Canonization of Blessed Artemides Zatti


A letter from the Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, SDB

“I believed, I promised, I recovered!”
Artemides Zatti: Gospel of vocation and a Church that cares


The mosaic of our saints and blesseds, though rich enough in the categories represented –  Founder, Co-founder, Rector Majors, missionaries, martyrs, priests and young people, still lacked the figure of a coadjutor brother. Now, even this gap is being filled.[1]


The above is how Juan Edmundo Vecchi, eighth Successor of Don Bosco, began his letter for the occasion of the Beatification of Artemides Zatti.

If the “mosaic of our saints” was missing a tile, today this mosaic has a very special glow to it because, in a few weeks, we will experience a great gift from the Lord: to see one of Don Bosco’s sons, a Salesian coadjutor brother, Italian emigrant to Argentina and nurse, canonised by Pope Francis on 9 October 2022.

This mean that Artemides Zatti will be the first Salesian saint not a martyr to be canonised. Undoubtedly, the canonisation of the first Salesian saint and Salesian coadjutor brother offers and will continue to offer a note of completeness to the range of models of Salesian spirituality which the Church officially declares as such.

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