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Spain - Farewell to Severiano Sanz, Salesian Brother and missionary, the personification of goodness

1 day 3 hours ago

(ANS - Madrid) - A life dedicated to the missions and marked by simplicity, service to others and the example of his uncle Valentín, also a Salesian brother: this is the summary of the 91 years of life of Brother Severiano Sanz, SDB, who died last March 16th in Arévalo. He was clear about his Salesian vocation from an early age and, after 21 years spent as a missionary in Paraguay, he spent 43 years at the Mission Office in Madrid, of which he was one of its promoters.

Br Severiano Sanz Gil met his uncle Valentín Gil Arribas when he was 9 years old. He was his mother's brother and had come by to spend a few days in Torre de Peñafiel, near Valladolid, where his family lived. Little Seve, between walks and singing, learned that his uncle was a Salesian and his own vocation was born from the desire to possess that joyful spirit he saw in his uncle, from the will to be, like him, a Salesian brother. His uncle Valentín, killed during the Spanish Civil War, is one of the martyrs and blessed Salesians.

Among the best students at the time of the novitiate, Severiano Sanz learned the profession of cook and was assigned to the Salesian community of Madrid-Atocha, where he remained 12 years, playing a key role during their summer camps.

The travels in Spain of the missionary in India Fr José Luis Carreño, SDB, and his great friendship with another Salesian missionary, Fr Hiscio Morales, who brought him Indian spices for his cooking, aroused his missionary vocation. He dreamed of India, but ended up in Paraguay.

He was supposed to head for the missions in Chaco Paraguayo; instead, he remained 21 years in the capital. He carried out his apostolate above all through the cinema, becoming  a large distributor of films, documentaries, slides.

In 1975 he asked to return to his country because of his mother's health. In those years he promoted the festival of the missionary song, began to promote the activities of the missionaries with itinerant exhibitions and he pushed forthe creation of the current Salesian Mission Office.

He spent the last years of his life devoting himself to the martyrs killed during the civil war in Paracuellos del Jarama, Madrid.

Although he had always enjoyed good health, three months ago he had to be transferred to the house for elderly and sick Salesians in Arévalo, where he continued to spread his joy and goodness.

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    RMG – Intermediate Plenary Council

    1 day 3 hours ago

    (ANS - Rome) - Ordinarily, in spring and in autumn, the Intermediate Council takes place, with the participation of the Rector Major, his Vicar, the Sector Councilors (Formation, Youth Ministry, Social Communication, Missions and Economics) and from time to time with a Regional Councilor. In said intermediate sessions, specific topics to be submitted to the General Council in the plenary sessions are studied, with the GCs scheduled in summer and in winter. However, from March 19 to 28, an intermediate session is currently in progress with the Rector Major and the whole General Council, the task of this session being to prepare the General Chapter XXVIII (GC28).

    The obligations of this preparatory session are indicated by our General Regulations in articles 111 and 112. The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, and the General Council must choose the topics and the purpose of the GC28, its starting date and location; no longer in possession of the General House of Via della Pisana, the choice of the location is especially important. All this will be indicated by the letter of convocation of the GC28 which will appear in the next issue of the Acts of the General Council.

    To the Rector Major, then, the responsibility of choosing the Regulator and the constitution of the technical commission, which has the task of indicating the manners of participation of the Salesians, of the Provinces and especially the Provincial Chapters. It will also be important to identify the methodology of how these chapters take place.

    The eight General Team Visits, celebrated in the seven Regions, were undoubtedly an opportunity to listen to the voice of the Provinces, through the participation of Provincials and Provincial Councils. Already these convocations are a great help in discerning in the General Council the priorities of the Congregation in response to the needs of these current times, of the Church and of the young.

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      Venezuela - Mons. Biord Castillo: “Support the priests, accompany the People who suffer!”

      1 day 3 hours ago

      (ANS - La Guaira) - "Our first duty is to accompany the people who are suffering: we cannot abandon them and to prevent this from happening we must support the priests in their pastoral service." Mons. Raúl Biord Castillo, a 55-year-old Salesian, now in his fifth year as bishop of La Guaira, does not hide the difficulties that the whole country and with it the Church of Venezuela are experiencing during this long-lasting political, social and economic crisis. And for this very same reason, he also has the courage to ask for help.

      In the diocese of La Guaira, in the north of the country, the general crisis has aggravated the situation of many families: many children and the elderly are left to themselves, many adults are in a state of apathy and despair, the result being an increase in violence, drug addiction and crime.

      "Here in Venezuela, (...) where hunger and poverty have reaped so many innocent victims, the Church is perhaps the only institution that remains credible for its very presence among the people. In the parishes we endeavor to offer thousands of Venezuelans a soup dish of solidarity, or something more," wrote Msgr. Biord Castillo in a letter to the Pontifical Foundation, "Aid to the Church in Need." (ACN)

      In fact, the priests, together with many religious and volunteers of the Catholic Church, in addition to offering food to eat, also take care of the elderly and the orphans, see to distributing charity clothing to the poor, accompany the sick and needy ... And meanwhile they continue to proclaim the Good News to children and young people in catechetical groups, bring the Communion to the sick, animate the Bible study groups, organize retreats, form lay catechists who can in turn transmit the Word of God ...

      And yet, even the clergy and all the religious are profoundly affected by this crisis: they too must fight for their daily bread, for vital medical care and medicine, and for the essential tools they urgently need for themselves and for others.

      Why mons. Biord, in his letter to ACN, launches an appeal: "It is essential to help the priests, to avoid also that, in spite of themselves, they must do other work to sustain themselves, taking away precious time from pastoral care, or that they are forced to emigrate to other countries."

      Further information is available on the ACN website.

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        Italy – Day of the Salesian Pontifical University

        2 days 3 hours ago

        (ANS - Rome) - On March 14, the Day of the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) took place, a moment of sharing and community. Presided by Msgr. Fabio Fabene, Undersecretary of the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, and Fr Mauro Mantovani, Rector Magnificus of the UPS, the day was presented by Sara Gugliersi and Andrea Santoni, students of the Faculty of Social Communication Sciences (FSC). The day began with the greetings of Fr Ivo Coelho, General Councilor for Formation, and the introduction of nine workshops.

        The workshop on the theme of “Television Series”, with a focus on the show “Black Mirror”, was offered by the UPS Salesian Cooperators Center, with a talk by TV scriptwriter Alessandra Caneva. A discussion of the educational paths between the Classical and Christian world starting from Plutarch were organized by the students of the Faculty of Christian and Classical Literature, and was introduced by prof. Miran Sajovic.

        The Faculty of Theology offered a workshop on the accompaniment of young people in their life choices, and was coordinated by prof. Jesús Manuel García, with the collaboration of several students. The Faculty of Educational Sciences proposed two workshops: the first organized by prof. Anna Rita Colasanti and prof. Mario Becciu, on self-efficacy beliefs, while prof. Mario Llanos discussed the ethical aspects of youthful choices, distinguishing between conformist, “reset” and responsible.

        Fake news, truth and society of communication were the topics addressed by professors Tommaso Sardelli and Vittorio Sammarco of the FSC, which also proposed another workshop, again yesterday, on the relationship between advertising, social networks, influencers, held by professors Simonetta Blasi and Roberta Gisotti.

        The artistic exhibition organized by UPS students marked the beginning of the second part of the work sessions. The sociologist and prof. Franco Garelli of the University of Turin commented on the data collected on the perception of the Salesian world on youth.

        The day ended with Fr Ivo Coelho awarding UPS medals to three professors emeritus at the end of their invaluable teaching tenure: Scaria Thuruthiyil, Francesco Casella and Giuseppe Roggia.


        {gallery}ICP - Convengo cicatrici di guerra 2018{/gallery}

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          Australia – Archbishop Costelloe SDB appointed President of 2020 Australia Plenary Council

          2 days 3 hours ago

          (ANS – Canberra) – The Australian Catholic Church, with the approval of Pope Francis, will hold a Plenary Council in 2020-2021 to discuss its way forward in light of the challenges it faces in contemporary society. It's the most significant Catholic Church gatherings after 1937. The Council in 2020 will address the way forward for the Church in Australia in light of the challenges it faces in contemporary society and will be presided by the Salesian Archbishop of Perth, Mgr. Timothy Costelloe.

          “Together, we are on a journey of listening to God by listening to one another. We invite all Australians to engage in an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. Your voice is needed – join in! Speak boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart. With faith and guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we journey together, toward the future.” - from the official website of the Australia Catholic Church Plenary Council 2020. (

          Delegates from the 34 local churches (=dioceses) of Australia will gather across two sessions in 2020 and 2021 to enable deeper discernment, further learning, and dialogue. The process begins at Pentecost 2018 and will help form the agenda for the Council.

          In approving the Plenary Council, Pope Francis also endorsed the bishops’ nomination of Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB as the president of the Plenary Council. Archbishop Costelloe said: “I encourage all Catholics, whether devout or disillusioned, fervent or frustrated, to seize this opportunity to speak what is on their minds and in their hearts.”

          In a statement by the Australian Bishops Conference, Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, chair of the Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council, said the gathering “will be a unique opportunity for people to come together and listen to God in all the ways God speaks to us, and in particular by listening to one another as together we discern what God is asking of us at this time – a time when the Church in Australia is facing significant challenges... “We sincerely hope the preparation and celebration of the Plenary Council is a time when all parts of the Church listen to and dialogue with one another as we explore together how we might answer the question: ‘What do you think God is asking of us in Australia?’”


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            United States – Don Bosco Workers, Inc. protects immigrant workers’ rights in Port Chester, N.Y.

            3 days 3 hours ago

            (ANS – Port Chester) – Don Bosco Workers, Inc. is a grassroots community-organizing group led by Latino immigrant day laborers and other low-income workers in Port Chester, N.Y. Launched in 2006, the organization utilized the local Salesian Holy Rosary Church. Here, workers would meet and conduct informal hiring. A designated site for hiring benefited both the workers and employers in addition to the Village of Port Chester since it reduced the number of “on the corner” day laborers.

            When the organization incorporated as its own nonprofit, it chose the name Don Bosco in recognition of St. John (Don) Bosco, the founder of the Salesians, and his legacy of education and opportunity for poor immigrant youth. Since its inception in 2006, the organization has hosted nearly 800 workers and has a current active membership of 150 men and women.

            According to the American Immigration Council, immigrants now account for one-fifth of New York state’s total population and make up a staggering 25 percent of its labor force. Don Bosco Workers advocates for full and fair participation in the labor market through workplace rights education, leadership development and popular education methods for identifying social change goals from within the worker community.

            As part of its goal for full integration of immigrant worker members into the labor force and society, the organization is committed to English language instruction and civic participation. The hiring site not only matches worker skills to employer needs, but negotiates wage contracts, provides wage recovery services and advocates for victims of wage fraud.

            Through collaboration with other worker centers, Don Bosco Workers has become a formidable voice in advocacy for workers’ rights, in particular the cause to end the exploitation of Latino immigrant workers. The organization was recently highlighted in a Catholic Philly article about protections for immigrant workers.

            The article noted that Don Bosco Workers is under the leadership of Gonzalo Cruz (a Mexican immigrant and professional community organizer) and a worker-majority board of directors. The organization partners with five other worker centers serving the Westchester area. “We meet and talk about the problems,” said Cruz in the article.

            The article highlighted one recent example of how Don Bosco Workers intervenes and protects the rights of workers. A contractor was holding wages back from his immigrant workforce. Don Bosco Workers has the expertise and know-how to get a state investigation launched and suspend the contractor.

            “The problem of wage theft plagues many immigrants, who may not be in the country legally and believe they can’t trust someone should they make a complaint,” added Cruz.

            Four years ago, according to Catholic Philly, Don Bosco Workers and Communications Workers of America Local 1103 developed a “No Pay, No Way” campaign. Cruz notes in the video, “I was working 72 hours (a week) and no overtime. I didn’t even know what is overtime.”

            Catholic Philly noted that within a year of its launch, 70 businesses had taken the “No Pay, No Way” pledge, which earned them a gold seal to affix to their store window to show customers.

            The article also highlighted that Don Bosco Workers helped to start a pre-apprenticeship program in the building trades in the Westchester area. “Those in the program get good wages and benefits, and a good chance too, to get a job in the local community,” said Cruz.

            For more information visit:

            Source: Salesian Mission

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              Indonesia – At the new frontier of the Salesian Congregation

              3 days 3 hours ago

              (ANS – Purwodadi) – The youngest Salesian presence in Indonesia in Purwodadi opened in 2015 and the canonical community with the first rector (Fr. Anto) was established only last summer 2017 in this Central Java town around the 60 year-old Junior High School of Bhaktia Mulia. Three priests and two practical trainees are animating a small town Catholic School of 50 students after the invitation of Bishop of Purwokerto, Mons. Julianus Sunarko, SJ (2000-2016). In the context of the SDB Indonesia delegation this is probably the least visited community - a true periphery.

              By Fr. Tarcisius Trianto, SDB

              The Valdocco-like Salesian presence among the poor young people in the rural area (500 km from Jakarta and 300 km from our Blitar City school) brings the best of our Charism into life. Our 20 teachers (Christians and Muslims) admire the family spirit and team work of our confreres that does, indeed, change the lives of our young people. Five Salesians live and pray together with 6 boarding Catholics (grades 7-9) and their simple and inspiring life becomes also a vocation invitation.

              After two years of our presence, the local parish (MSC - Missionary of the Sacred Heart) priest requested our contribution to the youth ministry and Purwodadi Oratory is being born. Since September 2017 four animators have been taking care of about 30 young Catholics in twice-a-month Oratory events with a formative touch. In this way the Salesian spirit is being shared in the local Church.

              Salesian community of Purwodadi has also great dreams: to attract more students, to improve the infrastructures and education environment of the school, to build a decent (not emergency-like) community house, as Purwodadi, located close to the sea shore, is also famous for almost annual floods with schools finding themselves often under 50-60 cm of water. The Salesians also pray for the possible purchase of land for a larger sports field or extension of this rather small school campus. Indeed the main dream and action requested is to share our preventive system of education and spirituality with many mission partners and young people.

              Source: AustraLasia

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                Chile - Fr David Albornoz, SDB, new member of National Council for Prevention of Abuse

                3 days 3 hours ago

                (ANS - Santiago) - During its last ordinary meeting, the National Council for the Prevention of Abuse and the Accompaniment of the Victims of the Episcopal Conference of Chile (CECh), has called Fr David Albornoz, SDB, to join their group of specialists.

                The National Council for the Prevention of Abuse and the Accompanying of Victims was created by the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops of the CECh in April 2011 to "guide and direct policies to prevent sexual abuse of minors and help victims."

                The Council has as its priority the protection of children and vulnerable adults. For this reason, it works on prevention policies and establishes networks of contacts and the formation of pastoral agents.

                Referring to his election to the Council, Fr Albornoz indicated he hoped to be able to contribute to the work of the team of experts starting from his specialization - Canon Law - in the field of the formation of persons, the creation of healthy and safe environments, strengthening of diocesan councils, as well as the development of CECh policies on the prevention of abuse.

                Fr Albornoz Pavisic, SDB, became a Doctor of Canon Law at the Salesian Pontifical University (Rome, 2002). He is currently a judge at the National Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He also participates in the Council for the Prevention of Abuses of the Conference of Religious and Religious (Conferre) and has collaborated in various formation courses for consecrated persons, male and female, on the prevention of abuse.

                Currently the Council is presided over by Msgr. Alejandro Goic, bishop of Rancagua; among its members there is also Msgr. Juan Ignacio González, bishop of San Bernardo, while the National Coordinator is Pilar Ramírez.

                As shown by CECh, for the Church "the absolute priority (is) the protection of minors and vulnerable adults, so that they may grow in faith in an environment that pays special attention and care to their conditions."

                Source: CECh

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                  Uganda - Rector Major's Animation Visit ends

                  4 days 3 hours ago

                  (ANS - Bombo) - The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, arrived at the Salesian Headquarters yesterday, Sunday 18 March, after 5 intense days spent in his Animation Visit to the Africa-Great Lakes Vice Province (AGL) and a long journey started on Saturday 17.

                  The last stage of the visit was the community of Bombo, Uganda, where the Rector Major arrived on the morning of Friday 16. He was welcomed with a musical homage by the school's musical band. On this occasion, Fr Á.F. Artime said, "This is the 74th country that I have visited since I am Rector Major and the most important thing in all these visits is to meet young people [...] You, dear children, use well this opportunity of being able to come to school given to you. Take advantage of these years of education, my dear young people! I am very happy when I see girls at school because the Church and society need you! You will be the mothers of tomorrow."

                  After greeting the youth of several houses in Uganda, the Rector Major celebrated Mass together with the Archbishop of Kampala, Msgr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga - who publicly thanked him for the services rendered by the Salesians with regard to the education and evangelization of young people. During the celebration, the Rector Major praised the way in which the assembly brought the Gospel to the altar: covered with banana leaves, as is done with the matooke, the staple food of the Ugandan population - to mean that the Word of God is their main nourishment.

                  The X Successor of Don Bosco blessed the parish offices and then met with the local Salesian Family. "The most important thing I ask of you is to be good examples to help young people grow, to learn from you," he urged them.

                  "We are at the service of poor young people. No young person should ever leave a Salesian house because of his poverty," he said to his confreres in the meeting he had shortly thereafter.

                  Finally, Saturday 17, Fr Á.F. Artime received the last homages from the Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda, Msgr. Michael August Blume, from Msgr. Kizito Luanga, and the Salesian community of Namugongo. On his journey to the Entebbe airport, he stopped at the sanctuary dedicated to St. Charles Lwanga and fellow martyrs.

                  All photos of the Visit are available on ANSFlickr


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                    RMG - 1918 - March 21 - 2018: centenary of the birth of Blessed Alberto Marvelli, past pupil of the oratory

                    4 days 3 hours ago

                    (ANS - Rome) - Alberto Marvelli was born on 21 March 1918 in Ferrara. 100 years have passed since that distant day and many in the world know his life, his educational, charitable, social and political commitment.

                    by Fr Pierluigi Cameroni, SDB,

                    Postulator General of the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family

                    A student of the Salesian Oratory in Rimini, following the example of Domenico Savio, he matured his faith with a decisive choice: "My program is summed up in one word: saint." In just 28 years he achieved a life of "full measure": spending all in his love of God and neighbor.

                    When his life was tragically interrupted on 5 October 1946, many believed they had lost him forever and that his commitment, support, and example would be lost. Instead: saints have a "posthumous" life. Today, more than ever, Alberto is alive and active: the good he has worked upon the earth has expanded in time and space. His exemplary holiness has become a model for laity committed in works across the globe, in search of Christian identity and of coherence with faith. He opened a new road, which can be traveled by everyone. The diffusion of his testimony in the world, the many young people who have taken him as a model, are the sure signs of his living and working person among us all.

                    Celebrating his centenary, in this special year that the Church is dedicating to young people with the Synod, means not just commemorating, but acknowledging this presence, as St. John Paul II indicated on the day of his beatification on 5 September 2004: "It is up to you lay persons to bear witness to faith through the virtues specific to you: fidelity and tenderness in the family, competence in work, tenacity in serving the common good, solidarity in social relations, creativity in undertaking works useful for evangelization and human promotion. It is up to you to show - in close communion with the Pastors - that the Gospel is current, contemporary, and that faith does not take the believer away from history, but immerses them more profoundly in history."

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                      Italy - A "house without walls" welcoming and supporting young people for 25 years

                      4 days 3 hours ago

                      (ANS - Rome) - "Salesians for social work or welfare is a Salesian house without walls. If in 1993 we had not equipped ourselves with this civil instrument, we would not have received all the fruits that have matured across these years." With the words of Fr Stefano Martoglio, Councilor for the Salesian "Mediterranean" region, the 2018 Ordinary Assembly of the "Salesians for Social Work" Federation, the SCS/CNOS, or Civil and Social Services/National Center for Salesian Works, began in Rome last March 16 with over seventy representatives of the institutions that make up the Federation.

                      The event celebrated 25 years of activities dedicated to Italy's young. "This reality has shown itself to be able to last over the years for its way of operating, but above all, for its method that connects people with the most different states of life (religious and laity) and all this in line with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council," continued Fr Martoglio.

                      During the morning work sessions, a window was opened on the history of the Federation, established 9 July 1993, which today includes more than 80 non-profit organizations, all inspired and guided by the educational passion of St. John Bosco.

                      The association has been a pioneer in having immediately believed in the great value of conscientious objection (now Civil Service) and in these months is preparing to face with courage Italy's new regulations regarding associations in its so-called Third Sector Reform.

                      This reform, in fact, was discussed in the afternoon by the various Delegates who, divided into groups, examined the regulatory changes envisaged by the new Code and by the individual decrees. In the morning, instead, Fr Domenico Ricca, former President of “Salesiani per il Sociale”, together with the Director General of the Federation, Andrea Sebastiani, and then Fr Giovanni D'Andrea, President, had presented its 2017 activities report.

                      The assembly was also an opportunity to launch the twenty-fifth anniversary celebratory advertising campaign, made by the national headquarters and already broadcast by and across social networks.

                      Today, through the associated organizations, Salesians for Social animate 33 residential communities (family houses, housing communities, semi-autonomy), 30 day centers and 17 reception centers and support services against addictions, distributed throughout the nation. This work is carried out by over 780 qualified operators, around 100 supporting members and more than 2000 volunteers. 

                      {gallery}Italia - 25 anni SCS{/gallery}

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                        Rwanda - Rector Major's encouragement to Salesian Family

                        1 week ago

                        (ANS - Kigali) – Yesterday, March 15, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, the Rector Major, spend the second and last day of his visit to Rwanda almost entirely in Kigali. After the dialogue and mass for young people who came from all over the country, the 10th Successor of Don Bosco spent his time getting to know and encouraging the local Salesian Family.

                        In the homily of the Mass for the young - attended by delegations from all the Salesian presences of Rwanda, for a total of about 550 young people - the Rector Major said young people have a bright future ahead, if they continued to put into practice the good values ​​offered by the Salesians. He also thanked the teachers and other adults present at Mass, encouraging them to continue to serve young people on their personal journey of growth. Before dismissing the assembly, he blessed the statue of Mary Help of Christians and that of Don Bosco, offered as a gift by the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Turin.

                        The X Successor of Don Bosco then gathered at the House of the Africa-Great Lakes Vice Province (AGL) with the representatives of the six groups of the Salesian Family active in Rwanda: Salesians, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Salesian Cooperators, Volunteers of Don Bosco, Volunteers with Don Bosco and the Association of Mary Help of Christians.

                        The Rector Major offered them words of encouragement in the growth of the values of the Gospel and in the Salesian charismatic identity. He mentioned the good collaboration and communion among the groups of the Salesian Family and congratulated each of them for their contribution to the growth of the Salesian Family, and renewed the invitation to always offer a good testimony of the Gospel so that Salesian spirituality may attract young people.

                        In mid-afternoon the Rector Major, accompanied by his Secretary, Fr Horacio López, and Fr Américo Chaquisse, Councilor for the Salesian region of Africa-Madagascar, and the Provincial of AGL, Fr Camiel Swertvagher, reached the airport from where he flew to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, the third and last country to be visited.

                        Warmly welcomed also on this occasion, Fr Á.F. Artime then reached the Salesian community of Namugongo, near Kampala, where he spent the night.

                        All photos of the Visit are available on ANSFlickr.


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                          Italy - Joy of the Gospel for the young, “no one left behind”

                          1 week ago

                          (ANS - Jesolo) - Two grand Sunday celebrations with 400 animators involved, 200 budding artists led by a dozen professionals, twelve thousand young participants and above all … no one left behind, or #nessunoescluso, as per the hastag that accompanies the 2017-2018 pastoral proposal of Italy's Salesian Youth Movement (SYM). In this current year that sees the Church reflecting on and with young people, SYM wanted to highlight the feeling of joyful belonging to the Church via the Youth Festival (March 4) and the Festa dei Ragazzi (11 March) promoted by SYM of North-East Italy.

                          Again this year, the Youth Festival gathered around 6,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 30, who belong to the area's Salesian Family.

                          After opening remarks of welcome and animation at the Pala Arrex of Jesolo, a show animated by the young of the workshops and "DBLIVE" began with a contribution of several youths of the Bari Oratory, who explored the theme #nessunoescluso.

                          After the celebration of Mass and the break for lunch, the celebration became even more animated as it moved outside and opened a whole series of workshops and itineraries organized by associations and territorial realities. Finally, after the last moments of animation together, the second part of the #nessunoescluso show was presented. It closed the day's activities by reiterating the central message of the event: though it may seem out of fashion today, it is, indeed, possible to give and to give oneself without gain or personal advantage, to love in an authentic and sincere way.

                          Music, games, shows, exhibitions, workshops, testimonies and animation were also the ingredients of the Festa dei Ragazzi, or the Children's Festival, which took place the following Sunday, always in Jesolo, maintaining the structure and the basic message of the Youth Festival, but adapting it for the 9-14 age group.

                          Both events also resonated far and wide on social networks, since for the past three years, young people have been invited to collaborate in spreading the message of the celebrations in what are digital courtyards.

                          The purpose of these events is to allow young people to live a Church event wherein to grasp the dimension of faith and the Christian message in all its beauty, in the conviction, as Pope Francis says, that "the joy of the Gospel fills one's whole heart and life."

                          Source: Salesiani Nord-Est

                          {gallery}Italia - Festa dei Ragazzi 2018{/gallery}

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                            Haiti - "LAKAY Don Bosco": 30 years of joyful service

                            1 week ago

                            (ANS - Port-au-Prince) - The Salesian service for Haitian children and youth in difficulty - "LAKAY Don Bosco" - was established in 1988 in Port-au-Prince on the initiative of the Italian Salesian Fr Attilio Stra. The project aimed and still aims to answer to the cry that comes from the hearts of many children, adolescents and young people who are rejected and marginalized and live in situations of neglect, negligence or serious social risk.

                            To thank the Lord for these 30 years of joyful service, last Friday, March 9, at the center of La Saline a Eucharist was celebrated, presided by Fr Jean-Paul Mesidor, the Superior of the "Beato Filippo Rinaldi" Vice Province of Haiti. In his homily, Fr Mesidor traced the journey made by the Salesians through the LAKAY project during these past 30 years and he congratulated the older employees who were present from the beginning of this educational and training proposal.

                            Currently, the LAKAY project includes 5 facilities in Port-au-Prince and one, divided into two sectors, in Cap-Haïtien. Each of these structures was created in response to the concrete situations in which the children, young people and youths at risk of the two cities find themselves; in total, around 5700 minors and young people benefit from this service thanks to the 57 staff members.

                            The centers of the LAKAY project are specialized for the various stages of life and to the types of assistance needed by the beneficiaries. At "Foyer LAKAY", the children live as a family for a period of 4 years until the completion of their apprenticeship in a technical profession, of school education and social education.

                            "Look up! Look far!" is the motto of the LAKAY project. And it is a motto that has come to fruition in splendid fruits; many of the young people formed at the project centers have become engineers, educators, teachers and valid workers at local businesses.

                            On the occasion of the anniversary, after the Eucharistic celebration, on March 9th there was also a cultural event, the protagonists being the same young people welcomed at the centers of Lakou, Atelye-Lakou, Lakay Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien. Spontaneously, all the beneficiaries expressed their joy for that feast day and also thanked the Salesians of Don Bosco for having taught them to live with dignity and respect.

                            {gallery}Haiti - 30 anni Lakay{/gallery}

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                              Rwanda - The Rector Major: "a young man who has no God within himself cannot be truly happy"

                              1 week 1 day ago

                              (ANS - Kabgayi) - "You have chosen a very beautiful Congregation, the same one dreamed of by Don Bosco ... Which tries to take care of young people as he did ... A congregation that needs Salesians who are authentic and available." With these words, yesterday, March 14, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, adressed the Salesian novices of the house "San Luigi Versiglia" of Rango, in Rwanda, where he is for his Animation Visit to the Africa-Great Lakes Region (AGL).

                              After meeting with the novices, also yesterday afternoon, the Rector Major reached the Salesian center of Kabgayi to meet the young and members of the Salesian Family and, later, to meet with his confreres of Rwanda.

                              To the young, who welcomed him with great tributes and manifesting their joy through art, Fr Á.F. Artime said: "music, songs and dance characterize all the houses of Don Bosco. You are always welcomed by Don Bosco."

                              Subsequently, in the meeting with his confreres, the X Successor of Don Bosco congratulated the Salesians of Rwanda for the many pastoral activities brought forth and he also thanked several Salesians from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Province of Central Africa (AFC), as a sign of communion in the mission. In the evening, finally, also the bishop of Kabgayi, mgr. Smaragde Mbonyintege, and members of other orders and congregations, came to the Salesian house to meet Fr Á.F. Artime.

                              This morning, Thursday 15, accompanied as always by his Secretary, Fr Horacio López, the Rector Major went to visit the house of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Rugunga, near Kigali, and was welcomed with the usual festive air by the whole educational community. Then, after visiting the museum of the FMA school, he went to the house of the Salesians in Kigali, where there were young people of Salesian presences from all over the country, together with a delegation from Goma, D.R. Congo, AFC Province.

                              In the Eucharist that followed, Fr Á.F. Artime indicated to young people the importance of being authentically true Christians: "Don Bosco said that a young man who does not have God within himself cannot be truly happy". In the afternoon the dialogue between the Successor of Don Bosco and the young Rwandans continues with a meeting.

                              All photos of the Visit are available on ANSFlickr


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                                Mozambique - "Canção Nova" comes to the country to lead "Radio Don Bosco"

                                1 week 1 day ago

                                (ANS - Moatize) - Canção Nova, 25th group of the Salesian Family, has landed in Mozambique with a specific mission: to manage "Radio Don Bosco" (RDB), a Salesian radio broadcasting station based in Moatize, in the province of Tete . The two missionaries from Canção Nova, Fr Ademir Lucas and the seminarian Lucas Paulino da Silva, arrived in Maputo on the morning of Saturday 10 March. They were received at the airport by Fr Marco Biaggi, Superior of the Mozambican Vice Province (MOZ).

                                On the same day, they were introduced to the coordinators of MOZ Social Communication and, after various activities, went to Tete where they will work and live, ie the parish house of the parish "St John Bosco", near the RDB studios.

                                Canção Nova is a Brazilian Catholic community founded in 1978, and follows the lines of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Based in the city of Cachoeira Paulista, it has developed an important radio and television system, which extends to other countries such as Portugal, Italy, Israel, France and Paraguay.

                                The community was founded by Fr Jonas Abib, having as co-founders, Luzia Santiago and her husband Wellington Jardim. Fr Abib was a member of the Salesian Congregation for several years and then had to leave it to later found the new movement, which on 3 November 2008 obtained pontifical recognition, receiving the approval of the Statutes before the Holy See. On 21 January 2009, finally, the "Canção Nova" Community was officially included among the groups of the Salesian Family.

                                RDB, which the two missionaries come to serve, is a Christian radio based on the values ​​of the Gospel announced by Jesus Christ and in communion with the Catholic Church. It is an activity directed and promoted by the Salesians that aims to educate and evangelise young people and popular culture, training and informing to help them grow as "honest citizens and good Christians."

                                RDB was launched in 1994 on the initiative of the Salesian Carlos Marques and a group of young people from the Moatize mission, such as "Radio Escuela". The 11 January 2011 it was authorized by the National Institute of Communications of Mozambique to broadcast at Villa de Moatize on a frequency of FM 101.1 Mhz, and has since been officially called "Don Bosco Community Radio."

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                                  RMG - Young scientists at the service of the common good

                                  1 week 1 day ago

                                  (ANS - Rome) - Not only good Christians and honest citizens, but also protagonists of innovation and social responsibility. The children who grow up in Salesian schools often distinguish themselves by being able to devise scientific and technological projects that help to build more inclusive and supportive societies. Two new testimonies have just arrived recently from the students of the "Don Bosco" Salesian Institute in Verona, winners of the 2018 edition of the "First® Lego® League Italia", and from students who took part in the 31st edition of the "Premio Nacional Don Bosco" in Spain.

                                  The team of Veronese Salesian students "Idb Tech-No-Logic" ranked first in the national competition and will therefore participate in the world final in Detroit on 25-28 April 2018.

                                  All the finalists challenged each other in robotics competitions and in a scientific project that had water as its main subject. Regarding this project, the students from the Salesian team explained: "70% of the world's drinking water is used to irrigate and comes mainly from the public aqueduct or wells. To reduce waste, we decided to take advantage of rainwater, which would normally end up in sewers, and recreated a series of structures commonly found in cities or near gardens with specific criteria to obtain the greatest possible capacity for water collection."

                                  The Veronese team, formed by 10 students and guided by Luca Zanetti, a computer science teacher, dominated the robotics race with a gap of 30 points on second place, is not new to these results: last season they also qualified for the "First Lego® League International Open" tournament in Bath, England.

                                  As for Spain, in Zaragoza, in the context of the Nacional Don Bosco Prize, among the numerous projects presented in the competition's various sectors is the one by Alicia Moraza and Daniel Gil, their "bMiMiC". The two participants, students of Telecommunication at the Salesian center of Logroño, led by Professor Diego Villar Cárcamo, won two of the most prestigious of the 14 prizes awarded by the competition: the First Special Prize of the Festo firm and the Special Prize of the Ministry of Defense.

                                  "BMiCMiC" consists of a trunk and bionic arms, produced through 3D printing, which allow users to manipulate objects at a distance: the prototype is able to replicate the movement of arms, hands and fingers and to imitate the user's movements , proving extremely useful, for example, in managing drones, defusing bombs or performing remote surgeries.

                                  {gallery}Spagna - Premio Nacional Don Bosco{/gallery}

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                                    UN - Circular migration, young people and opportunities for development

                                    1 week 2 days ago

                                    (ANS - Geneva) – Taking place today, Wednesday, March 14, in Geneva, on the sidelines of the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council, is a collateral event entitled "Circular migration and youth", part of a program co-funded by the European Union in a multi-country project called "Co-partners in Development". The event is organized by the NGO International Volunteering for Development (VIS) and by the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) and in partnership with "Don Bosco 2000" and the Salesians.

                                    Among the speakers: Michela Vallarino, Vice-President of VIS, Agostino Sella, President of Don Bosco 2000, Fr Francois Coly, Director of the Salesian house in Tambacounda, Senegal, together with the testimony of Seny Diallo, coordinator of the Don Bosco Center in Tambacounda.

                                    Barbara Terenzi (VIS Coordinator Human Rights & Advocacy Office), who curated the event, acts as moderator and facilitator for the presentations by the representatives of various territorial Salesian realities: Leslie Tavares, from the Dominican Republic, Meaza Tesfagiorgis, from Ethiopia, Walter Thyrniang, from Zambia, and Gianpaolo Gullotta of VIS in Ghana.

                                    The event serves both to complete the technical and institutional empowerment of the multi-country project partners and to highlight the positive experience already achieved by Don Bosco 2000 in Senegal with a pilot circular migration project.

                                    "Circular migration" is today considered one of the most advanced approaches to tackling the issue of migration, especially with regard to young people, the subjects most at risk of irregular migration.

                                    For this reason, today in Geneva the good practices already implemented in Sicily by different Salesian realities is presented, including an exchange between the reception and formation activities for young migrants and the possibility of their returning to the country of origin enriched by targeted training in sectors such as agriculture, crafts and tourism, so as to start targeted interventions at home and contribute to the sustainable development in and of their own communities. In fact, in Tambacounda today work is being done towards the creation of a vegetable garden of about 1 hectare with organic products, drip irrigation and solar panels.

                                    The young people trained in Sicily who have returned to their village, in their turn, train their comrades with the aim of getting to replicate this type of business in the neighboring villages and reach consolidated production throughout the year where once the land was cultivated for only a few months during the year. 

                                    The result, an experience that tends to transform the young migrant into a cooperator who not only informs others about the dangers of irregular migration, but operates in his or her country of origin and contributes to its development.

                                    • ONU
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                                      Burundi - Rector Major: "Go and bear witness of the spirit you have received from Don Bosco"

                                      1 week 2 days ago

                                      (ANS - Ngozi) - Salesians, young people and Salesian Family: in a single day, yesterday, March 13, in Ngozi, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, met all the main protagonists of the Salesian world in Burundi. Listening and paternal accompaniment were the fundamental traits that characterized each moment of interaction.

                                      In the first meeting, in the morning, with his confreres, the Rector Major illustrated the present of the Congregation and the challenges that await it. Then, he encouraged everyone by remembering: "Our Congregation is full of life and becomes progressively more serene."

                                      The Rector Major then met with about 1200 young Burundians who told the Rector Major that Salesian schools were well known and much appreciated throughout the country. The X Successor of Don Bosco asked them if they were happy to be students of Don Bosco, and received a choral "yes" from everyone. Expressly addressed to the older students, he exhorted them to: "go and bear witness of the spirit you have received from Don Bosco, in the world of work or in higher education." He concluded by underlining the centrality of those values such as honesty, kindness and generosity, which are not education subjects per se, but fundamental traits of education.

                                      Later in the afternoon the Rector Major presided over a Eucharist for the members of the Salesian Family during which he recalled that defining oneself as Christians means "always having God in one's heart".

                                      Finally, in a following meeting with the Salesian Family, Fr Á.F. Artime reiterated once again that the Salesian charism is shared with many other groups and people who are committed to doing good for the young. He then answered all the questions of those present - including the requests for a female internship in Ngozi and of a Salesian university in the country, for which he assured them that the Council of the Vice Province of Africa-Great Lakes would verify their feasibility.

                                      The day ended with a cultural evening and a fraternal meeting.

                                      This morning, March 14, Fr Á.F. Artime reached the Salesian house of Rango, in Butare, in Rwanda, which houses a Vocational Training Center, the oratory and the parish. Again, the festive welcoming committee was waiting for him many kilometers in advance of the Salesian house to give homage to the Successor of Don Bosco with songs and flowers.

                                      All photos of the Visit are available on ANSFlickr.


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                                        Venezuela - Urgent support and media silence

                                        1 week 2 days ago

                                        (ANS - Caracas) - Despite Venezuela's socio-economic state of affairs today presents every feature of a humanitarian crisis and emergency, the news media and the world of information have been largely silent. Last week, a small delegation of Missioni Don Bosco, called by the Salesians of Caracas, visited the country and reported their bleak impressions: a widespread lack of food and medicines, combined with the high inflation rates of recent years, make life unsustainable for most of the population; only those who enjoy government privileges are able to access ordinary purchases, while the value of money is practically nil.

                                        On the horizon, political elections this year which have been postponed from April to May due to the difficulty of building at least a semblance of free expression of the voting process. Opposition parties have given up running for what is deemed a democratic farce.

                                        The international community, at least to see it from Caracas, seems equally impotent or, worse, complicit: in fact, a Venezuela fast becoming no-man's land, thanks to its inestimable mining resources is a prospect many foreign speculators and powers look forward to.

                                        The Salesians, who have developed networks for reception and vocational training for the young - which even in this deep crisis continue to offer concrete perspectives of work in the agricultural and trade sectors - are now faced with a compulsory change of priorities: they must provide children with food without which the children risk not only suffer the pain of hunger, but risk permanent harm to their developing bodies. Before starting a school day or a gathering, in fact, bread and tea are distributed to the children to help them through lessons and school.

                                        Even rice and potatoes have now reached extremely high prices. But for the radio and television propaganda, Venezuela has, they say, no problems and if there are any it depends on the "external enemy."

                                        Faced with this reality, Missioni Don Bosco immediately started raising funds to help the Salesians who run schools, oratories and soup kitchens for the poor. "We want to guarantee at least one meal a day to all those who come and use the structures our confreres coordinate among a thousand daily difficulties", explained the President of Missioni Don Bosco, Br Giampietro Pettenon, SDB.

                                        For more information, visit:

                                        • Venezuela
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                                          41 minutes 59 seconds ago
                                          ANS - Agenzia Info Salesiana. Periodico plurisettimanale telematico, organo di comunicazione della Congregazione Salesiana