Salesian Schools in the United States (USA West)

The Salesian school originated in the Valdocco Oratory in response to the needs of the young people of that time and became part of an overall plan for the education and evangelization of youth, especially those most in need.

The school field has developed greatly in the Congregation in response to the needs of the young people themselves, of society and of the church, until it has become a movement of well-qualified educators on the educational front.

We consider the school as the preferred cultural medium of education in which one can give a systematic response to the needs of those growing up; as a determining institution in the formation of personality, because it transmits a view of the world, of humankind and of history; and as one of the most important ways of fostering human development and the prevention of marginalization.

We recognize the fundamental value of the school as a setting where the Gospel throws light on culture and provides an effective integration of the educational process and the process of evangelization. This integration makes it an important educative alternative in today’s pluralistic society.

We involve ourselves in education and evangelize through the school, bringing the pedagogical patrimony handed on by Don Bosco and developed by subsequent tradition.

In this task, the current social, political and cultural situation, the new directives regarding scholastic reform in different countries and the current situation within the schools themselves, with the interaction of many and sometimes opposing legal, financial, working and didactic aspects, present new complex difficulties and challenges to which we try to respond with a higher quality of educational, professional and specific expertise, faithful to our charismatic identity.