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Slovenia - A 35-year-old Salesian dies in a road accident

1 month 3 weeks ago
Slovenia - A 35-year-old Salesian dies in a road accident

(ANS - Ljubljana) - The Salesian Province of Slovenia has announced that at dawn on 28 August the Salesian priest Matild Domić died in a tragic road accident just before the Hungarian-Slovenian border crossing.

Fr Domić was born in Ljubljana on July 13, 1985, of Croatian parents. He entered the novitiate in Pinerolo in 2008, made his perpetual vows in Ljubljana on 13 September 2015 and was ordained a priest in Ig on 29 July 2017.

Fr Domić was in charge of the Sevnica oratory, and would have continued his priestly service in Muslja, Vojvodina, Serbia where a Slovenian Salesian community operates in a Hungarian-speaking environment. Fr Domić had studied the language with the Hungarian Salesians.

The accident occurred while returning from Hungary after completing a cycling feat covering over 200 km around Lake Balaton.


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    Papua New Guinea - Waste management project led by Don Bosco Technical Institute

    1 month 3 weeks ago
    Papua New Guinea - Waste management project led by Don Bosco Technical Institute

    (ANS - Port Moresby) - There are many reasons why the Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI), in Port Moresby, has decided to launch an integrated waste management plan. The first derives from the call of Pope Francis who established, in 2020, a Special Year dedicated to the Encyclical Laudato sì. The second comes from this year's Strenna, which has as its theme "Good Christians and Upright Citizens". The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, in fact, underlined the importance of concrete initiatives for the care of the environment.

    The DBTI responded by initiating this waste management project. First of all, trash cans were purchased to proceed with separate collection. Weekly, staff members and some community residents take care of sorting the waste into the appropriate bins. The Institute is then thinking about how to solve the problem of the incinerator, into which cardboard and plastic materials are usually thrown. The smoke produced can disturb the community, as well as have a costly environmental impact. The ashes are thus being disposed of appropriately.

    In addition, this year three large compost pits were built at the back of the school, two in the Salesian residence and two more in the staff houses. However, this needs constant monitoring.

    The goal, as explained by the DBTI, is to be "Zero Waste." The focus is therefore on the conservation of resources, responsible production and, above all, the reuse of waste materials. The aim is to avoid incinerating waste or dumping it on land or in the water. Dumping waste into the environment is a serious threat to human health.

    To ensure proper waste management, the DBTI has organized a team, made up of volunteers: 8 staff members and 6 students. Each of them studies and works in different areas of expertise, ranging from school cleaning to collecting plastic, paper and glass. Meanwhile, efforts to recycle different types of waste are intensifying. A recycling shed has also been set up near the three compost pits. All of these waste management initiatives also took place during the blockade imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    At the moment, much of the effort in waste management is exercised by students and staff, but the hope is to involve increasingly more people. What is certain is that young people continue to be the real protagonists of concrete initiatives and actions for the care and conservation of the environment.

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      Brazil - Two innovative projects of "UniSALESIANO" Salesian University

      1 month 3 weeks ago

      (ANS - Araçatuba) - In recent days, the "UniSALESIANO" Salesian University took center stage with two important innovations. The first concerns Hepatitis C tests in the adult population, while the second concerns the former municipal emergency room, which will be transformed into a specialized clinic, thanks to the contribution of "UniSALESIANO".

      Between 24 and 26 August, students and teachers of the Biomedicine course carried out tests to find Hepatitis C in adults. Identifying the disease is not easy, as it only presents symptoms in an advanced stage. Thus, at the headquarters of the Rotary Club of Araçatuba - which devised the campaign against Hepatitis C - 400 kits were distributed to proceed with the tests. The coordinator of the Biomedicine course, Professor Rossana Abud Cabrera Rosa, stressed the project's importance, inviting the population to participate.

      “This is an annual campaign, sponsored by the Rotary Club, to eradicate hepatitis C around the world,” said the professor. The teacher, along with three other colleagues and trainees, supervised by the Academic League of Clinical and Community Immunology are administering the tests.

      “This type of action is very important for our academics,” continued prof. Rossana Abud, “because they learn to do the test, to read the result and to be in contact with the public. In this case, they also learned the operational procedures for the prevention of Covid-19,” she concluded.

      Still in the medical field, UniSALESIANO's contribution should also be noted in the transformation of the old municipal emergency room into a specialized clinic. The building will be revitalized, thanks to the collaboration with the prefecture of Araçatuba. The project was announced on August 24th.

      Fr Luigi Favero, SDB, Rector of UniSALESIANO, explained that the work will be carried out in several steps. It will start with the reception and physiotherapy sector, and then continue with the other sectors of outpatient specializations. The new practice will house specialists in cardiology, dermatology, physiotherapy and much more.

      Fr Favero underlines how much the University is committed to safeguarding public health. “The students, as early as the first week of the course, go to health facilities,” he explained, “so they gain experience and at the same time help. We want to give an answer in the field of training for health workers, technology and infrastructure. So it was urgent to renovate this hospital.”

      The project has already been welcomed by the mayor of Araçatuba, Dilador Borges, by his secretary and by the councilors for Health. The first part will be made active in a couple of months and the aim is to inaugurate the entire clinic by February 2021. “The most important thing we have is life,” concluded the Rector, “and the second is our health.”

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        RMG - International Commission for Salesian Social Communication established

        1 month 3 weeks ago
        RMG - International Commission for Salesian Social Communication established

        (ANS - Rome) - During an online meeting held yesterday, 26 August, and organized by the General Councilor for Social Communications, Fr Gildasio Dos Santos Mendes, the Salesian International Commission for Social Communication was established. The meeting was attended by the Coordinators of the Delegates for Social Communication of the various Regions, namely: Zaida Elisa Navarrete (America), Fr Pierluigi Lanotte (Mediterranean Europe), Fr James Gardner (Central-Northern Europe), Fr Ernest Rosario (South Asia), Fr Lijo Vadakkan (Africa-Madagascar) and Fr Peter P Chinh (East Asia-Oceania).

        During the meeting, each delegate presented his/her region of origin and advanced and shared his/her proposals for the future with the other participants.

        At the General Councilor's suggestion, the recently established commission will be coordinated, in subsequent meetings, by Fr Ernest Rosario and will meet approximately once a year in Rome. Here, in fact, the commission will have the opportunity to meet in person, to discuss and deepen various topics, but also to meet with the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime.

        "I would like to call this group 'International Salesian Communication Committee'," explained Fr Gildasio Dos Santos Mendes. "And it will be important to hold these meetings annually, because it is essential to discuss, review and be clear what our common ideas are," continued the Director.

        Fr Gildasio then asked all the participants to encourage the delegates to work in what will be the instrumentum laboris of social communication. "The thing we want is involvement," said the Councilor. "It would be sad to write a document by oneself; we must work together. This is truly fundamental."

        The commission was also asked to take into account the Rector Major's program for the next six-year term. Indeed, it is important to be clear on the guidelines and suggestions provided by the Rector Major, to include them in next year's communication plan. "I'll give you an example," continues the Councilor for Social Communications, "the Rector Major has included the theme of ecology among the priorities in the program and it will be a theme that we too must keep in mind."

        The meeting ended in a cheerful atmosphere, with the delegates who greeted each other fraternally and renewed their commitment to meet and continue working together in the coming years.

        The role of the commission's members will be to animate and give continuity to the guidelines of the Department in each Region.

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          Italy - First post-Covid summer campus for blind children at Don Bosco Institute in Florence

          1 month 3 weeks ago
          Italy - First post-Covid summer campus for blind children at Don Bosco Institute in Florence

          (ANS - Florence) - The summer campus 'Il filo di Arianna' is underway at the Don Bosco Institute of the Salesians in Florence. Itis organized by the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Tuscany with the contribution of the "Fondazione CR Firenze  (Red Cross)" and the Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation, Irifor. Eleven young people will participate until next Sunday: nine are visually impaired and two are blind. They come mostly from Florence, but also from Pistoia, Siena, Massa and Carrara. The Blind Union was able to carry out this social inclusion project for the fourth consecutive year thanks to the CR Firenze Foundation 'Summer together'.

          There are eleven operators, hence one for each young person, in this experience of being together, naturally in full compliance with anti-Covid-19 legislation. As soon as they arrived, each of them was given a backpack with twenty masks and sanitizing gel inside. In past years, the children had enjoyed sharing various private spaces, but now it was not possible, even if the moments to be together are many. In fact, numerous orientation activities are scheduled, computer science, personal autonomy and theater workshops, cinema, and then excursions to the adventure park in Pratolino and the Acqua Village in Cecina.

          “This is an important moment of interaction with peers before school resumes,” says the project coordinator, Elena Ferroni. “These kids suffered during the lockdown period, more than others, because for them the relationship with the teacher is very important. They all have a great desire to go back to class with friends and are now delighted to live a week dedicated to the group and learning.”

          “Whoever has problems of sight,” says the president of Uic Toscana, Antonio Quatraro, “is unfortunately used to 'doing without'. Covid-19, unfortunately, affects each of us and in a certain sense calls everyone to order. This, paradoxically, could 'open the eyes' of even those who do not want to see. We are happy to have managed to offer such a beautiful opportunity to these young people, who are giving their utmost to give their best in every activity, even in this difficult year.”

          “We believe it's very important,” says the Director of the CR Firenze Foundation Gabriele Gori, “to support an initiative like this, and we designed and launched the 'Summer Together' call precisely to encourage these forms of aggregation and socialization. The Foundation cares very much for those living in a condition of disability and is always available whenever collaboration is requested to implement programs that aim to make them feel fully integrated into the community.”

          Source: Toscana Oggi

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            Colombia - Vocation Week of "St Peter Claver" Province

            1 month 3 weeks ago

            (ANS - Bogotà) - From 9 to 16 August, the Provincial Vocations Promotion Service, coordinated by Fr Édgar Hernán Macías, SDB, with the collaboration of theology students, held the Vocations Week of the "St. Peter Claver" Province of Colombia-Bogotà, under the theme: “Fire in the heart, Salesians by vocation.”

            This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, programming has been adapted to the virtual online world, which is the new way to enter digital courtyards, targeting both young people - already present on online platforms - and older people, who are launching into these new scenarios, to share the Gospel and the Salesian charism. The objective of this proposal was to promote a Salesian vocational experience that would allow all the members of the Pastoral Educational Community to accept life as a vocation and to be bearers of the light of Jesus in the territory we live in.

            The week began and ended with the Eucharist presided over by Fr John Jairo Gómez Rúa, Provincial of the Salesian Colombia-Bogotá Province (COB). The week's program included two interventions: “The discernment of Jesus”, animated by Fr Hernán Cardona, and “Vocational discernment in Don Bosco”, animated in turn by Fr Rubén Darío Jaramillo. Also, during the meetings, three competitions were developed for children, young people, teachers and collaborators and, again, a talk show for young people, a meeting with families and various celebratory moments such as the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration. Finally, two radio programs were also conducted.

            All these activities were very well received, also thanks to the participation of the various members of the Salesian Youth Movement and the Salesian Family. All participants were able to connect directly through the Google Meet platform, or followed the live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram.

            During this Vocational Week, there was no lack of prayers for the abundance of vocations both within the Province and in the Salesian Congregation in general.

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