplicable inner strength, which was later revealed in her Spiritual Journal. Cristina never did anything extraordinary, but always did extraordinarily well what she had to do.” She prepares for her final exams supported by the friendship and affection of her classmates, finishing  High School with very good results.

        From her spiritual diary emerges her great attachment to the Eucharist, with participation in  daily Holy Mass, long visits in the chapel in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and a life of ‘decidedly intense’ prayer.

        The meeting with a boy, Carlo Mocellin, at the end of a holiday spent in the Province of Vicenza with her grandparents, leads her to the choice of engagement and, in a short time to marriage. On 2 February 1991, Carlo and Mariacristina celebrate their union before God and settle in Carpané (VI).

        Ten months after the marriage, Francesco was born, followed  a year and a half later by Lucia. While she is pregnant with her third child, Riccardo, her leg cancer reappears. The young mother does not hesitate to carry on with the pregnancy, giving up treatment so as not to endanger the life of her child who was born healthy and lively in July 1994. On 22 October  1995, after a journey of surrender and abandonment to the Father, loved and sought throughout her life, Mariacristina was born into Heaven.

        Struck by the testimony of authentic faith and self-giving, on November 2008, the Bishop of Padua, Msgr. Antonio Mattiazzo, opened the Cause of Beatification of Mariacristina Cella Mocellin. The diocesan phase of the process ends on 18 May  2012, in the parish church of Valstagna (VI). The Congregation for the Causes of Saints expressed a favorable opinion, submitting the report to the Holy Father, who on 30 August 2021 authorized the Decree of Venerability.

        The ‘heroic virtues’ of Mariacristina are the fruit of a life lived ‘extraordinarily’ at every moment, bearing witness to the beauty of the Christian faith to the point of sacrificing oneself to generate new life.

        Her companions, Past Pupils of the FMA, who keep her memory alive through the Friends of Cristina Association, continue to bear witness to her, promoting her path towards the declaration of Holiness.

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          Guatemala – 1st Online Continental Meeting of Salesian Brothers of America

          1 month 3 weeks ago
          Guatemala – 1st Online Continental Meeting of Salesian Brothers of America

          (ANS - Guatemala City) - The 1st Virtual Continental Meeting of the Salesian Brothers of America took place on 3 and 4 September, 2021. The initiative was organized and implemented by the “CRESCO-America” Salesian community, the house where the young Salesian brothers from the America South Cone and Interamerica regions live their experience of specific formation.

          The meeting was attended by Salesian Brothers from all the Salesian Provinces of the continent, as well as some Brothers from "Casa Zatti", the Formation Center for Salesian Brothers in Europe, together with Salesian priests, such as Fr Gabriel Romero, Councilor for the America South Cone Region; Fr Eduardo Castro, the first director of CRESCO; Fr Juan Antonio Suriel, the current Director; Fr Nivaldo Pessinatti, Provincial of Brazil-Recife (BRE), and Fr Paco Santos, of the Formation Sector. There were almost 100 religious, aged 19 to 88, from those with as little as two weeks to as many as 44 years since their first profession.

          The methodology of the meeting included two sessions of two hours each for two days, including a report by experts and an assembly discussion. Fr Ivo Coelho, General Councilor for Formation, and Bro. Domenico Duc Nam Nguyen, Delegate of the Rector Major for the Salesian Cooperators and the Past Pupils of Don Bosco, were among the speakers present.

          Specifically, the General Councilor for Formation spoke of three particular areas: formation in mission, as continuous ongoing growth, and which requires presence among the young; pastoral accompaniment and ways to promote the leadership of young people, also taking into account newer trends like ecological conversion, the digital world and the participation of young Salesians in the renewal of formation, to give impetus to "synodal" formation. Finally, the consecrated Salesian identity, was also highlighted in the two forms in which it is expressed, lay and priestly, and also emphasizing attention to the core of the charismatic dimension.

          Bro. Duc Nam Nguyen spoke of complementarity in the Salesian mission with a look at the sixth programmatic proposal of the Rector Major: “TOGETHER WITH THE LAITY IN MISSION AND FORMATION, the charismatic strength offered to us by the laity and the Salesian Family”. He recalled how "From the very beginning, our Founder took care to involve as many collaborators as possible in his operational project."

          He then emphasized that Pope Francis himself, in handing over to the Salesians the mandate to live "the Valdocco Option", spoke "of two presences that constitute an 'antidote' against every clerical and rigorist tendency: the Salesian Coadjutor and the women."

          Finally, he suggested on the need for  “creativity” to deal with the situations generated by the pandemic with evermore intelligence and generosity; a "concrete solidarity" with the most needy; a "profound spirit of faith" -convinced that God draws near and accompanies his children.

          Commenting on the meeting, Fr Coelho praised the interactive dynamics and the shared Salesian spirit: "When Salesian brothers get together, they release so much good energy"; and he hoped that in the future a similar meeting could be held in presence.

          {gallery}Guatemala - Incontro Coadiutori 2021{/gallery}

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            Italy – School of Salesian Accompaniment: a week of Spiritual Retreat

            1 month 3 weeks ago
            Italy – School of Salesian Accompaniment: a week of Spiritual Retreat

            (ANS – Castelnuovo Don Bosco) – The second week of the School of Salesian Accompaniment – 21 to 28 August, 2021 – was dedicated to a Spiritual Retreat. The School, which began at Valdocco, has now moved to Colle Don Bosco, where it will remain till its conclusion on 17th September.

            The participants entered the “guided retreat” of eight days in a spirit of total silence and recollection, assisted by five guides. Each participant was accompanied personally by his guide every day of the retreat, and was thus put in a position to travel the spiritual path that the Holy Spirit was inspiring in his relationship with the word of God, prayer and personal life.

            Why begin a course on spiritual accompaniment with a personalised and silent retreat? One of the guides says: “In reality, there is no other way. Every guide, before speaking about God and Jesus Christ, must speak with the Lord in the intimacy of his being. The mystery of God and the love of Jesus Christ must pervade the person of the one who helps other brothers and sisters to follow, in discernment, the path of God in their person and the development of their vocation.”

            “The retreat experience was a great gift from the Lord,” says one of the participants. “We were invited to seek a real encounter with the Lord Jesus who, personally, has shown his light and made me feel his voice again in many signs and in the contact with his Word which has been renewing, consoling and attentive to the personal situation with which I came to this School.”

            The Retreat is a key step in the formation of spiritual guides. The more one attends to the presence of the Lord in one’s life, the more one will be able to discern that presence in the lives of others. Don Bosco was able to recognize the spiritual experiences of Dominic Savio no doubt because he had similar experiences of his own.

            There are plans to repeat this program in future in order to continue to encourage other groups of Salesians from the whole congregation. There is no doubt, in fact, that it is an initiative with a long journey ahead of it, which will bear great fruit in the renewal of Salesian Formation.

            {gallery}Italia - EESS Colle DB S Accompagnamento 2021{/gallery} 

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              Italy – Fr Tadeusz Rozmus installed as the new Rector of Castel Gandolfo house, directly dependent on Rector Major

              1 month 3 weeks ago
              Italy – Fr Tadeusz Rozmus installed as the new Rector of Castel Gandolfo house, directly dependent on Rector Major

              (ANS - Castel Gandolfo) - It was the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime who, during the Vespers on Wednesday 1 September, 2021, presided over the installation of the new Rector of the Salesian works and the community of Castel Gandolfo, namely Fr Tadeusz Rozmus, the former Councilor for the Central and Northern Europe Region in the last six-year term (2014-2020). And this was because of the decision taken by the General Council, to incorporate this Salesian house of Castel Gandolfo into the communities of the Rector Major (RMG), for which he is directly responsible.

              This assignment also marks the change of Province of the community of Castel Gandolfo, because after many years of pastoral care by the Central Italy Circumscription (ICC), and previously by the Roman Province (IRO), the community with all its pastoral activities now passes directly under the coordination of the RMG communities to allow a greater and better organization of all the houses that carry out their activities with the Holy See: the Vatican community, the community of the catacombs of San Callisto and now also the pontifical parish of Castel Gandolfo.

              The installation took place in the Pontifical Church "San Tommaso da Villanova" (Church of St. Thomas of Villanova) in Castel Gandolfo, during which several other Salesians, including the Vicar of the Rector Major, Fr Stefano Martoglio, the Provincial of the Central Italy Circumscription (ICC) Fr Stefano Aspurati, the Director of the Community of the Salesian Headquarters, Fr Jean-Claude Ngoy Wa Kayumba, and other religious of the Salesian communities were present.

              Fr Rosmuz will also be the Parish Priest of the pontifical parish of Castel Gandolfo.

              Fr Tadeusz Rozmus has been present in Italy since 2006 when, after his six-year term as Provincial of Krakow (PLS), he was called to Rome by the then Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez, as the Rector of the Salesian house of San Callisto. He was then Rector at Perugia and, for some years, also worked in the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. The GC27 elected him as a member of the General Council responsible for the Central and Northern Europe Region (2014-2020).

              On the occasion, the Rector Major also thanked the outgoing Rector, Fr Enzo Policari, underlining his great generosity and experience as the Rector and Parish Priest of the Salesian communities - Rome-Don Bosco, Rome-Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco, Rome -Sacro Cuore, Civitavecchia and finally Castel Gandolfo - and thanked also Fr Aspurati and all the Salesians who in recent years had worked with great dedication in the service of this pontifical parish.

              The celebration was completed by a moment of sharing and fraternal meal.

              {gallery}RMG - Castelgandolfo 2021{/gallery}

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                Sweden – Extraordinary Visitation of Poland-Piła Province (PLN) has begun in Stockholm

                1 month 3 weeks ago
                Sweden – Extraordinary Visitation of Poland-Piła Province (PLN) has begun in Stockholm

                (ANS - Stockholm) - Last Saturday, 28 August, 2021, Fr Václav Klement, the Extraordinary Visitor "ad nutum" and "pro tempore", after spending two weeks studying the Polish language in Szczecin, at the Salesian community dedicated to St Joseph, began the Extraordinary Visitation to the “St Adalbert” Province of Polonia-Piła (PLN). The Province spreads across in four European countries: Poland, Georgia, Russia, and Sweden. Fr Klement began his Visitation from the Salesian community located in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The conclusion of the Extraordinary Visitation is scheduled for next December 19, 2021 with the meeting of the Rectors and the Provincial Council.

                The dynamic Province of PLN counts 260 Salesians spread across 32 canonically erected communities and has been led by Fr Tadeusz Itrych since June 2020. The Province houses also a post-novitiate in Poland, at Ląd, besides a good number of schools, social works, shrines and retreat houses. There are also various groups of the Salesian Family and the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM).

                This first community that received Fr Klement's visit is made up of eight Salesian priests, animating two multicultural parishes in Fittja (since 2008) and Jacobsberg (since 2017) together with the Polish Catholic Mission (PMK) of Stockholm. Among the eight Salesian there is the first Salesian born in Sweden, while three of the others have already taken up the Swedish citizenship. The Salesian presence in the country, in fact, is quite old, and dates back to 1930, when a Salesian priest with two brothers arrived in Sweden from the German Province.

                In the small Swedish Catholic community (150,000 faithful and 150 priests out of a population of about 10 million people) the Salesian contribution in this mission land is highly appreciated.

                In the letter of introduction to the Extraordinary Visitation, the Xth Successor of Don Bosco, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, asked to “strengthen communion with the whole Congregation, animate consecrated and apostolic Salesian life, and accompany the provincial community on its journey according to the 28th General Chapter and the 'Valdocco Option'.”

                The Extraordinary Visitation will be characterized by listening to the Salesians, lay people, collaborators, and young people in their own language.

                {gallery}PLN - Svezia Visita Klement 2021{/gallery}

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                  Germany – “Make! Future. Together”: Don Bosco Mondo e.V. has been helping children and young people in need since 1980

                  1 month 3 weeks ago
                  Germany – “Make! Future. Together”: Don Bosco Mondo e.V. has been helping children and young people in need since 1980

                  (ANS – Bonn) – Since 1980, the Bonn-based non-governmental organization Don Bosco Mondo e.V. has been committed to helping disadvantaged children and young people. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, they are given a new chance at an independent life in dignity through holistic schooling and vocational training. Coinciding with the anniversary celebrations of the agency, a new home for street children is being built in the Makululu children’s village in Zambia. The association in gratitute towards its doners and partners has launched a campaign "40 Years - 40 Voices" and a dedicated tagline: “Make! Future. Together.”

                  Around 750,000 children and young people work, sleep and live on the streets of Zambia’s major cities. This also applies to the Makululu slum in the city of Kabwe. This is where young people flee from violence and poverty and look for some work. They do not attend school and hence, have little chance of improving their lives. The project partners of the Bonn-based association, the Salesians of Don Bosco, operate a children’s village in Zambia’s largest slum. A school, a youth center and two residential houses are the new home for the 90 orphan children. Now another residential house is to be built here as the first reception center for ten former street children. Here they will receive the therapeutic care and a secure ambiance they need to find their way back into life. Financing the construction of this house is the goal that Don Bosco Mondo has set itself as part of its anniversary campaign.

                  “This house in this place is a symbol of what we do: to give children on the periphery of society, a home and thus a future. We are grateful and proud that for 41 years now we have been able to build on a stable network of committed people - partners, donors, institutions and good spirits,” says Silvia Cromm, the Managing Director of Programs & Projects, outlining the core of the anniversary campaign. Around the motto “Make! Future. Together.”, starting on September 4, various people, stories and achievements will be honored on the association’s website and in social media.

                  September 4, 1980 is the founding date of the association. The real celebration of the birthday has been moved to 2021 due to the Corona pandemic and its devastating impact in the recepient project countries.

                  In the “40 Years - 40 Voices” campaign, long-time companions, employees and project partners give their answers, representing the wide range of personal commitment and convictions that have made it possible to support the more than 2,900 projects over the past 40 years.

                  Among the movers and shakers and outstanding personalities are Jürgen von Danwitz and Manfred Peter. They were awarded honorary membership of the association for their many years of multifaceted commitment. Von Danwitz promoted the construction of the St. Winfried parish in Bonn’s government district in the 1970s. In 1980, he co-founded the “Jugend Dritte Welt - Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Missionsprokur der Salesianer Don Boscos in Bonn - Verein der Freunde St. Winfrieds,” which has been operating under the name Don Bosco Mondo e.V. since 2012. To this day, he is an active assessor on the board, which he chaired for many years. Manfred Peter has accompanied the association since 2003 as a board member and treasurer.

                  Since 1980, the Bonn-based association has been working together with its project partners, the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesian Sisters, in order to benefit street children, former child soldiers, orphans and child laborers. Numerous cooperation partners and committed people in Germany support the association and thus create the financial resources to realize the work of the project partners on site. These include private donors, institutional sponsors, government donors, associations, foundations, chambers and companies. To date, 2,900 projects have been realized in 113 countries with more than 13 million children and young people who have been given opportunities for a new, self-determined life as a result.

                  Katharina Schründer

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                    RMG – Fr Eusebio Muñoz, SDB, has returns to the Father's House

                    1 month 3 weeks ago
                    RMG – Fr Eusebio Muñoz, SDB, has returns to the Father's House

                    (ANS - Rome) - Fr Eusebio Muñoz, SDB, passed away at noon yesterday, 1 September 2021, at the "San Carlos" Clinical Hospital in Madrid. He was the Director of the Salesian Mission Office in Madrid and the former Central Delegate of the Rector Major for the Secretariat of the Salesian Family. After defeating Covid-19 a few months ago, he suffered a stroke and developed subsequent infection, which ultimately led to his death. With 76 years of age, 59 years of Salesian life and 49 years of priesthood, a Salesian with a capital "S" has left us. He was a man endowed with an overwhelming personality and great intelligence, who was and remains loved as a father from the many people lucky enough to to have lived with him.

                    Fr Muñoz was born on 26 December 1944 in Pozoblanco, a Spanish town near Córdoba where the Salesian charism has ancient roots and which penetrated deeply into the soul of the young Eusebio. He completed his novitiate in San José del Valle and made his first profession on 16 August 1962 and his perpetual profession on July 26, 1968 and was ordained a priest on July 22, 1972.

                    Many houses in his Salesian Province of origin, dedicated to Saint Dominic Savio and based in Cordoba, witnessed his vocational enthusiasm. Over the years, he was Director in Ronda, Montilla, of the aspirantate of Cordoba, in Sanlúcar la Mayor, in Granada-Cartuja. Also, he served as Novice Master, Delegate for Youth Ministry and Vocation Animation, Delegate for the Salesian Family, served as a Formator, a Provincial Vicar and Provincial during 1990-1996. Having also obtained a masters degree in Economics, he also chaired the Board of Directors of the Spanish Salesian Catechetics - CCS for 18 years.

                    In 2006 the then Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez, asked him to animate and lead the "St John Bosco" community of the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) in Rome, a position he held for nine years and allowed him to further broaden his horizons in the experience of the Salesian charism in contact with Salesians from different parts of the world. There are many Salesians touched by his fatherly heart in their years at the Salesian Pontifical University.

                    In 2015 the Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernández Artime entrusted him with the newly established role of the Central Delegate of the Rector Major for the Secretariat of the Salesian Family.

                    Having performed this service with zeal and effectiveness, in 2020 he was entrusted with another role of great importance, the leadership of “Misiones Salesianas”, the Salesian Mission Office of Madrid.

                    Today many people - Salesians and lay people from the various groups of the Salesian Family - mourn his passing away:

                    "Vital, cheerful, affectionate, a very skilled conversationalist, a profound companion, generous to the extreme, he has carved in our life a journey of deepening in the Faith, which has allowed us to encounter the risen Lord, through his life, his testimony, his word.”  (Ignacio Vázquez de la Torre, Salesian Cooperator of Cordoba).

                    "My heart is heavy because I've lost a loving father, who loved me so much and whom I will miss so much ... He was truly and up to the end a Salesian Pastor with the heart of Don Bosco." (Fr Anthony Lobo, Indian Salesian, student of Fr Muñoz at UPS).

                    “He found the right word for each one, had a great capacity for analysis and synthesis and an enviable serenity. At his side, one always felt at ease and at peace. He had the rare art of appreciating each person, recognizing their values ​​and qualities, giving affection and security. All this explains why he was a great formator of Salesians and young people.” (Fr Juan Andrés Fuentes Amezcua, Spanish Salesian, Fr Muñoz's classmate).

                    "Surely Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco are welcoming him to Heaven as he deserves!" (Ángel Gudiña, a close collaborator of Fr Muñoz in his years spent in Rome and at the Madrid Mission Office).

                    Lastly, we report the moving comment of the Rector Major, Fr Á.F. Artime: “Fr Eusebio was a true father for many Salesians, an authentic son of Don Bosco, always generous and reliable in the tasks he carried out. He was also a great brother and friend to me. We can only thank God for the great good he has done to the Congregation and the Salesian Family and, above all, for the great gift of his life.”

                    {gallery}RMG - Don Eusebio Munoz RIP - 2021{/gallery}

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                      Spain – Fr Marcelo Farfán, "Extraordinary Visitor" to SMX Province

                      1 month 3 weeks ago

                      (ANS - Seville) - From 1 September to 31 May 2022, the Salesian Fr Marcelo Farfán shall visit the Salesian Province of "Spain-Mary Help of Christians" (SMX) in the name of the Rector Major. "With the desire to further intensify the mutual communion between us, to know the life of each of the houses and to render a fraternal service to the Province, I have asked Fr Marcelo Farfán to make an Extraordinary Visitation, as provisioned by articles 127 of the Constitutions and 104 of the Regulations,” wrote Fr Ángel Fernández Artime in a communication addressed to all the Salesians of SMX.

                      Fr Marcelo Farfán was the Provincial of Ecuador and for three years had worked in Rome in the Youth Ministry Sector of the Congregation, as General Coordinator of the Salesian Institutes of Higher Education (IUS). At the end of this service, he has been appointed by the Rector Major as an Extraordinary Visitor.

                      “He will stay among you to make contact with people, with the communities and with the various pastoral service organizations. To this end, he has, in the name of the Rector Major and for the visit's entire duration, the delegated authority to make all the arrangements he deems appropriate in view of the greater good of all,” explained Fr Á.F. Artime in his letter.

                      During the months of his stay in the Province, he will visit the 75 houses of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia, the Valencian Community, Aragon, Catalonia, the Balearic and Canary Islands, with an average of two days in each of them. The purpose of this visit is to get to know the reality of the local educational-pastoral communities and to collaborate with the animation and service organizations of the Province, illustrating the experience and orientations of the General Council, as well as the current state of the Province and the progress made after unification since the previous visit.

                      Among the most significant events in which Fr Farfán will participate are the Provincial Chapter and the Feast of the Province, in April 2022, in Malaga.

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                        Mexico – New impulse for Salesian technical education

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                        Mexico – New impulse for Salesian technical education

                        (ANS - San Luis Potosí) - With the start of the new school year in Mexico, the Salesian Institute "Carlos Gómez" in the city of San Luis Potosí has launched this August 2021, a “Senior Technician” university diploma program, expanding its educational offer even further, through its Technical Graduation Program. Now the technical training offered corresponds to the level of higher education and is designed to help its students to obtain an engineering degree.

                        The lessons of this new educational reality began in mid-August with two curriculums: University Senior Technician (TSU) in Industrial Maintenance; and TSU in Mechatronics (integrating Mechanics & Electronics). The Program has been inaugurated after a lengthy efforts and initiatives by the school directors for approvals and registrations of official validity (RVOE) by technology education authorities and the due approval of the Salesian Provincial and his Council. The feasibility studies done earlier had considered the strong industrial character of this area of ​​the country, in particular the automotive sector, which requires more and more technicians of better quality & skills and not just with theoretical knowledge alone. These coupled with a solid human and faith formation, such as the one offered by this institution turned out this an advantage.

                        The medium and long-term plan provides for the inclusion of new TSU programs and some engineering programs that would allow students to reach this level of study in 3 years and 8 months. For the moment, the lessons and internships will be held in the structures already used by the Salesian Institute "Carlos Gómez" for the technical degree, but the process of restructuring and fitting out the spaces for the new laboratories, workshops, as well as their equipment, is already underway. These updated structures will also allow workers from different local industries, through specific collaboration programs, to be trained in new processes and technologies.

                        Obviously, the lessons have started in compliance with the anti-contagion measures of Covid-19.

                        According to Fr Agapito Francisco Espinoza, Director of the "Carlos Gómez", the novelty of these courses makes this institute of higher education, the "first technological institution” run by the religious to the upper secondary level in the Mexican lowland area and through this educational offer, "Many young people will have the opportunity to be qualified to transform their environments according to a humanistic-Christian vision, as Don Bosco did in his time in Turin."

                        Currently, the Mexico-Guadalajara Province (MEG) has two technological education institutions: the Don Bosco Technical Institute (Intec) in the city of Saltillo, capital of the state of Coahuila; and "el Salesiano", as the educational work of the Sons of Don Bosco in San Luis Potosí is best known, which for more than 60 years has served the youth of the area. The training model of the "Intec" in Saltillo, which also offers TSU and engineering courses, has inspired what is being promoted in San Luis Potosí.

                        {gallery}MEG - Educazione Tecnica Potosi 2021{/gallery}

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                          Italy – CGS at 78th Venice Film Festival

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                          Italy – CGS at 78th Venice Film Festival

                          (ANS - Venice) - With the start of the 78th edition of the Venice International Film Festival (1-11 September 2021), a representative of the Salesian association "Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali" (The Social Cultural Cinecircuit of the Young - CGS – APS) will also be present from Tuesday 31 August for their customary participation in the Festival itself and for the work of cultural animation linked to the critical cinema studies promoted within the Laboratorio Venezia Cinema (The Venezian Cinema Workshop).

                          For over forty years, the Laboratorio Venezia Cinema has been one of the most interesting moments of national CGS formation, precisely due to the concomitance with the world's most prestigious and "oldest" Film Festival and the opportunity to participate from the privileged perspective of accredited persons.

                          For 24 years, now this Cinema Workshop has been associated, as a Jury-participant, with the task of judging and awarding the "Magic Lantern Award", one of the Film Festival's much covetted among Awards, to films on issues related to growth and education.

                          This year, 30 persons of cultural significance will take turns at this workshop, distributed in two shifts, from the Italian regions of Marche, Sardegna, Lazio, Liguria, and Puglia. All these jury members will be the animators of communication and culture belonging to the Salesian Youth Socio-cultural Cinecircuit environments, and mostly aged between 18 and 27 years. The whole event is held with the contribution of the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, a wing of the Ministry of Culture.

                          Besides viewing the films scheduled in the various sections of the exhibition, the young people will be involved in a daily discussion with various figures of contemporary culture, also through operational training on the language of cinema, which will take the form of writing reviews and film charts published in the “Fuori dal coro” (The Externs Voice) section of the website and available immediately.

                          On this site, in the framework of the project "Sentieri di Cinema" (Trails of Cinema), the critical materials produced by the CGS laboratory in Venice and the photographic documentation of the event which have been collected for years is recognised and has been supported by the Marche Region. Some of those in charge, therefore, will lend their support remotely in a tested work of editorial desk.

                          These activities, which serve as preparatory steps towards the acquisition and maturation of specific skills, will have practical repercussions in the programming of the Sale della Comunità (community halls), in the organization of film festivals, in the animation of film clubs and in training activities related to the language ​​of new media as well as in the wider coordination of young jury members at other national events such as the Giffoni Film Festival.

                          The young cultural animators also manage the Association's social networks: Facebook: Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali; Instagram: @cgsnazionale.

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