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SYLC: What to Bring

Bring Alongs for Individual Use

(Take the Minimum; Pack Lightly)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to bring along a copy of your family health insurance card.

NOTE: Laundry facility is not available for group use.  Please bring enough clothes for the week.

Sleeping Bag (or blanket and sheets)


Pillow (1)

Hat, Cap or Sun Visor (1)

Towel/Washcloth (1-2)

Athletic/Tennis Shoes (1 pair)

Jeans or Casual Pants (2-3)


Shorts (2)

Toothbrush / Toothpaste

Swimsuit (1)

Comb/Hair Brush

Beach Towel

Soap / shampoo / toiletry items

T-Shirts (3-4)

Personal Needs (soap, deodorant, etc.)

Short-Sleeve Shirts (3-4)

Sun Screen

Long-Sleeve /Sweatshirts (1-2)

Sun Glasses

Light-Weight Jacket/Sweater (1)

Prescription Medication only*

Socks (6)

Journal, Writing Materials

Underwear (6)


*Any necessary prescriptions are to be given to the Camp Nurse who will administer them.


Bring Alongs for Community

(Take the Minimum; Distribute Evenly)

Basic First Aid Kit


Insect Repellent

Hair Dryer / Curling Iron


Favorite Board Games (1-2)

Basketball, Soccer Ball, Frisbee, etc.


Musical Instruments & Music

Leave Behinds: Individual & Community

(Please Leave at Home)

Expensive Equipment – Laptops, Tablets, Speakers

Expensive Clothing and Jewelries