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Australia – “Joy in Learning”. Salesian spirit alive in St John Bosco College

3 weeks 5 days ago
Australia – “Joy in Learning”. Salesian spirit alive in St John Bosco College

(ANS – Perth) – Four years after the blessing and opening of “St John Bosco College” (Principal Mr Kevin Sheehy) in Perth, Western Australia in 2015, one of the youngest Catholic schools in Australia is growing day by day. The first section (Kindergarten to 2nd grade of Primary school) started in March 2015 and now 500 students (KG, Grades 1-6) are busy welcoming the first Grade 7 (High school) in the coming school year. The school’s 11 hectares are a beautiful green space with evidence of new buildings as the school grows.

During the informal visit of Archbishop Tim Costelloe, SDB, accompanied by the EAO Regional Councillor on 4 November, the two visitors were able to experience a genuine Salesian spirit.

The four “houses” of the schools are named after St Francis de Sales (Joy in Loving), St Dominic Savio (Joy in Christ), St Mary Mazarello (Joy in Serving) and St Mary Mc Killop (Joy in Caring - first Australian Saint).

Not only in the Principal’s office, but on the campus you would be surprised by the Salesian and “Bosconian” decorations, photos from the recent visit of Kevin Sheehy to the Don Bosco Holy Places in Turin and surroundings (Italy). Also, the school logo, inspired by the Salesian Archbishop of Perth, reveals the Salesian spirit:

  • The heart at the top left embodies Don Bosco's teaching approach which was based on love.
  • The cross at the top right is the main symbol of the College’s Catholic identity, at the heart of the College's identity.
  • The “book” icon represents the bible but also the concepts of “learning” and “education”.
  • The symbol of the tree is intended to represent “Bosco” whose literal translation means “woods”. The tree also refers to the location of the new College close to the bush at Piara Waters.
  • The white space between the four quadrants also creates a symbolic cross, tying the four elements together.

After greeting the teachers in the staff room and walking around the compound with its new labs and other wonderful, new facilities, the two visitors enjoyed the simple school Assembly with a Don Bosco Song (composed by one of the teachers) and shared their feelings in the family spirit. And the EAO Regional Councillor welcomed SJB College into the world-wide network of almost 5,000 Salesian schools and other educational institutions and challenged the Assembly with the typical Salesian question: “What fills your heart with joy?”

“Our hope is that the desire of the St John Bosco College leadership to enter the wider Don Bosco Salesian schools network will come true soon! In many countries around the EAO region, we find Don Bosco educational institutions that are not started by the SDBs but are inspired by the Salesian preventive system or by the person of St John Bosco. We are glad to share the gift of Don Bosco far and wide!” Fr Klement has said.


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    Bolivia – Attacked in Yapacaní, Salesian "Radio-Televisión Ichilo"

    3 weeks 5 days ago

    (ANS - Yapacaní) - Yesterday, Sunday 10 November, violent groups linked to the government of the outgoing President Evo Morales attacked Radio-Television Ichilo (RTI) owned by the Salesians. It is based in the municipality of Yapacaní, Ichilo Province, Department of Santa Cruz.

    In the early hours of Sunday, after the announcement of the President's resignation, the Salesian radio station was attacked by several assailants: the radio facilities were looted, the equipment destroyed, the offices on the first floor burned.

    In the two-story building, Radio Ichilo had been operating for 38 years, one of the most important radio stations in the region, known for its social commitment and service of and to the peasant population and working-class organizations. Since 1992, the broadcaster has also equipped itself with a television channel, which thus complemented the radio broadcast.

    The radio was founded in 1981 by the Salesian priest Fr Aquilino Libralon, along with six young people from the youth group of the local parish. Although starting with a single signal repeater, the radio did a great deal of pastoral work in the community and was able to foster social promotion and the integration of the great diversity of immigrant peasant families from the other provinces of the country that had been arriving in the area since the 1960s.

    The destruction of the Salesian radio and TV station is a violent response to the choice of the Salesian community and its broadcaster to provide information in the most truthful and objective way possible. It is an attack that goes directly against the indigenous communities of the region.

    For his part, the General Councilor for Social Communication of the Salesians, Fr Filiberto González, commented: "We deeply regret this vandalism which destroyed Salesian Radio Ichilo, in Bolivia. We reject all acts of violence that hinder dialogue and threaten social peace and the right to democracy. We express our solidarity to all the Salesians and the staff of Radio Ichilo and to the network of Salesian radio stations in Bolivia, whose professional ethics are well known, and we remember them as authentic informants of truth and justice in the service of those who have no voice. Thank you for your testimony and your conviction as communicators in the service of peace and democracy."

    {gallery}BOL - Attacco a Radio 2019{/gallery}

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      East Timor – Walking together with hope and discern the way forward

      4 weeks 1 day ago
      East Timor – Walking together with hope and discern the way forward

      (ANS – Dili) – Ten days, 1000 kilometres on the dusty and construction-busy roads, eleven local Salesian communities, two province-level meetings and three Salesian Family-related encounters with many talks, sharing, good nights – this is the account of the 2019 annual animation visit to East Timor run by the East Asia-Oceania Regional Councillor, Fr Václav Klement. Ten days of discerning with the eyes of hope amidst the many external challenges of this young country.

      The landscape of East Timor is slowly transforming with the main highway from Dili to Los Palos coming to completion soon and all around the country new houses are being built, usually thanks to the revenues coming from the young population working overseas. The comparative social stability, despite the fragmentation of political parties, is fostering the steadfast social, economic and cultural progress of the young nation. Meanwhile, the Catholic community will remember the anniversary of St. John Paul II's visit to East Timor on October 30 at the most difficult time of their history (1989).

      During this year, the funeral of Fr Joao de Deus, one of the “pillars of the Salesian family” in Timor, inspired movement by the Alumni. The approaching Centenary of the SDB's arrival in East Timor in 1927, with Saint Callisto Caravario, is also an important inspiration for the whole Salesian family.

      There are still many structural challenges persisting, including the backward developing education system with its lack of budget, unclear curriculum, insufficiently qualified teachers or just a superficial focus on the number of graduates. In spite of these challenges, the Salesians of Don Bosco are doing their best at educating 15,000 young people entrusted to our care in various schools, vocational training centres or boarding houses. Education is the best answer to all the external challenges facing the country, from the eroding of traditional values, materialism to youth attracted by SNS and martial arts groups.

      However, there are many hope-filled signs of the young Viceprovince, including the steadfast vocation flow with another 19 novices heading towards their first profession on 8 December. The twenty prenovices and some 20-25 possible candidates for next year's prenovitiate are indeed a blessing. This great gift of vocations requires closer accompaniment of our candidates and young confreres, less formal but deeper, without 'human respect' and being able to call all the concrete obstacles on their vocation journey by name.

      The most inspiring are the occasions of sharing with young people, our candidates or with the Salesians (community, rectors, provincial council) or with Salesian family members. At this moment of history, the Salesians in East Timor need a lot of hope, wisdom in facing the future. The interest in the open question of GC28 “What kind of Salesians for the young people of East Timor?” echoes the family spirit and involvement of the young in the Salesian mission.

      Source: AustraLasia

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        Argentina – Rector Major: "If Mary Help of Christians is in our hearts, we shall be the Salesian Family desired by Don Bosco"

        4 weeks 1 day ago

        (ANS - Buenos Aires) - "We are gathered to celebrate Mary as a believing woman for young people. The whole Salesian Family knows that we are sons and daughters of Mary Help of Christians. This is why we propose Mary as a model of Christian life." With these words, yesterday, November 7, Fr Alejandro Gómez welcomed the participants of the VIII International Congress of Mary Help of Christians, scheduled until Sunday 10 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

        In an eminently Salesian atmosphere, and therefore rich in familiarity, the 36 countries participating in the event were presented, a record in the number of total registrations.

        The event, which took place in the auditorium of the Salesian Institute "Saint Francis of Sales", saw several distinguished guests, including Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Eusebio Muñoz, Delegate of the Rector Major for the Salesian Family, Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni, World Head of the Association of Mary Help of Christians, the Superior General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, and the Provincials of Southern Argentina, Northern Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay.

        "Why did we choose the motto: 'With Mary, a believing woman, for the youth of today?' Well, we will try to give you an answer during the days of the event," said the congress promoters at the opening.

        Subsequently, the Eucharistic celebration took place, presided by card. Aurelio Poli, archbishop of Buenos Aires, who in the homily said: "I am happy to participate in this event, and the presence of the Rector Major, whom I was able to meet in my mission work." He then invited those present to be aware of the presence of the Good Shepherd: "What characterizes the good shepherd is giving one's life for others"; and then he added: "When I was in the Argentine Pampas, I learned from the Salesians that to evangelize again, the Salesians return to the dream of Don Bosco traveling the world ... And when they want to renew their love for the Virgin, they talk about the dream of the 'nine years'. What a marvel of formation and education you have received from Don Bosco!"

        Immediately after Mass, a group of actors represented the Salesian history and the lives of the saints of the Salesian Family who come together to love God and the Virgin in the service of the young. Later, the Rector Major offered his thoughts for the "good night", saying that Our Lady is always present on the journey of life and evangelization. He then presented two lay people and a Brazilian priest active in a mission in the middle of the forest, who testified that Mary Help of Christians was also venerated there. And he commented: "I have the conviction, that I have often experienced that the Virgin opens the way to be the mother of everyone."

        At the end of the evening, the VIII International Congress of Mary Help of Christians was officially inaugurated, inviting everyone to ask for the grace to continue to grow in love for the Mother: "If Mary Help of Christians is in our hearts, we will be the Salesian Family desired by Don Bosco."

        {gallery}ARS - Apertura VIII Congresso MA 2019{/gallery}

        More photos of the Congress on ANSFlickr

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          Argentina – Inauguration of Salesian Historical Archive of Southern Argentina: "A well-deserved tribute to Salesian missionary work"

          4 weeks 1 day ago

          (ANS - Buenos Aires) - Anyone arriving in Buenos Aires can easily see that the blood flowing in the veins of the Argentines is not purely indigenous, but also Italian. And part of Argentina's history, and especially of Patagonia, was made by the Salesians who arrived with the first intrepid missions sent by Don Bosco. There are now over 100 years of Salesian presence and educational contributions in favor of Argentine children and young people, and there is a whole story and history printed in books, pamphlets, photographs and letters written by Don Bosco himself to and/or about the first Salesians. To preserve and enhance all this heritage, the Salesian Historical Archive of the Province of Southern Argentina (ARS) was inaugurated yesterday, November 7th.

          Fr Alejandro Ángel León, Director of the institute "St Joseph the Worker" of Caleta Olivia, is in charge of this project. "It is really a dream awaited by many Salesians, which allows us to preserve our history and our past. Today it has become reality, thanks to the decision, the interest and the far-sightedness of he who was our Provincial and is today our Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime," he said.

          The creation of the ARS Salesian Historical Archive has to do with the restructuring of the Argentine Provinces in past years, which led to the erection of the one ARS constituency, formed or starting from the previous three, namely Northern Patagonia, Southern Patagonia and La Plata region. "Fundamentally, we have tried to discover the common history that unites all the Salesians of all times, because the missionaries have traveled all the spaces on which the ARS Province today extends. And therefore, starting this archive seemed to us a deserved tribute to the missionary efforts and work of hundreds of Salesians who came from Italy and of all those who spent their lives for this land and its inhabitants."

          "The archive has all the historical and documentary heritage of thousands of documents written by many Salesians and some letters written by Don Bosco in his own hand," said Fr León.

          Thanks to the efforts of Fr León and his collaborators - the professionals Guadalupe Morad, Soledad Urrestarazu, Pamela Alarcón and Juan Napoli - visitors can now see for themselves the glorious past written by thousands of Salesians.

          The inauguration of the archive was also attended by Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major, who gave the first impulse to its creation when he was ARS Provincial. In this way, he was able to personally admire the site where the whole history of Salesian devotion for Argentine youth is now preserved.

          {gallery}ARS - Apertura Archivio ARS 2019{/gallery}

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            India – Assam CM inaugurates 4th Don Bosco College

            4 weeks 1 day ago
            India – Assam CM inaugurates 4th Don Bosco College

            (ANS – Bongaigaon) – Assam Chief Minister, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, inaugurated Don Bosco College Bongaigaon, on Monday, 4 November 2019. This is the fourth “Don Bosco College” in Assam after Azara, Diphu and Golaghat, at Chapaguri in Chirang district. The Chief Minister in his inaugural address congratulated the Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers for providing quality education to the student community, and for nurturing talents and for inculcating discipline in the students. 

            He said, “I am a product of Don Bosco School, Dibrugarh and I know the type of quality that Don Bosco offers to the people all over the world.” 

            He did not hesitate to add, “Don Bosco has set up this college for you and you must promise to do your best.” He also made the students to promise that they will become the best in the region and even in the country.

            The college building was blessed by Bishop Thomas Pulloppillil of Bongaigaon who thanked the Salesians for setting up the college in his region and particularly in his diocese. 

            While praising the Salesians for the great work they are doing in the Northeast and the bishop told the people to take advantage of their services. 

            The Provincial of Guwahati province Fr. Januarius S Sangma, in his address dedicated the college to the people of the region and thanked the Salesian Communities for their generous contribution towards the building up of the college. 

            Other dignitaries present at the event included: Minister for Forest, Soil Conservation etc. Govt. of Assam Smti. Pramila Rani Brahma; Chief, Bodoland Territorial Council, Kokrajar Shri Hagrama Mohilary; Deputy Chief, BTC, Kokrajhar Shri. Kampa Borgoyary; Cabinet Minister, Government of Assam Shri. Chandan Brahma; Vice Chancellor, Bodoland University Kokrajhar; Prof. Laishram Ladu Singh, Priests, Religious, large number of Salesians, Teachers, students and the people of the locality. 

            Principal of the College Fr. (Dr.) Alex Mathew, welcomed dignitaries and the invited guests and presented an overview of Don Bosco works in the world and in the Northeast and Bodoland area in particular. 

            The much acclaimed Band of Don Bosco School Bengtol who took part in the Republic Day function in New Delhi welcomed the Chief Guest and performed at the event. A variety of cultural items added solemnity to the occasion which concluded with a meal for all.

            By Fr CM Paul, SDB

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              RMG - "Casa Don Bosco House" project continues, to rediscover Salesian history and places

              4 weeks 1 day ago

              (ANS - Rome) - "Casa Don Bosco" will be inaugurated in 2020, the new space wanted by the Rector Major in order to appreciate and promote Salesian historical sites. The project of valorization and recovery of these places is told, through videos, by Br Giampietro Pettenon, President of Missioni Don Bosco.

              In this second video, Br Pettenon, SDB, speaks to us before the cellar of the oratory, and then moves into the space that housed the first oratory, built in 1854 by Don Bosco and located on the first floor of Casa Pinardi. The video shows all those places in Don Bosco's everyday life, those in which he worked and carried out activities with his boys.

              Rediscovering these places also rediscovers Salesian history, its origins and its roots. This is clearly of great importance for all Salesians and for the Salesian Family throughout the world.

              The complete video is available in 5 languages ​​on ANSChannel.

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                Vatican – The Cause of Servant of God Ignatius Stuchlý advances

                1 month ago
                Vatican – The Cause of Servant of God Ignatius Stuchlý advances

                (ANS - Vatican City) - On 5 November 2019, during the special Congress of Theological Consultors at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, a positive opinion was given unanimously as regards the reputation of sanctity and the exercise of heroic virtues of the Servant of God Ignazio Stuchlý, Professed Priest of the Society of St. Francis de Sales (1869-1953).

                The Servant of God Fr Ignatius Stuchlý lived in an age marked by important historical, political and social upheavals, but he knew how to adapt to ever new contexts and, in obedience to the Church and to the service of young people, he often assumed government duties. Like when:

                - still a young Salesian, he was sent to Gorizia, where he collaborated with the archbishop and other Salesians in accompanying an authentic vocational flowering at the “Convitto San Luigi”;

                - he moved to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and contributed to the launch of the local Salesian house and to the completion of the shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Rakovnik;

                - called back to Italy, in the mid-1920s, he selected candidates for Salesian religious life for the Czech Republic, implementing a firm and prudent discernment;

                - he transplanted this work to Bohemia and Moravia, in response to the concrete need of the local Church.

                As founder of the nascent Salesian presence in those lands, then as Superior of the Czechoslovak Province (1935) and later of the Czech Province alone, between 1925 and 1948, Fr Stuchlý accompanied at least 200 new Salesian vocations just in Bohemia and Moravia; he was founder of houses; ferried Salesian works through the drama of the Second World War ...

                To the Czech confreres, the Servant of God succeeded in transmitting not only the structures, but the lively spirit of the Salesian tradition he had breathed in Piedmont, having also enjoyed a particular familiarity with Blessed Michael Rua and other Salesian saints.

                Under the rule of Nazism and then of communism, and until his last years of life, spent in the confinement of a house for the elderly in which he was spied and controlled, Fr Stuchlý continued to attest to this integral fidelity to the Church and to the Congregation, testifying how no condition of suffering and injustice can distance us from the fullness of self-giving to Christ.

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                  Bolivia – Social outbreaks also affect Salesian works

                  1 month ago
                  Bolivia – Social outbreaks also affect Salesian works

                  (ANS - La Paz) – The social protests in Bolivia are increasing, heightening in intensity. It all started after the disputed October 20 elections, which eventually established the incumbent President, Evo Morales, as the winner. But the opposition rejected the result, denouncing the elections as manipulated, thus allowing the President to achieve his fourth consecutive term. Yesterday, November 6, social tensions also directly affected a Salesian institute, where the police fired tear gas.

                  The protests started again in the country's main cities and the Archdiocese of La Paz took the side of the people affected by the violence; on its Facebook page, it shared some photos, stating: “Before the tense situation in the city center, (we) launch a call for (special) attention from educational institutions, especially regarding the use of chemical agents. This afternoon this happened in the Don Bosco Educational Unit 'El Prado'; we don't want violence, we are grieved to show these images that affect our children, where they normally follow the lessons. We pray for peace in Bolivia.” At the same time, the archdiocese is defending itself against accusations by the government of its promoting protests.

                  The reference of the message of the Archdiocese of La Paz is precisely the Salesian Institute "Don Bosco El Prado", which suffered the violence of the protests directly and that yesterday, Wednesday 6 November, had to close the doors, after the police detonated 5 tear gas grenades inside the school, putting the safety of everyone, the approximately 1,000 students, teachers and administrative staff, at risk

                  The students, who were doing their ordinary scholastic activities, experienced moments of anxiety and confusion caused by the tear gas. Hours later, the Red Cross and the Fire Brigade arrived to intervene against what looked like a possible fire inside the educational institution.

                  “It is something incredible, unbelievable ... Anything could have happened due to the chaos that then arose, in addition to the damage caused by the gases. Who are the security forces giving security to?” - said the Director of the Institute, Fr José Iriarte.

                  The situation in Bolivia is not very different from the wave of protests that are affecting various Latin American countries where the Salesian presence is very significant. The Salesians, in addition to always being close to the people who are suffering, are seeking to promote paths of dialogue and peaceful mobilization.

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                    Portugal – 125 years since arrival of first Salesians

                    1 month ago
                    Portugal – 125 years since arrival of first Salesians

                    (ANS - Lisbon) – 125 years ago, on 8 November, 1894, the first Salesians arrived in Portugal to take over the management of the “St. Caetano” College in Braga. The institute, founded in 1791 by Msgr. Caetano Brandão, welcomed and educated children and young people, mostly orphans and abandoned children. It was free of charge, and also admitted a small number of internists. With the arrival of a small group of Salesians, the Salesian presence in the country was thus inaugurated. The missionaries were three and young: Fr Pietro Cogliolo, 28 years old; Fr Angelo Bergamini, of 30; and cleric Giuseppe Galli, just 17 years old.


                    The reception of the first Salesians in Portugal was narrated by Fr Michele Rua, First Successor of Don Bosco in the government of the Congregation, through a letter from the Director, Fr Cogliolo, dated 12 November 1894: "All the students of the excellent Dr. Padre Francisco da Cruz, who until then had directed the College, were waiting for us at the station. Other representatives of the clergy and lay people were also present, as well as many people curious to see the Salesians whom they had long been waiting for and of whom the country's newspapers had often spoken."

                    And then he adds: "The College building was illuminated and the small instrumental band of students was waiting for us at the entrance. Everyone's face was full of joy." Then, in the chapel of the College, Fr Cogliolo thanked everyone with great emotion. "So I said briefly who the Salesians were and I referred to Don Bosco and his work, finally adding that, more than as superiors, we came as friends."

                    Years later, in March 1899, the College was visited by Fr Rua himself. The trip also included a visit to Porto, at the “St José” Laboratories in Lisbon (which the Salesians took over in November 1896) and the novitiate of Quinta do Pinheiro.

                    The history of the presence of the Salesians in the city of Braga and in the “St Caetano” is well described in the work of Fr Amador Anjos, SDB, Os Salesianos no Colégio de San Caetano de Braga 1894-1911 (Porto: Edições Salesianas, 2006).

                    The Salesians left the direction of the College of Braga in January 1911, after the establishment of the Republic in Portugal. Despite the short time in which the Salesians directed it, many were the students who followed the religious vocation, both in the diocesan clergy and in the Salesian Congregation.

                    Today the Portuguese Province of the Salesian Society is composed of 10 presences and the Provincial See. There are 93 Salesians, 61 of whom are priests, 2 deacons, 12 clerics and 18 coadjutors. They have six schools in the country on the continent, one on the island of Madeira and one in Cape Verde, on the island of Saint Vincent, attended by a total of over 9,300 students. About 9,000 children, young people and adults participate in other educational and pastoral activities, which take place in almost all presences. Hundreds of children and young people and their families also enjoy the support of Salesian Social Services.

                    {gallery}POR - 125 anni Presenza SDB - 2019{/gallery}

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                      South Korea – Window on the Salesian world: NANUM, the Korea Mission Office

                      1 month ago
                      South Korea – Window on the Salesian world: NANUM, the Korea Mission Office

                      (ANS – Seoul) – For the past 6 years, we have witnessed the steadfast growth of the youngest Salesian Mission Office in the EAO region. Under the leadership of Fr Michael Chang, Fr Peter Kim, Fr Isidore Hong, Fr Raphael Lee and now with Br Mark Choi, this “Province window on the world” is growing in quality with two lay mission partners (Ms. Kim Da-Eun, Kim Young-Eun) some 5,000 donors and many other collaborators, mission assistance is reaching many parts of the world.

                      Among the countries of the 2019 support plan, we find South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Peru and East Timor. It began with simple support focused on the Korean SDB missionaries, but now NANUM is also open to other destinations.

                      The international missionary volunteer action is also among the main activities. Every year some (young and not-so-young) missionary volunteers are sent to Mongolia, Malawi or other countries.

                      Aside from mission project fundraising, “NANUM” ('Sharing', in Korean) Seoul Mission Office is involved in missionary animation, works closely with the Provincial Delegate for MA (Fr Michael Chang), and promotes knowledge of the missions on social media (

                      The Mission Office is looking forward to better online connectivity with benefactors, also facilitating online donations. The Statutes of the NANUM mission office have been approved by the Provincial Council in October.

                      The Mission Office is working closely with the “Fr John Lee Memorial Foundation” ( that was started some 10 years ago (preparing the 10th anniversary of Fr John Lee death, i.e 2020, January 10) to help the South Sudan mission. Now it is also open to Salesian Mission assistance beyond this “original destination”.

                      NANUM mission office Facebook/ Instagram ID: Salesiomission

                      For the Korean benefactors, there is also a vibrant KAKAO group (Korean mainstream social network)

                      Source: AustraLasia

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                        Italy – VDB 100 years from first professions: Memory and Prophecy

                        1 month ago
                        Italy – VDB 100 years from first professions: Memory and Prophecy

                        (ANS - Rome) - On October 26th, exactly 100 years have passed since seven young women made their professions as lay, consecrated and Salesian women, thus laying the foundations for what would later become the Secular Institute of Pontifical Law of Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB). On the occasion of this significant anniversary, the head of the Institute sent a letter to all the volunteers, which we publish below.

                        It is beautiful to remember these moments to renew our vocation and to commit ourselves to be prophets in today's world. Thanks to the courage of these first (sisters), it was possible for us (our institute) to be born, and thanks to their fidelity we are today an Institute at the service of the Church and of the world.


                        26 October 1919: The First Professions of our sisters, at that time "Zealots of the Society of Saint Francis of Sales" according to reports from Luigina Carpanera, in her Notebook, page 79-87. I like to return in heartfelt fashion to those moments celebration, to feel the atmosphere that was experienced and to look with a grateful heart at what the Holy Spirit has done for us over these hundred years.

                        The place chosen: the “Chapel in the Rooms of Venerable Don Bosco” which, according Cardinal Cagliero ..., is a “very special sign of predestination”.

                        The powerful message of his words: “Today begins your new life” ... “consecrate all for the salvation of souls...”.

                        The celebrants: two significant priests of our Salesian history: Cardinal Giovanni Cagliero and Father Filippo Rinaldi.

                        The Salesian Family: represented by the FMA who accompanied the first steps of the group.

                        The Feelings: For a good two times, at the beginning and at the end of the report, Luigina Carpanera describes the celebration as “moving”.


                        Even though a 100 years have passed, each of us sees herself again on that Sunday 26 October.

                        Let's take a little time there where we find ourselves and for a while let us remain in silence to recall how each one's vocation was born:

                        - my first YES;

                        - the place where I professed for the first time;

                        - all the people who have accompanied my consecrated life;

                        - the path I have travelled;

                        - the steps I wish to take, with trust in God, to accomplish His will.

                        For us too, as for the first sisters, that was the beginning of a new life, all for Christ to bring the Church to the world and the world to the heart of the Church.

                        “Our chaste, poor and obedient love, which is opposed to hedonism and the cult of the body, to profit and materialism, individualism and the culture of exclusion, thus becomes announcement, testimony, mission, sign of a love that is free and liberating.” (AG8, p. 6).

                        This is my wish for each of us.

                        United in daily prayer for our holiness, with love in Jesus!


                        Dagmar K, VDB President General

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                          Mexico - "Brigade of Joy": perfect excuse for Salesian-style play and fun in Ciudad Juárez

                          1 month ago

                          (ANS - Ciudad Juárez) - A decade ago, Ciudad Juárez experienced such a wave of violence that at night there was a latent but effective curfew. No one walked down the street and the parks had ceased to be meeting places for the neighborhood's youth and had, instead, become market squares and places of criminal organizations and gangs. The extortion of merchants made everyone fear for their lives and everywhere and at any time someone might settle their accounts with a weapon and maybe sow even more fear with useless murders and of innocent people.

                          The Salesians undertook to restore the joy that was lacking in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods and also to restore the childhood that the new generations of Ciudad Juárez were losing. They did it with what Don Bosco did best: outdoor games. This is how in 2012, within the Salesian oratories of the city, the "Brigada de la Alegría" (Brigade of Joy) was born, which in the early years also received State aid to move to some twenty areas of the city, as if it were a traveling circus.

                          A representative van, t-shirts, flags and drums are the calling card of a group of Salesians and volunteers, who arrive in a park at sunset and bring joy with music and songs that attract the attention of children, to attract them and encourage them to participate in fun choreographies and games. Slowly, gradually, about a hundred children come to join this Brigade of Joy that, after two hours of music and games, concludes with a 'thought' applicable to everyday life and a snack for the participants, who are invited to attend the nearest oratory or participate in the next visit to their area.

                          In recent years, the Brigada de la Alegría has also visited the minors of one of the two juvenile prisons of Ciudad Juárez twice a week, a prison for boys between the ages of 14 and 18 who have committed crimes of blood, violence or kidnapping. As in the time of Don Bosco, the volunteers and Salesians animate games and dynamics so that when the children leave the juvenile prison they can start a new life away from the gangs and even resume their studies.

                          Brigade members have even spent Christmas with them, sleeping in their modules, and they intend to repeat this experience again this year.

                          Alberto López Herrero

                          Source: Misiones Salesianas

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                            Argentina – A statue in honor of Brother Randisi, SDB, "Salesian Teacher"

                            1 month ago

                            (ANS - Puerto Deseado) - Education is made up of many small gestures that, even if they sometimes go unnoticed, leave traces over time, like cast seeds that bloom over the years. This explains the thrilling tribute that the town community of Puerto Deseado, a small Argentine municipality in the province of Santa Cruz, gave to Salesian brother Andrés Randisi, who had been a missionary in Angola for thirty years, but that in the 1970s had committed himself to educating the children of Puerto Deseado, thus marking, positively, a generation.

                            Br. Randisi returned to his homeland in the middle of last month, at the invitation of the Mayor of Puerto Deseado, Gustavo González, precisely because of the homage the citizens wanted to give him: a metal statue by the blacksmith and craftsman Aldo Soto.

                            On the morning of October 15, therefore, the Municipality of Puerto Deseado nominated Andrés Randisi, SDB, as "Guest of Honor", and then proceeded to the public act of unveiling the statue. "Andres Randisi, Salesian Maestro - Let us sow hope" is written on the plaque at the base of the sculpture, which was placed at the Piazza Ezequiel Ramos Meíja and which, on the following day, was declared "of cultural interest", or a heritage site, by the Municipal Council.

                            During the ceremony, various local authorities and artists intervened, including "La Banda de Juan", the musical band founded by the Salesian at the time when he taught in Puerto Deseado. "I accept this tribute as the will of God and I want to thank the citizens of today and those who were boys at the time and who today are men, who greeted me with their children and grandchildren ... I try to live emotions with serenity, but I thank God and you ... I can do nothing but give thanks," said the missionary.

                            Other activities also marked the subsequent days of stay of Br. Randisi in Argentina: a large music and dance festival was organized in his honor; he gave several interviews to spread the Salesian charism and to thank the citizens; he visited the students of the Salesian Institutes "Saint Joseph" and "Mary Help of Christians" to offer them a missionary witness; and he brought greetings to a retirement home for the elderly ...

                            "There is only one tool that we Salesians use with young people, all over the world: it is to accompany them ... That means talking heart to heart with the boys, to correct them and help them grow." This was the gift that Br. Randisi, a Salesian teacher, finally left in Puerto Deseado.

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                              Italy – "Casa Valdocco" and "Pizzorotorio": Salesians even more committed to needy youth of Torre Annunziata

                              1 month ago

                              (ANS - Torre Annunziata) - Accompanying the youngest at risk by giving them attention, time for study and recreation; and then teaching them a trade to save these local youths from the underworld and give them a stable future. This is the meaning of the two new initiatives that are being launched today, Monday 4 November, by the Salesians of Torre Annunziata: the multi-purpose day center "Casa Valdocco", and the vocational training workshop for apprentice pizza-makers in "Pizzoratorio".

                              "Casa Valdocco" is a day care center accredited by Area N30 of Torre Annunziata, which can accommodate 30 children between 6 and 18 years of age. Minors will be followed by specialized educators and operators throughout the day until the evening when the children return home. The typical day begins with sharing meals, then time for study organized in a diversified manner according to various levels; workshops and sports, psychological support and family mediation then follow.

                              "With the 'Mani in Pasta' pizza-maker workshop, (hands in the dough) we want to teach a trade to all those children welcomed in our family homes or in the oratory who have had less from life," said Fr Antonio Carbone, the Salesian responsible for the project. An opportunity that will be addressed first to the thirty or so young people aged 14 to 21 who are already guests of the two communities 'Mamma Matilde' and 'Peppino Brancati'; over time, the program will expand to those boys who attend the oratory on a daily basis seeking formative opportunities. The students of the course, followed by a professional trainer, will obtain a qualification certificate recognized by the Campania region on graduating.

                              The workshop itself consists of 60 square meters set up in the Salesian oratory with a modern oven in the center. “We are in a territory where there are so many difficulties and the prospects for work and commitment are also difficult. Every day our goal is to take the young off the street. We will save them from clans, thanks to a gastronomic workshop that will teach them to cook and bake pizzas. And thanks to this qualification, they will be able to find an honest job."

                              Fundamental for the "Pizzoratorio" was the collaboration created in the planning phase with various pizzerias in the area for the job placement of young people, as well as the economic contribution of the "DON BOSCO NEL MONDO Foundation" and of "Salesians for Social APS". And the town's tradition was also a factor: Torre Annunziata was recently in the Guinness Book of World Records for having produced 10,893 thousand pizzas in just 14 hours!

                              The Salesians in Torre Annunziata have a past to remember, a present to live and a future to build.

                              • Italia
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                                Pakistan – Akash Bashir continues to inspire

                                1 month ago
                                Pakistan – Akash Bashir continues to inspire

                                (ANS – Lahore) – Almost five years after the life sacrifice of Akash Bashir (1994 – 15 March 2015) –  the past pupil of the Lahore’s Don Bosco school who gave up his life to prevent a suicide bomber from provoking a massacre in the church of St John in Youhannabad on 15 March 2015 –  the Salesians, together with the local Church in Lahore, have begun to collect testimonials (a 16-question interview) for the possible cause of martyrdom. Until now, more than 20 people from his parish in Lahore, both Christians and Muslims, have contributed with their testimony.

                                The shining model of Akash Bashir continues to spread around the world. In just the last few months, Catholic TV crews from Poland, South Korea, Spain and Italy have visited Lahore and interviewed the witnesses - his family. Also for the next Lenten season 2020, the life witness of Akash has been chosen by the “Church In Need” as one of the six globally significant symbols of the persecuted Church.

                                The tomb at the small Catholic cemetery at Youhanabbad parish in Lahore was made with marble donated by a Muslim businessman. His figure highlights personal sacrifice, giving one's life for others! His family, his friends and his parishioners keep his memory very much alive.

                                Some typical witnesses follow:

                                What do you know about Akash Bashir's martyrdom?

                                Through his sacrifice so many people started to serve in the Church.

                                Akash had the desire to become a martyr, by sacrificing himself. Jesus fulfill this desire.

                                I knew Akash was a security man, I didn’t meet him personally, but he saved my family. Through that incident, me and my family relationship with Akash’s family have gained strength. Now our families have a very good relationship.

                                What was Akash Bashir's spiritual and prayer life like?

                                His spiritual prayer and prayer life were really good; he was always praying.

                                His prayer life was improving and improving every day. His spiritual life was strong. He liked to go to Church and listen to the word of God. The day of the blast, 15 March 2015, when we heard the sound of blast we ran towards the church and we saw the people injured. I saw Akash Bashir who was fallen on the ground in front of the church’s gate; I saw many wounds on his face and I came to know he faced the terrorist. “I will die but I will not let you enter into the church” were his last words to the terrorist.

                                Any miracle through the intercession of Akash Bashir?

                                Through his martyrdom, Akash Bashir saved many people, but the miracle is that he makes us all aware of the importance of life and family, he gave us a new light of wisdom… For me, the miracle performed was that day when the bomb blast came, many lives were saved through his sacrifice. Akash walked ahead of us and showed us the path to eternal life.


                                Prayer for the cause of martyrdom of Akash Bashir

                                Almighty God,

                                Your faithful servant and martyr Akash Bashir, Don Bosco Past Pupil

                                witnessed wholeheartedly the Gospel

                                especially to his family and the parish community of Youhannabad

                                You gave him a strong faith, unfailing hope and tireless zeal

                                to serve the Catholic community and lead others to Jesus.

                                You made him a shining model for other youth and people of other religions

                                Inspiration in service to others and selfless help.

                                Help us to follow Jesus like him, with tireless zeal,

                                undivided heart and loving kindness.

                                Let our lives be a continuous praise of You,

                                who live and reign forever and ever.


                                Source: AustraLasia

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                                  Ecuador – Salesian Polytechnic University awarded for its humanitarian efforts during national strike

                                  1 month ago
                                  Ecuador – Salesian Polytechnic University awarded for its humanitarian efforts during national strike

                                  (ANS - Quito) - On Wednesday 30 October, the Salesian Polytechnic University (UPS) received an award from the Permanent Commission for Education, Culture and Science and Technology (CECCYT, in Spanish) of the National Assembly on account of its humanitarian actions and dialogue undertaken during the national strike. Fr Javier Herrán, Rector of the University, and a group of students from the Student Federation of the University's headquarters in Quito received the recognition from the hands of the President of the Commission, the parliamentarian Jimmy Candell Soto.

                                  In the speech given for the occasion, the Rector recalled that in the circumstances of those days, when he watched the busy students and volunteers, he saw in them the future entrepreneurs and public officials and, above all, a new generation of professionals who showed at all times closeness and solidarity with their indigenous brothers. With his voice interrupted by emotion, he concluded: "I believe I have not dreamed, and that this world is possible."

                                  Carla Altamirano spoke on behalf of the students, stating that the humanitarian work undertaken is based on Don Bosco's phrase: "Education is a thing of the heart." She stressed that the entire university community - students, teachers and administrative staff - came together to help and that many more people were involved in this work to build a better country.

                                  In addition to the Salesian Polytechnic University, this award was given to the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, the National Polytechnic School, the Central University of Ecuador, the Andean University "Simón Bolívar" and the Ecuadorian House of Culture, which also served as reception centers and humanitarian aid centers.

                                  Before delivering the award, Hon. Candell said that the Commission he represented could not fail to underline the great sense of responsibility and attention given by the universities in those contexts, and he emphasized that the activities carried out in those institutions were justified within the framework of solidarity, of humanism. and respect for the right to protest.

                                  "In times when hatred, division and social divisions reign, the Ecuadorian university must make its voice calm, humanist, responsible and supportive ... We assign this recognition so that thought prevails over brutality, and dialogue over violence," said the President of CECCYT.

                                  The Salesian Polytechnic University has played a fundamental role in the social and political crisis that the country has recently experienced: faithful to the charisma of its patron, it has been a house of welcome and spiritual accompaniment for the indigenous brothers, putting their well-being first.

                                  {gallery}ECU - Premio a UPS 2019{/gallery}

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                                    RMG – XXV of Beatification of Mother Maddalena Morano

                                    1 month ago
                                    RMG – XXV of Beatification of Mother Maddalena Morano

                                    (ANS - Rome)  5 November 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of Mother Maddalena Morano, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, raised to the honors of the altars in Catania by Pope John Paul II, today a saint. In the Beatification Mass, the Polish pontiff recalled how Morano illustrated the path to holiness: “We climb the high mountain of perfection with constant mortification. Even the tall houses are made of small stones superimposed on each other.”

                                    Born in Chieri, near Turin, on 15 November 1847, from a young age Maddalena Morano began her pedagogical formation to which she dedicated her entire life. Rich in teaching and catechetical experience, around the age of thirty, encouraged by Don Bosco, she crowns a desire for consecration that dates back to her First Communion. In 1879 she is a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians and asks the Lord for the grace "to remain alive until I have completed the measure of holiness."

                                    Destined for Sicily in 1881, she began fruitful educational work among the young women of the working classes, deploying an intense and fruitful spiritual and educational activity, with her marked pedagogical talent and love for God and neighbor. By constantly turning "a gaze upon the earth and ten at Heaven", she opens schools, oratories, boarding schools, workshops in every part of the island.

                                    Appointed Provincial Superior, she also assumes the formative role for the many new vocations, attracted by her zeal and the community atmosphere that is created around her. Her multiple apostolate is appreciated and encouraged by the bishops, whom entrust her with the work of catechisms. Animated by profound charity and desire for holiness, she traveled the roads of Sicily for many years, supported by the teachings and examples of Don Bosco and Mother Domenica Mazzarello.

                                    Afflicted by a tumor, on 26 March 1908, she closes in Catania a life of full coherence, always lived with the intention of "never hindering the action of Grace with yieldings to personal egoism."

                                    Her exhortations enlighten, comfort, encourage: "Think of how Jesus would have thought. Pray as Jesus would have prayed. Act as Jesus would have acted." Thus Mother Maddalena used to say and so she lived, repeating to herself: "Ask for the grace to bring your cross in peace every day." The urn with her mortal remains is kept in the shrine of Mary Help of Christians of Alì Terme, not far from Messina.

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                                      India – Rector Major to INS Province: “Continue to be beacon of hope for the youth”

                                      1 month 1 week ago
                                      India – Rector Major to INS Province: “Continue to be beacon of hope for the youth”

                                      (ANS – Shillong) – Father Ángel Fernández Artime, the Rector Major of the Congregation, spent the last day of his maiden visit to the Shillong Province (INS) by visiting the Novitiate community, the Salesian Sisters and the tomb of Servant of God Stephan Ferrando, SDB.

                                      At 7:00 am, the Rector Major celebrated the Holy Mass at Sunnyside - the Novitiate community of the Province. In his homily, he addressed the novices of both the SDB and the VSDB to be courageous in their vocations. “The Salesian congregation came into existence because of the daring answer by the first follower of Don Bosco,” said the Rector Major. He further added that Don Bosco did not intend to start a Congregation; Don Bosco was only trying to help the poor and abandoned youth. But because those first boys who stayed with him wanted to share his mission, the congregation was thus formed. “Be daring to answer to God’s call” the Rector Major asked of the novices. After the Holy Mass and breakfast, the Rector Major left for Auxilium Convent Provincial House.

                                      At 10:00 am, the Rector Major was welcomed by the Salesian sisters and the students of Auxilium School. A short felicitation program was held to honour the Rector Major by the FMA Provincial, the FMA Sisters, the FMA Novices together with the school students. In his address to them, the Rector Major said; “Sisters and novices, spend your life totally for others and live your mission with hope and confidence.”

                                      He then spoke on the three points to achieve this goal: firstly to be men and women of profound faith, secondly to spend one’s everyday life desiring to serve and to give, and thirdly to live in fraternity which, he said, is a big challenge for the religious. The Rector Major also encouraged the Sisters to overcome their personal diversity and learn to listen to the voice of the needy. He concluded his message by praying for God’s blessings upon the province and invited everyone to give themselves to the poor and to do good to the sea of young people in their mission.

                                      He then proceeded to the next community at St. Margaret’s MSMHC Provincial House to visit the tomb of SoG Stephan Ferrando. He was welcomed by the school’s wind instrument band together with the school students, the teachers and the MSMHC sisters. He spent a few moments in prayer.

                                      The Rector Major departed for the Airport at 3:30 pm. Before he left the Province, he gave the blessings of Mary Help of Christians. The Rector Major acknowledged the hospitality and the good response by the province of St. John Paul II, Shillong. He said he was deeply moved by the love and respect he received while moving from place to place.

                                      In the visitors’ book of the Province he wrote, “Continue to be beacon of hope for the youth, be Don Bosco to them… I impart you my blessings.” He had tears in his eyes as he was escorted by the convoy and few confreres to the Airport.

                                      It may be mentioned here that the Rector Major was declared by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya as the ‘State Guest’. 

                                      Michael Makri

                                      Photos are available on ANSFlickr

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                                        Bolivia – Regional Formations Meeting for PDOs and CFPs in Latin America

                                        1 month 1 week ago
                                        Bolivia – Regional Formations Meeting for PDOs and CFPs in Latin America

                                        (ANS - Cochabamba) - The fourth Formation Seminar was held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from 21 to 25 October, as part of the project to strengthen the competences of planning and development offices (PDO) and Salesian Vocational Training Centers (CFP) in Latin America. The project represents a joint effort, led by the German Salesian NGO "Don Bosco Mondo", in coordination with the PDO of Bolivia "OFPROBOL", and financed by the German Ministry for Development Cooperation (BMZ).

                                        Eighty representatives took part, including lay people and Salesian leaders from 23 Provinces - 18 from the Salesians and 5 from the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians - and from 17 countries: Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. In addition to the representatives of "Don Bosco Mondo", there were those of other Salesian NGOs: "VIA Don Bosco" (Belgium), "Salesian Missions" (USA), "VIS - International Voluntary Service for Development" (Italy) and "Jóvenes y Desarrollo”(Spain).

                                        The project involves strengthening the skills of the staff of the PDOs and the CFP through mutual and collaborative learning to better meet the needs of the beneficiaries of Salesian activities in the region: youth at risk, vulnerable men and women and at risk of social and economic exclusion.

                                        In the various workshops, the PDO managers developed the contents of the transversal axes in the field of development cooperation, in particular on the Environment, Political Incidence and Human Rights; while those of CFP gave continuity to the curricular development by skills, focusing on the evaluation and on the socio-work support of young people.

                                        Among the main efforts made at the 4th seminar:

                                        - consolidate the work and collaboration networks between the PDOs and CFPs of Latin America, in addition to their articulation with other local and regional Salesian networks;

                                        - strengthening in the field of awareness-raising, social mobilization and socio-political advocacy, a function envisaged in the document "General outline of the model and functions of the Salesian PDO of the Province";

                                        - strengthen awareness of environmental problems and work in a spirit of shared responsibility with all the actors involved in the Educational-Pastoral Communities. To this end it will be possible to count on the support of "Don Bosco Mondo" to formulate an integral project proposal on the subject, at the regional level;

                                        - effectively share the results of this meeting with Provincials and their Councils in the awareness of the process that has now begun and which, with the support and contribution of all, will continue to consolidate.

                                        • Bolivia
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