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RMG – “We're part of great Salesian map dreamed of and planned by our father, Don Bosco”. Salesian Map 2020

1 month 2 weeks ago
RMG – “We're part of great Salesian map dreamed of and planned by our father, Don Bosco”. Salesian Map 2020

(ANS – Rome) – “Jesus Christ, Communicator of the Father, said to his disciples: ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation’ (Mk 16:15). Don Bosco, Communicator of the Father’s love for the young, left his own testimony to the Salesians in the great motto: ‘Da mihi animas, caetera tolle’. Don Bosco, in faithful response to the call of God’s love in his life, and following Jesus Christ, Communicator of the Father, drew the map of the world in his heart, and dreamed of educating and evangelising young people everywhere”. That's how Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos SDB, General Councillor for Social Communication, begins his message of introduction of the 2020 Map of the Salesian presence in the world.

Fr Mendes dos Santos goes on:

His dream, like seeds of the Gospel, spread throughout the world. The seed grew and became a great Salesian Family. We are a great movement of people who love God and the young.

We are part of the great Salesian map dreamed of and planned by our father, Don Bosco.

Coming from all continents, we draw the Salesian map with our love for young people. A map that is always new because it is drawn with the colours and beauty of the Salesian charism. It is always open, without borders, because it welcomes all young people, especially the poorest and most needy.

In this world map, each Salesian in each community is part of the educational characteristics and features of this great map of the evangelisation of young people.

Each community in each Province is a route on this map educating for life and to hope.

All our works in all the countries where we are working provide the colour and dynamics of the Salesian mission at the service of those to whom we are sent in the different regions and cultures.

We are the map of young people! A map made up of the Salesian Family: Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Salesian Cooperators, ADMA, Past Pupils, friends of Don Bosco.

We are the map of new youthful languages, the digital map and the map of social networks. As a great network of love and service to young people, we are the educational networks that give vitality and visibility to the Salesian map in the world.

Don Bosco, at Valdocco, was the creator of this map that we continue to redraw every day of our life together with our young people.

One afternoon in 1883, according to the BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS, Fr Philip Rinaldi “entered Don Bosco's office in Turin for an informal conversation and was surprised to see Don Bosco with a globe on his desk and his eyes lost far away in the immensity of the places on the globe”.  Don Bosco so wanted to send out his Salesians to be missionaries everywhere, to create a globe of evangelization.

Don Bosco always believed that Our Lady Help of Christians was the one who did everything. We entrust to her all the members of the Salesian Family, all the young people, friends who share the gift of the Salesian charism in all nations, forming the great and ever new Salesian map, a map for today and for tomorrow.

The “Salesians in the World” map is available in two versions and three formats.

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    Malta – “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”

    1 month 2 weeks ago
    Malta – “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”

    (ANS – Sliema) – As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”, and that is precisely what we did with our Salesian summer programme in Malta.  With all the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic brought along and the several safety restrictions in place all through spring, we actively sought to change our normal summer plans to make them as Covid-safe as possible.

    For the first time, all the four different Salesian houses teamed up to collaborate on a nation-wide summer programme to be safely delivered online. This summer programme includes sports and fitness sessions, creativity and performing arts, story-telling workshops, creative arts and a live morning show with animators and SDBs as participants of the activities.

    In addition to all this, since the safety measures have been recently relaxed in Malta, each respective Salesian house is holding outdoor activities to small groups of children and youth at a time. These activities include water games, bike rides, night hikes, cook-outs and fun outdoor games in general. 

    Both options have gone down really well with our members and the general feedback is overwhelmingly good across the board. Surely a summer to be remembered for the innovative activities and experiences we are going through together. In all this confusion around the world we aim to take heed to our beloved Don Bosco’s advice:  “Enjoy yourselves as much as you like, if only you keep away from sin”.

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      Argentina – Salesian students win NASA competition: their car to participate in first Moon race

      1 month 3 weeks ago
      Left: above, Nicolas Macullan; below, Francisco Yennacaro. Right: above, Pablo Molina Ruiz; below, Federico Muzzio. In the center, the rendering of the vehicle that will be sent to the moon.

      (ANS - Buenos Aires) - Four Salesian students from Buenos Aires have won a competition organized by NASA: their car will participate in the first race to be held on the Moon.

      Nicolás Macullan, Pablo Molina Ruiz, Federico Muzzio and Francisco Yennacaro are students of the fifth year of the Technical Institute of the Salesian house "León XIII", as well as the members of the "Atlas" group. Their project was chosen from 35 other projects from 11 countries to participate in the first race to be held on the Moon, a race organized by the "Moon Mark" group, scheduled for October 2021, and sponsored by NASA.

      The students already knew each other at school and had already worked together. For this project, they divided their tasks: Nicolás took care of the ideas for the car's suspension; Pablo, the 3D design and software; Francisco did research on the moon's natural conditions; while Federico took care of the necessary calculations.

      The pace of work was challenging. The competition lasted a month, and there was a [task] consignment to be made every week. "In the last two weeks we have been fighting against time ... We thought we were done, and we realized that something was missing ... And we had to start over," recalls Pablo.

      Yet, comments Francisco, "It was really fantastic ... The experts were surprised to see that seventeen-year-olds were able to do in four weeks what many Engineering students take several months to do."

      The natural conditions of the Moon, where temperatures vary from –100° C to +100° C, were one of the great challenges. "We rushed to read a NASA manual on the production of microsatellites, looking for ideas," says Nicolas.

      It was at the Salesian school that the four learned about 3D design and engine operations, but also about the right method to face this challenge. “They taught us to work on projects, for real life. And they gave us the values ​​to work in a group," adds Nicolás.

      “Constancy, organization. If you have a delivery to be made in two weeks, start working today,” says Federico. They will also have next year to put all this, and much more, into practice, given that they still have one more year of secondary school.

      Each week the students had to send a video with the project's progress. Here's last week's.

      “Being able to do this in quarantine was fantastic. Stop thinking about your four walls all day ... thinking about the Moon!" the boys conclude.

      To find out more about the "Atlas" team, see their Instagram profile; while for next Monday, August 3, a live interview is scheduled on the YouTube channel of the Salesian Bulletin of Argentina (18:00 – UTC-3).

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        RMG – Online meeting of Salesian publishers of Europe

        1 month 3 weeks ago
        RMG – Online meeting of Salesian publishers of Europe

        (ANS - Rome) - The online meeting of the leaders of the Salesian publishing houses in Europe was held on 29 July, chaired by the General Councilor for Social Communications, Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos. The topics dealt with, on the one hand, how the publishers dealt with the Covid-19 crisis, the way in which confinement affected them, the effects on sales ... And on the other, how they prepare to face the future.

        In addition to Fr Mendes dos Santos, other participants were: Luca Priuli, for "Elledici" (Italy); Antonio Garrido and Marta Palomares, of the "Grupo Edebé" (Spain); Fr Bob Gardner, for "Don Bosco Publications" (United Kingdom); Ricardo Martín, of the "CCS" (Spain); Stefan Höchstädter of "Don Bosco Medien GmbH" (Germany); Fr Andrej Baligač, for "Salve d.o.o." (Slovenia); Fr Wojciech Kułak, of "Wydawnictowo Salezjanskie" (Poland), and Fr Alberto Rui, of "Ediçôes Salesianas" (Portugal).

        During the meeting, and generally speaking, it emerged that all firms suffered the condition created by Covid-19 - some more, others less. Most publishers decreased production while waiting to see the situation evolve, while others have adopted innovative ways to overcome the lack of sales. Publishers who depend on bookstores and parishes have seen their orders drop, but some have decided to take advantage of progressive digitalization, especially teaching. And on the other hand, online selling was another tool that in some cases turned out to be positive. For some, it was not easy even to adapt to work from home, but other editorial managers commented that they had discovered in this modality a new way of working that was more positive than they had previously thought.

        As for the future, everyone hopes that the opening of bookshops and schools will resume in a strong fashion in September and, above all, that the arrival of orders will start and help reduce the expected losses in total turnover. However, nobody knows exactly what to expect.

        In conclusion, the General Councilor for Social Communications encouraged everyone to adopt a creative attitude, just like Don Bosco, who knew how to adopt innovative paths to overcome difficulties. "This is what the Salesian publishing houses are called to do today: to seek new ways of communicating among us to ensure that the Salesian community is involved in our productions. And also to think of solutions that not only make us think about problems, but also make us look to the future with courage and positivism," he said.

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          Ethiopia – In a country struck by diseases, locusts and riots, Salesians try helping families of Ethiopian students

          1 month 3 weeks ago
          Ethiopia – In a country struck by diseases, locusts and riots, Salesians try helping families of Ethiopian students

          (ANS - Addis Ababa) - The situation in Ethiopia is currently dramatic, to say the least: the country is grappling with health, food, and social emergencies that are expanding day by day. Covid-19 infections are increasing and adding to the still active outbreaks of cholera, measles, and malaria; the country is also the victim of a second wave of locusts, which are destroying hectares and hectares of crops; this while “popular” riots between police forces and the Oromo community make it very difficult to comply with contagion-prevention measures.

          The World Health Organization has identified Ethiopia as one of the 13 African states at high risk for the spread of the epidemic: hospitals are not well equipped, doctors and tampons are lacking, and the public awareness campaign regarding the measures to prevent contagion almost exclusively concerned cities, leaving numerous peripheral areas isolated.

          Several international observers, such as "Human Rights Watch", have denounced the impossibility for millions of Ethiopians to even access basic information as regards anti-Covid-19 measures such as handwashing and social distancing, due also to the blockade of telephone and Internet communications by the government to favour Army operations against the riots that broke out in the capital Addis Ababa in early July - clashes between the police and the Oromo community that were sparked following the mysterious killing of Hachalu Hundessa, a well-known singer and symbolic voice of the community, clashes which have caused more than 200 victims and numerous injured.

          As if that weren't enough, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that around 30,000 hectares of land have already been ruined by locusts.

          The Sons of Don Bosco first arrived in Ethiopia in 1975 and are now present in 14 areas in 5 regions: Tigray, Oromia, Addis Ababa, Gambella, and in the Region of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of the South.

          In 45 years of their presence in Ethiopia, the Salesian missionaries have built numerous schools and youth centers dealing with literacy and the education of thousands of girls and boys who live in difficulty. They have also been working hard in the fight against human trafficking, Ethiopia being a migratory crossroads of the Horn of Africa.

          Following this complex situation, in a country where over 60 million people - around 60% of the population - survive on a day-to-day basis, the Salesians have decided to start a single project to support the population, in particular the students' families of the 16 Vocational Training Centers and Salesian schools closed due to the health emergency.

          Distribution of food and drinking water; hygiene kits; and awareness-raising campaigns about good practices to prevent contagion are the three key points of the project to help the most vulnerable families.

          Further information is available at: 

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            Lithuania – Lithuanian Salesian Family remembers its patriarch: Fr Antanas Skeltys

            1 month 3 weeks ago
            Lithuania – Lithuanian Salesian Family remembers its patriarch: Fr Antanas Skeltys

            (ANS - Griskabudis) - On Saturday 25 July the Lithuanian Salesian Family dedicated a day of remembrance and gratitude to the first Lithuanian Salesian, Fr Antanas Skeltys, on the occasion of the 60 years since his death.

            Born in a small town in the Suvalkija region, the young Antanas, eager to become a priest, but of modest economic conditions, came to know the Salesians and Don Bosco. He then wrote to the superiors in Turin and received the telegraphic reply: “Come! We are waiting for you". He was the first of a real wave of young Lithuanians who later reached Piedmont.

            He studied, became a Salesian in 1906, and was ordained a priest in August 1914, a week after the outbreak of the Great War. Unable to return home, he worked in Italy, in the houses of Verona and Este, where he took steps to found the Lithuanian edition of the Salesian Bulletin.

            Already in 1921, he worked zealously to bring young Lithuanians to Italy so that, fascinated by the Salesian charism, they would become future sons of Don Bosco. As soon as conditions permitted, he returned to his homeland. In a large estate received as a gift, he established a community of Salesians who worked full time with the over 100 students of the vocational training school. The work remained open from 1934 to 1940, interrupted by the Soviet occupation.

            In the following years, Fr Skeltys (who among other things deserving of the title of Righteous among the Nations for the many Jews saved during the Nazi occupation) lived in wise clandestinity in small village parishes, hiding from KGB agents, until his death occurred on July 28, 1960.

            Thus, on Saturday 25 July, the figure of this intrepid Salesian was commemorated in his hometown of Griskabudis.

            The solemn celebration was presided over by Archbishop Emeritus of Kaunas, card. Sigitas Tamkevicius - who as a child was an altar boy to Fr Skeltys and who owes his priestly vocation to him - and was concelebrated by the auxiliary bishop of Vilnius, Msgr. Arunas Poniskaitis, great-grandson of Fr Skeltys himself.

            The Mass gathered all the representatives of the Salesian Family present in Lithuania, and was broadcast on Radio Maria frequencies.

            In his homily, the cardinal outlined the profile of the radiant spirituality of Fr Skeltys, to whom, as for St James, of which the liturgical memory it was that day, he did not fail to drink from the chalice of suffering of his Savior. The jubilee ended with speeches, songs and wreaths at his tomb, located near the church, on whose headstone is engraved the phrase: "The soul of every man is worthy of the sacrifice of our whole life: find it, help it, and give it to God."

            "Thanks, Father Antanas, the Don Bosco of Lithuania!" was the unanimous cry of gratitude for this day of celebration.

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              Ecuador – "Starting from cinema we answer to pastoral care"

              1 month 3 weeks ago

              (ANS - Quito) - For the Salesians, the media play a fundamental role in the mission of educating and evangelizing young people. It is a legacy received directly from Don Bosco, through the letter on the good press, and which continues to bear fruit even today, as in the case of "Zatti, hermano nuestro", the film released on 11 July last, whose screenwriter and director is Fr Ricardo Cámpoli, SDB.

              To find out more about this production, on Friday 24 July, the Salesian Social Communication Office of the Ecuadorian Province (ECU) organized an international online conference entitled "From idea to production". More than 40 participants connected, including Salesians, trainees, members of the Salesian Family and collaborators, from different communities and works, from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.

              The meeting's moderation was entrusted to Marcelo Mejia, ECU Communication Delegate. The first speaker was Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos, General Councilor for Social Communications, who recalled how the film represents an invitation to embrace the value of holiness as the primary message of the educational and evangelizing mission carried out by the Salesians together with the young people of the whole world.

              "The film about Zatti is a work of art and communication with which one can know the greatness of this Salesian, and in which one also sees the importance of communication to leave communities with a legacy on life and history of these characters," said the General Councilor, underlining the artistic, spiritual and Salesian value of this movie.

              Subsequently, Fr Francisco Sánchez, ECU Provincial, spoke of the importance of following the path of the Salesians who, like Zatti, have dedicated their whole lives to serving others. And he added: "To propose to young people that the Salesian charism is worthwhile and that holiness can be achieved is a challenge that we must take on."

              In the course of the work, Fr Cámpoli revealed the details of the film locations, the period of the filming itself, the investments necessary for the movie production, the difficulties that arose along the way, but also the joys experienced during the filming. "Along the way, there was always a common thread: the passion of the Salesians for young people, to announce the Gospel to them, to encourage them to do good, to walk with them so that they discover Jesus ... Here all the media play a fundamental role."

              Cinema is undoubtedly a means of responding to current pastoral challenges, which is why Fr Cámpoli intends to continue to work in the sector: one of his future projects is to tell the life of Blessed Laura Vicuña.

              {gallery}ECU - Incontro su film su Zatti 2020{/gallery}

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                Argentina – Online Music Festival "VALDOCCO en CASA"

                1 month 3 weeks ago

                (ANS - Neuquén) - The Salesian presence in Neuquén, belonging to the Province of Southern Argentina, invites you to participate in the online music festival "Valdocco en Casa". Silvina Irigaray, an artist of Catholic music who's been active for over 30 years, is coordinating this festival together with the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) active at the work and presents its origins and purposes.

                Last year, the Salesian community of Neuquén began holding its first concerts of Catholic music, which had an excellent response from the public.

                In May 2020, the Catholic Music Festival was then held online: an event also supported by Caritas Argentina to motivate fundraising because of the health and social crisis due to Covid-19. It has enjoyed the participation of numerous artists, not only from Argentina, but also from other nations. The festival is visible on YouTube at the following address: 

                Now, with an eye to the month of Don Bosco's birth, this next edition of the festival is being proposed, to be held on August 22, 2020, at 14 local (UTC-3), always in online mode, through YouTube and the Facebook page of Silvina Irigaray.

                The intention is to encourage and foster quality Catholic music, promote community sharing spaces, and create a habit of listening to new talents. Here, too, a fundraiser will be proposed, in this case in support of the Salesian works in the area - in turn very involved in anti-Covid-19 solidarity initiatives and towards all the needy in general.

                "We hope that you will want to join this proposal of an outgoing Church, which Pope Francis offers us, through the wonderful art of Music, as a means to impact the world with the power of the Gospel," say the organizers.

                Catholic musicians who want to present 1 or 2 Salesian Catholic songs, unpublished or not, of their choice, are invited to participate in the festival.

                To register you must fill in the form available on the page: 

                Further information is available on the social networks Instagram - @bienaventuradosconcert - and YouTube.

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