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Italy – “Don Bosco House Museum” turns one year old

1 month 3 weeks ago
Italy – “Don Bosco House Museum” turns one year old

(ANS - Turin) – “Our Congregation of the Salesians of Don Bosco has the joy and responsibility of delivering, for the good of the whole Salesian Family in the world and for the pilgrims and tourists of the City of Turin, this new museum setting, completely renovated, but retaining its originality, to present Don Bosco's educational and spiritual adventure.” These were the words of the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, at the inauguration of the "Don Bosco House Museum" one year ago, during the Press Conference at the inaugural ceremony before cutting the ribbon and officially opening to the public, on 4 October 2020.

In one year of life, the Don Bosco House Museum, located in the Salesian cradle of Valdocco, has not only presented the life of Don Bosco to the many pilgrims and visitors; but has also hosted temporary exhibitions, carried out recreational and educational activities, participated in projects to communicate through art and its service as a museum, the voices of the women and men who have been protagonists. It has become part of the Piemonte Valley of Aosta Museums Subscription circuit. Even today, many initiatives continue here to represent the current cultural, as Don Bosco did. Through the exhibition which opened last January, to mark the centenary of Fr Paul Albera the 2nd successor of Don Bosco, it has reinforced its Salesian nature. The exhibition is still ongoing.

Inaugurated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Don Bosco House Museum immediately knew how to adapt to the needs of the time: in fact, when the restrictive measures imposed by the Italian authorities required the closure of the museum to the public, it remained open “online”, offering to the visitors from around the globe a digital presentation of its over 4,000 square meters of exhibition halls across  the three floors.

Just recently, on 8 September, the setting of the Don Bosco House Museum was completed with the opening of the last two rooms dedicated to the Saints, Blessed, Venerable and Servants of God of the Salesian Family. A privileged space was dedicated to Saint Maria Domenica Mazzarello, the co-founder of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, with whom Don Bosco understood that he could carry on his great dream for girls. There are also over 30 display cases containing relics and objects, collected with the contribution of the Salesian Family from all over the world, which belonged to the various saintly personalities who interpreted Don Bosco's charism through their lives. They range from the martyrs of the 1900s - like the five young Polish oratorians from Poznan, Poland; or the blessed José Calasanz, Enrico Saíz Aparicio and their 93 companions, who were killed during the Spanish civil war; or Fr Rodolfo Lunkenbein and Simão Bororo, who paid with their lives for their work of evangelization and social promotion among the indigenous people of Brazil - up to the most recent witnesses, whose journey towards the altars has just begun, like the missionary in Latin America Fr Luigi Bolla, or the priest who always reaches out -Fr Silvio Galli.

The Don Bosco House Museum, which can be visited for free, thus wants to continue to be a space for reflection and exhibition, which collects the desires and sensibilities of all those who seek the deepest meaning of existence.

For further information: 

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    Austria – Fundamental Rights Forum 2021: Don Bosco International co-organizes the session “Partnerning with young people for social inclusion”

    1 month 3 weeks ago
    Austria – Fundamental Rights Forum 2021: Don Bosco International co-organizes the session “Partnerning with young people for social inclusion”

    (ANS – Wien) – On the 11th and the 12th of October, the 2021 edition of the EU Fundamental Rights Forum is taking place in hybrid form. The Fundamental Rights Forum is the centre stage for human rights dialogue in Europe. It will build a vision of hope in a post-pandemic world, shaping and proposing ideas and solutions, in the face of pressing human rights challenges in the European Union and beyond. It will bring together those who strive to foster strong, inclusive and cohesive democratic societies. This includes human rights institutions, defenders and practitioners, as well as a wide range of partners and social actors, with a particular focus on youth and young people.

    In this year’s edition of the Forum, some sessions will take place in physical presence in some European cities, such as Wien (where the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s headquarters are based), while some sessions will take place online. Among the latter, from 5.45pm to 6.30pm on Monday 11th of October an interactive session is co-organized by Don Bosco International together with a partner civil society organization, SOS Children’s Villages International. The joint session is entitled « Partnerning with young people for social inclusion ».

    Both co-organizers believe that we can break the cycle of child poverty and social exclusion through the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child Guarantee only if children and young people are partners, not just recipients, in the design and delivery of national action plans and services. The session therefore shows how public authorities and service providers can develop partnerships with children and young people at local, national and international level. Participants will learn about and exchange on good practices and EU-funded projects from Spain, Italy, Lithuania, with young people from alternative care, precarious family situations and migrant backgrounds.

    Within the Salesians of Don Bosco’s network in Europe, Don Bosco International identified a good practice from the Salesian Social Platforms in Catalunya, Spain. An educator  from the « Plataformas Sant Jordi » of Girona and two among the young people who were agents of this good practice will join one of the session’s panel as speakers, in order to present their experience within the so-called « Neu » project.

    The « NEU » project aims to raise awareness among the communities of reference, especially young people, about the richness of a society that is diverse and plural, carrying out awareness-raising actions in the neighborhood. They seek to work out the prejudices, rumors and stereotypes that may exist due to the existence of different cultural realities.

    It is the young people themselves who decide how they want to do it: some of them they chose photography, others the realization of videos, because they considered it to be the easiest way to show reality. For these young people, the realization of the project has meant a better knowledge of their neighbourhood and its people. They are happy with the result and the acceptance it has received.

    Here one can watch one of the visual outputs of the project.

    You can still go on the Fundamental Rights Forum’s website, search through the programme of the Forum’s first day and register to attend this session.

    Further information:

    Fundamental Rights Forum

    Fundamental Rights Agency

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      Italy – Sr Chiara Cazzuola FMA elected New Mother General of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians

      1 month 3 weeks ago
      Italy – Sr Chiara Cazzuola FMA elected New Mother General of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians

      (ANS - Rome) - The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA) gathered in Rome to participate in the FMA’s 25th General Chapter have elected Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, currently Vicar General, as Mother General of the Institute. Mother Cazzuola succeeds Mother Yvonne Reungoat, who led the Institute since 2008. Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians, present for the occasion, immediately congratulated the new Mother General.

      Sister Chiara was born in Campiglia Marittima, Province of Livorno, Italy, in 1955. She joined the FMA into the then "Santo Spirito" Province in Tuscany. She lived the first years of her formation in Castelgandolfo, not far from Rome, and there, on August 5, 1975, she made her First Profession.

      She graduated in Literature and was a teacher for several years and, subsequently, Principal of secondary schools. For several years, she was the Local and Provincial Delegate for the Salesian Youth Sports Clubs (PGS) and was seasoned pastoral Provincial Coordinator of Youth Ministry. She has been a community animator/leader and then a provincial councilor as well. With the unification of the three Provinces of Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany, she entered the Provincial Council as Councilor for Formation and offered an effective contribution, favoring paths of communion and spirituality, in simplicity, respect for people, and with depth.

      In 2007 she was appointed Provincial of her native Emilia-Ligurian-Tuscany Province "Madonna del Cenacolo", based in La Spezia (ILS). GC 22 (2008) elected her as Visiting Councilor and Sister Cazzuola gave her availability by stating: "In a spirit of abandonment to the will of God and trusting in the help of the Lord, I say ‘yes’."

      Over the next six years she visited several provinces in America and Europe and gained a rich experience of Salesianity and interculturality. To each of her sisters, she gave attention and dedication, optimism with a smile, demonstrating the ability to grasp the seeds of life and hope in each person and in daily events. She reamins a transparent and enthusiastic person about her vocation as an FMA, and has in her heart a great passion for young people. She is known to always express the capacity for frank, serene and collaborative relationships.

      Mother General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, chose her as Moderator for the 23rd General Chapter (2014) and in the same Chapter she was elected Vicar General, thus sharing, up close, the responsibility of its animation and governance with the Superior General. To Mother's question after the vote: “Do you accept?”, Sister Chiara replied with great emotion: “I trust the Lord and I entrust myself to Mary Help of Christians. This is why I say YES!"

      She also serves as moderator in the current General Chapter 24. A warm applause welcomed her official proclamation as Mother General and the 10th Successor of St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello.

      {gallery}RCG - Italia Suor Cazzuola 2021{/gallery}

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        RMG – Intermediate Session of the General Council and Course for New Provincials

        1 month 3 weeks ago
        RMG – Intermediate Session of the General Council and Course for New Provincials

        (ANS - Rome) - The Intermediate Session of the General Council is underway from 3 to 13 October 2021 at the Salesian Headquarters, Rome, which sees the in-person participation of the Rector Major, his Vicar, and the Sector Councilors. Just as it was last spring and to make up for the time lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the course for the New Provincials Provincials is also being held along side-by-side with the participation of seven Provincials from three Continents.

        The seven Provincial Superiors are:

        • Fr Luis Fernando Valencia, Provincial of Colombia-Medellin (COM);
        • Fr Hailemariam Medhin Tesfay, Superior of the Africa-Ethiopia Vice Province (AET);
        • Fr Adolfo de Jesus Sarmento, Superior of the Vice Province of Mozambique (MOZ);
        • Fr Líder Justiniano Flores, Provincial of Bolivia (BOL);
        • Fr Gerard Martin, Provincial of the Northern Philippines (FIN);
        • Fr Ricardo Carlos, Provincial of Brazil-Campo Grande (BCG);
        • Fr Roland Mintsa, Superior of the Vice Province of Tropical Equatorial Africa (ATE).

        The current course is the third edition since the outbreak of the pandemic. In these three meetings - March, June and October 2021 - one can already glimpse a positive trend towards the full resumption of the government and animation activities of the Congregation: in March, in fact, there were six participating Provincials, all from European Provinces; in June, seven participated from the American continent. This time, there are Provincials exclusively from non-European countries.

        This formation course, however, maintains its usual structure, aimed at transmitting the timetable or roadmap of the Congregation and the Action Plan of the current six-year period to the Provincials; to allow Provincials to share with the Congregation’s upper levels their concerns and the challenges they face every day in their work; to deepen the fundamental juridical elements for the exercise of animation and the government of the Provinces; to know the structures and activities of the Sectors of the Congregation, as well as of other central bodies (the Secretariat for the Salesian Family, the Postulation for the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family, the ISS, the institute for Salesian history); and to share a time of spiritual upliftment, a renewal, and to revive the sense of belonging to the one Salesian Mission.

        {gallery}RMG Corso Ispettori{/gallery}

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          RMG – SYM echoes the message of the Pope for the XXXVI WYD

          1 month 3 weeks ago
          RMG – SYM echoes the message of the Pope for the XXXVI WYD

          (ANS – Rome) – On 22 November 2020 Pope Francis called for a relaunch of the celebration of WYD in the particular Churches. He announced that this celebration which has been traditionally held on Palm Sunday, starting in 2021 will be held on the Sunday of the Solemnity of Christ the King.

          On 14 September 2021, in his message for the WYD 2021, he invited all the young people to “ARISE” presenting the reflections on the conversion story of St. Paul. He also appreciated the contribution of young people during the pandemic days of sowing seeds of hope, upholding freedom and justice, and acting as peacemakers and bridge builders. He is convinced that today Christ speaks to the young people the same words that he spoke to Paul: ‘Arise! Do not remain downcast or caught up in yourself: a mission awaits you! You too can testify to what Jesus has begun to accomplish in your lives’.

          Following the message of Pope Francis, the Councillor for Youth Ministry Fr Miguel Angel Garcia Morcuende, along with the coordinator for Salesian Youth Movement Fr Patrick Anthonyraj, invite and encourage all the young people of Salesian Youth Movement of SDB provinces, to celebrate WYD on 21 November 2021. This will be a concrete expression of our devotion to the Pope and our spiritual pilgrimage to the WYD Lisbon 2023. The regional level “SYM-LEADS” are kindly requested to coordinate. We propose the following:

          -      Spreading the message of Pope Francis of WYD 2021 in every means possible. Translate in your local languages and spread it to the young people.

          -      Participating fully in the initiatives of your local diocese.

          -      Gathering young people at the province level and take initiatives that manifest the essential characteristics of World Youth Day, namely: a festival of faith, an experience of Church, a missionary experience, an opportunity for vocational discernment and a call to holiness, an experience of pilgrimage, and an experience of universal fraternity.

          As SYM, let us “Arise and celebrate WYD in the particular Churches!”.

          The message of Pope in different languages.

          Some aids for the celebration.

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            RMG – 70x7 Young Salesians in 18 time zones with Fr Coelho for the new Ratio

            1 month 3 weeks ago
            RMG – 70x7 Young Salesians in 18 time zones with Fr Coelho for the new Ratio

            (ANS - Rome) - On Saturday 2 October, the final online meeting of the "70x7 Young Salesians for the renewal of the Ratio" took place, with some 50 participants from all over the world. Just take a look at the synchronisation of the start of the meeting to realise this: 6:00 Guatemala; 7:00 Mexico City; 9:00 Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Montevideo; 12:00 Accra; 13:00 Dublin, London, Yaoundé; 14: 00 Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Zagreb, Valletta, Kigali, Lubumbashi, Lusaka; 15:00 Nairobi, Antananarivo; 17:30 New Delhi & India, Colombo; Yangon 18:30; Jakarta 19:00; 20:00 Manila, Hong Kong, Taiwan; 21:00 Seoul, Dili; 22:00 Melbourne and finally at 23:59 Fiji Samoa.

            It was an online initiative to involve young salesians in formation that in recent months has produced several quality contributions for the renewal of the Ratio, both through feedback and inputs given through Google Docs at the regional level, and through meetings via Zoom.

            In the last meeting, the dialogue was extended to all the Regions simultaneously, with Fr Coelho as the resource person, sharing on expectations for the common program of action that is to be lived together. Main theme of the meeting was: "My dream on the formation of Salesians in the next 10 years". It was an extremely beautiful and hope-filled moment, where one could feel firsthand (in real digital form!) how much Don Bosco is alive in so many different cultures and contexts. The event was accessible to everyone also thanks to the simultaneous translation service of Anselmo, Gerald, Christopher, and Carl-Enrico.

            We provide below, a few testimonies from just few participants who shared their impressions on Google Docs. Four young Salesians in initial formation, were nominated by the "70x7" of their respective Regions, and these will be part of the core group which will meet in Rome from 16 to 28 November and study together the contributions received in recent months for the new Ratio.

            Miguel Núñez (MEG): “I dream of a formation that responds to the reality of the young and of the society, where the Salesian confreres are authentic men of God, true brothers and servants, ready to give their lives for the young. I dream of Salesians who are able to listen and dialogue reasonably, with the tenderness of a father and an elder brother. I see them as brother prophets, who proclaim Jesus Christ with their lives in a credible way, so that in others the desire to live as true Christians may be born. I dream of confreres who are happy to spend their lives with young people, sharing their time with them and that, in giving Christian witness, they feel truly happy with their Salesian vocation.”

            Giorgio Ramundo (ICP): "My greatest desire for the initial and ongoing formation of the Salesians in the next 10 years is that they are full of love, passion, and professional qualification - for the mission. That the poor, the young people who have nothing become the center of our formation. I look forward to a formation that knows how to answer the question: 'Who are the poor and abandoned young people TODAY?', and also a formation that knows how to arouse and answer the question 'What am I doing here? Who am I here for?' This is of paramount importance more than everything else – the structures, the formative stages, the studies and even community life…  All of these should be reread in this light. A formation that makes the young Salesian understand that he is here to save his soul, as Don Bosco said and wanted, and that the way to do this is to meet, love and be loved, to be 'dug out' by the poorest and most abandoned young people".

            Minsu Moses Jung (KOR): "As the GC28 suggests, I would like us all to be able to accompany the young towards a sustainable future. That is what the young people of this generation ask of us. For this, we must put up ecology in our theme in our initial and ongoing formation curriculum and practice it in our community life as prophets. For young people, we must be capable of giving our best. We are the best when we walk 'together with the laity in mission and formation' (GC 28 - 6th Proposal). This is precisely what Don Bosco did in his Oratory for his young people, and GC 24 has told us that it is 'the only viable model under present conditions' (GC 24, 39)".

            Dickson Eugene (INK): "I dream of Salesians in every stage of formation! – as ones who do not seek positions of power, but for opportunities to serve. Service to those on the peripheries, social or economic. I seek Salesians who have an unstoppable courage, developed through formation, to face these situations creatively. Salesians who, although they may not have the skills and resources of their peers in the world, nevertheless, like Don Bosco run ahead fearlessly in seeking the salvation of souls, and make every effort to learn, adapt and change in order to achieve this aim, without compromising their identity. One must aim at formation communities that are fluid enough to encourage and promote learning, formation and exposure to reality, and structured enough to be able to promote identity and inculturation".

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              Italy – Survey on Salesian Missionary Museums officially launched

              1 month 3 weeks ago
              Italy – Survey on Salesian Missionary Museums officially launched

              (ANS - Castelnuovo Don Bosco) - On 1 October 2021, Fr Alfred Maravilla, General Councilor for the Missions, accompanied by Fr George Menamparampil, of the Missions Sector, met with Fr Gianni Rolandi, Rector of Colle Don Bosco, and Mrs. Letizia Pecetto, Don Bosco Ethnological Missionary Museum’s director. It was an opportunity for fraternal and fruitful exchange, to get to know the Museum better by the General Councilor, and in turn, to share the expectations of the Mission Sector on the Missionary Ethnological Museum. Fr Maravilla officially launched the survey organized by the Missions Sector on the Salesian Missionary Museums during this visit.

              The survey aims to draw a clear picture of the types of existing missionary museums in order to encourage exchanges and possibly develop guidelines to retain their identity and purpose. Fr George Menamparampil will coordinate this research work.

              The Don Bosco Ethnological Missionary Museum has its origins in the Vatican Missionary Exposition of 1925 and in the Exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the Salesian Missions in 1926 in Turin. Pope Pius XI solicited the participation of Religious Institutes towards this cause. The Salesian contribution was much appreciated and the Osservatore Romano of 31 August 1925 published a long article on the contribution of the Salesian missions in America to the Vatican Missionary Exposition.

              The Missionary exhibition set up in Valdocco in 1926 was intended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the First Salesian Missionary Expedition of 1875. After the Turin exhibition closed on 6 October 1926, the objects were kept in a warehouse-museum in Valdocco.

              In 1941 the whole collection was transferred to Colle Don Bosco, so that it was protected from the bombings of the Second World War. In 1988, the year of the Centenary of Don Bosco's death, the exhibition was rearranged in renovated exhibition halls. And in January 2000, on the occasion of the Great Jubilee, the current exhibition was inaugurated, and enriched further in 2016 with new multimedia content.

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                India – Green Venture by Don Bosco Youth Institute

                1 month 3 weeks ago
                India – Green Venture by Don Bosco Youth Institute

                (ANS – Karjat) – The ‘Season of Creation’ has not just been a month-long celebration at Don Bosco Youth Institute at Karjat in the Mumbai Province, rather, it has been a year-long venture taken up by the Salesian Community here.

                Don Bosco Youth Institute, a skill training centre for poor young people from the rural areas of Maharashtra, is situated on a 67-acre property. Most of this property is hilly terrain, which has patches of thorny bushes that often catch fire during the hot summer season. For several years, this vast property was left unused and barren.

                With the covid pandemic spreading its tentacles rapidly across India, not only were the metropolitan cities affected, but the small towns and remote villages were also brought to a virtual standstill. Consequently, all activities also came to a grinding halt at Don Bosco Youth Institute. With no students in the workshops as well as in the hostel, the place had a deserted and dreary look.

                This is when the Salesian community decided on setting up a plantation of fruit trees, spices and medicinal plants, to rejuvenate the land. To raise funds for this project, the Salesians launched a campaign titled: “Care for Creation – I will plant a forest.” They invited donors to sponsor a plant for rupees two thousand, and in return offered them free camping facilities on the premises for two days, along with their families, which they could avail of twice a year, for three years.

                Several benefactors came forward to accept this invitation. Some donated large amounts and dedicated an entire patch of plantation in memory of their loved ones. Thus, the Salesians have created a flower valley, consisting of 33 varieties of flowering plants, and two mini forests, in which, practically all the indigenous trees of the region can be found. The plantation works also provide employment over the past months for a few persons from the tribal villages of the locality.

                This green venture of has presently resulted in the plantation of 7323 trees (1263 fruit trees, 375 spice plants, 4500 bamboo, 800 flowering plants, 385 forest trees). “Planting over seven thousand trees has been a significant achievement and a fulfilling experience for us” says Fr Anthony Santarita. “We want to make our campus into an educational model for ecology, as recommended by the Rector Major in his GC 28 Post-Chapter Reflection” adds Fr Santarita.

                The “Season of Creation” has definitely witnessed a burst of greenery at Don Bosco Institute, Karjat. The work will continue for the next few months, with the Salesians hoping to reach a plantation of 10000 trees.

                {gallery}India - Foresta di Karjat 2021{/gallery}

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