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Syria – Lay people co-responsible in Salesian mission: Johnny and Georgette

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Syria – Lay people co-responsible in Salesian mission: Johnny and Georgette

(ANS - Kafroun) - A history of suffering, certainly, like all those concerning refugees during wars; but also a love story, of a family steadfast in difficulties; a story of fidelity to one's own values ​​on the part of a Christian and Salesian family; a story of gratitude, that of many people towards them and their work: all this is the story of Johnny and Georgette, a married couple of Salesian Cooperators who, after fleeing Aleppo in the hardest months of the war in Syria, led, for eight years, the first lay-run work in the whole Middle East Province (MOR), that is, the retreat house the Salesians own in the mountainous region of Kafroun. Now Johnny and Georgette, together with their children, have been able to return to their Aleppo; but not before having received heartfelt thanks from the Sons of Don Bosco in Syria.

It has been over 8 years since this family left Aleppo, due to the harshness of the war and its consequences, both material and psychological. It was 2012 when they abandoned their home and their belongings, taking with them what was their only daughter at the time. At that moment they could not have known that Providence had a special assignment for them.

On arriving in Kafroun, in fact, the two Salesian Cooperators Johnny Ghazi and Georgette Deek were invited to take on the responsibility of managing the Salesian house there. And they, in a spirit of service to the Lord and always maintaining the typically Salesian family atmosphere, welcomed the proposal and accompanied all the initiatives: catechism, summer activities, formation meetings, welcoming groups of visitors who constantly coming to the center – born, indeed, as a monastery for camps...

About two weeks ago, during a visit to the work, the Provincial of MOR, Fr Alejandro León, celebrated a Eucharist in which he wanted to publicly thank them for their ministry and their good administration in this time during which they gave the example of Christian and Salesian laity, committed in the Church and in society, with young people.

After their service in Kafroun, now Johnny and Georgette are back with their two daughters in Aleppo.

Today, therefore, this message arrives from the Salesian community in Syria:

“Despite the many difficulties, they lived this service with honesty, joy and sacrifice. Furthermore, theirs was the first experience in the Middle East Province, in which lay people of the Salesian Family were given the opportunity to live Salesian spirituality with high responsibility, hand in hand with consecrated Salesians, as Don Bosco wanted, a single family for a single objective: the salvation of souls. On behalf of the Salesians, young people, Salesian Families and Cooperators in the Middle East, we say to you: 'Thank you, Johnny and Georgette!'"

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    Lithuania – Against fear generated by pandemic, the joy and creativity of the Salesian oratory

    1 day 21 hours ago
    Lithuania – Against fear generated by pandemic, the joy and creativity of the Salesian oratory

    (ANS - Vilnius) – Again this summer, despite the great limitations due to the containment measures of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Salesian oratory in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, wanted to offer children and young people an intense educational and leisure for the summer months. The Summer Day Center held for a few weeks at the "St. John Bosco" church in Vilnius attracted great interest, with the registration of more than 350 children, many of whom came from various parts of the city.

    Urged by Pope Francis' message for World Mission Day 2021, which invites us not to close our hearts to the material and spiritual needs of others despite the pandemic, and strengthened by the theme "We cannot be silent about what we have seen and heard!" (At.4.6), the Salesians of Vilnius, together with a sister of the Salesian Family, 27 animators of the oratory and seven Italian volunteers of the Missionary Animation of the Special Circumscription of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, plus their Salesian companion, formed a solid and cohesive animation group for all the activities of the daytime summer center. All together they committed themselves to bear witness with Salesian life and joy that it is possible to break down the barriers of fear and uncontrolled closure.

    The children were divided into 4 groups according to age, which could not interact with each other, for safety reasons, so as to form, in practice, almost 4 parallel summer camps at the same time. Sports, workshops, large organized games and even nature walks around the city were featured.

    “Every day, moreover, there was a moment of prayer in the church in which a parable of Jesus was explained and updated: the common thread was the hope that comes from the personal relationship between Jesus and the disciple. He seeks us, we seek him. And then? We witness it among friends, because we cannot be silent ...!" explained Fr Alessandro Barelli, a Salesian missionary in Lithuania.

    And to top it off, every day the activities ended with an ice cream for each, funded by the Municipality of Vilnius through a project involving children.

    After the Summer Center, activities continue in August as well, with various shifts at the summer house near Lake Tverecius in a wooded region where the Salesians have a holiday home. The Italian animators, instead, are to join the summer activities of the newly erected Salesian community of Telsiai in the Samogitian region towards the Baltic Sea.

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      Bangladesh – Country struggling with floods and Covid-19

      1 day 21 hours ago
      Bangladesh – Country struggling with floods and Covid-19

      (ANS - Dhaka) - The fight against poverty in Bangladesh has suffered a severe blow due to several natural disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic. Whole areas, in various parts of the country, are affected by abundant rains and floods that have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes, completely flooded. Fr Francis Alencherry, an Indian Salesian from the Calcutta Province, responsible for the Salesians in Bangladesh, tells us what is happening across the country these days.

      Three hundred thousand people affected in the Kurigram district, in the north, almost on the border with India; another 50,000 families completely around Sirajganj, descending along the banks of the Brahmaputra. Faced with this situation, the Government is trying to help those who've suddenly found themselves in difficulty, as are the international organizations present in the area. The Church in the affected areas is also doing everything possible to provide aid and Caritas is very active in the area.

      While there are fears of the arrival of new rains, the flood toll is dramatically worsening in the southeastern part of the country, where landslides and floods in Cox's Bazar, the largest refugee settlement in the world, are causing the displacement of about 13,000 Rohingya. At least six victims among the refugees - three are children - fifteen Bengali citizens killed and over 200,000 people blocked by the floods. Dramatic figures provided by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which speak of 21,000 Rohingya affected by heavy rains and nearly 4,000 shelters damaged or destroyed, including clinics and toilets.

      The bad weather emergency in Bangladesh adds to the health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A new lockdown has been imposed across the country for a month, because of another wave of infections.

      “The closure of the factories,” continues Don Alencherry, “has left many workers without work. Despite the restrictions imposed, thousands and thousands of poor people leave their homes every day to try to work to earn something.”

      The Salesian also notes that until two weeks ago the virus was concentrated in the villages, while now the incidence also concerns the capital and recalls that almost 230 people are dead and thousands are infected every day.

      The consequences of the virus on the economy remain the most worrying aspect: "The number of poor people has greatly increased in the last period. All the gains obtained from the work of the last fifty years have been lost within a year and a half."

      “Our hope is that we can go back to normal, that people can get their jobs back and that all together we can rebuild our lives and move forward," concludes, with a gaze of hope, Fr Alencherry.

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        Vatican – Youth Summer Camp 2021 ends, a complete success

        1 day 21 hours ago
        Vatican – Youth Summer Camp 2021 ends, a complete success

        (ANS - Vatican City) - On Friday 30 July 2021, the adventure of the Youth Summer Camp in the Vatican ended after six weeks, a second edition dedicated to the theme of Ecology, following the reflections proposed by the booklet "Sei dei nostra!" (Elledici publishing house). Again this year, the initiative took place in environments not designated for educational and play activities for children, but the transformation of places such as the "Paul VI" Hall for papal audiences proved to be a wonderful solution that favored a exceptional climate of interaction and education.

        This year the program developed by the Salesian community, coordinator of the initiative, together with the associations "Tutto in una festa" and "Play It", developed "events" that enhanced the immense resources and possibilities present within the small Vatican state even more. The theme of Ecology led the young participants to explore the Vatican Gardens several times and almost every week an age group planted an holm oak as a symbol of their commitment to respect Nature; numerous visits of a cultural nature were made inside parts of the immensely rich Vatican Museums.

        "The sympathy that surrounded these little explorers from the staff and the police was tangible at every step: after months of stalemate due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the initiative - conducted, however, in full compliance with the protocols of security - gave a good sign of hope and desire to restart,” commented Fr Franco Fontana, chaplain of the Pontifical Gendarmerie and Director of the Salesian community in the Vatican.

        Finally, unforgettable were the moments of celebration lived together, from daily prayers to confessions and Masses for age groups, moments well prepared with the children participating fully.

        The culmination of this journey was experienced in front of the altar of the Chair in St. Peter's Basilica.

        "The brief prayer of thanks of the animators and children for the beautiful experience lived, favored by the close gathering that naturally imposes itself in a place that breathes universality, we made not only in our name, but also for all the boys and girls of the world who, like us, have lived the same experience. Don Bosco, from his niche a short distance away from us, smiled with satisfaction…,” concluded Fr Fontana.

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          RMG – Paten that accompanied Fr Bolla for 25 years handed over to Rector Major

          2 days 21 hours ago
          RMG – Paten that accompanied Fr Bolla for 25 years handed over to Rector Major

          (ANS - Rome) – Several objects that the Servant of God Fr Luis (Luigi) Bolla used for over 25 years in the Eucharistic celebrations with the Achuar indigenous people, in Ecuador and Peru, were consigned to the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, by Fr Vicente Santilli, a Salesian missionary in Peru.

          “He used to get up at 3 in the morning to play the 'tuntui' and invite to the rite of the Wayús,” wrote Fr Santilli. “After taking the Wayús he participated in community conversations. At five in the morning, Christians, and all those who wished to, accompanied Yánkuam' (a term with which the Achuar natives called Fr Bolla, and which means "Twilight Light", Ed.'s note) to the chapel to participate in the Holy Mass, which was the center of his life.”

          Among the objects that the Servant of God carried on his return journey from Lima to Kuyuntsa, the place of his mission, were the hosts, the wine, the chalice and the paten. “I saw him prepare for his return trips to Kuyuntsa,” says a Salesian missionary. “He had a backpack and took care of the hosts as if they were made of gold, putting them in plastic boxes, and wrapped the wine so that not even a drop would come out, because it would have to last for many months.”

          The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, in a letter sent to the Provinces, asked for a concrete sign of the Saints, Blessed and Venerables of the Salesian Family that can be exhibited in the new “Museo Casa Don Bosco House Museum” in Turin-Valdocco. And in response, Fr Manuel Cayo, Provincial of the "Santa Rosa da Lima" Province of Peru, immediately sent items used daily by Fr Bolla.

          These articles were delivered on July 13th in Rome. Fr Á.F. Artime expressed his gratitude for these objects, especially for the paten, finely crafted and painted in the Achuar style. Together with this, the itip, a cloth woven by the Achuar, which the priest wears around his waist, was delivered to the Casa Don Bosco Museum; and also bracelets (senta), which are a sign of authority and are worn only during Eucharistic celebrations.

          “The paten, the itip and the bracelets are signs of the presence of a Salesian who gave his life to the Lord in the midst of the Achuar and the Shuar for half a century, announcing the Gospel of love,” said Fr Santilli.

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            Italy – “Don Bosco House Museum”: a cultural and spiritual center in continuous development

            2 days 21 hours ago
            Italy – “Don Bosco House Museum”: a cultural and spiritual center in continuous development

            (ANS - Turin) - The "Museo Casa Don Bosco House Museum", a museum strongly desired by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, located in the heart of Turin-Valdocco, and inaugurated by him last October, is increasingly assuming its role as custodian and promoter of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Salesian Family, and at the same time it also enhances its dimension of service to art and artistic fruition for the territory. An expression of all this is the inauguration of a space dedicated to the Saints and Blessed of the Salesian Family, and the exhibition "Lock art - Journey across the world via living room and kitchen", two events already scheduled from the beginning of next month.

            The Don Bosco House Museum reaches the end of the work of setting up the last rooms dedicated to the most significant figures of the Salesian educational mission: the groups of the Salesian Family, with each of the Saints and Blessed of reference, will thus be represented in their charismatic origin in order to transmit that very family atmosphere that Don Bosco dedicated to his children.

            “With the opening of these new spaces, the setting up of the Don Bosco House Museum comes to an end. Anyone who has met the Saint of Youth in their life can find here the original spirit of Valdocco that has spanned the centuries and nations, giving shape to new experiences of the charism itself,” said Dr. Stefania De Vita, Director of the museum. “Through the proposal of museum itineraries, the accompaniment of our guides and the events that we constantly organize and that intend to create that subtle bridge between past and future, we wish to offer the possibility of returning to 'stealing Don Bosco's heart' to keep the heartbeat alive there where he lives.”

            On Wednesday 8 September, Fr Á.F. Artime shall present these spaces.

            On the same day, and always chaired by the Rector Major, the opening of the temporary exhibition "Lock Art" will also take place, then accessible to visitors from the following day, 9 September, until 21 November 2021.

            The exhibition, created in collaboration with ArtFullFrame, expresses the special vision of 15 photographers from all over the world who narrate these pandemic times. Through the photographs on display, the Don Bosco House Museum intends to be the spokesperson for that family-based everyday life that has helped individuals overcome the complex moments of the lockdown, rediscovering the beauty of relationships and the extraordinary nature of the ordinary.

            “Museums are compasses, they guide you on a beautiful journey, inside and outside of you. The visitors of Lock Art will meet different cultures and worlds looking through the lens of young photographers,” added Dr. De Vita on the theme of the "Lock Art" exhibition, whose curator, as artistic director and project manager, is Chiara Candellone Sticca.

            For more information, please visit the pages: e

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              UN – Finding Synergy: Don Bosco Green Alliance in discussion with SDB@UN

              5 days 21 hours ago
              UN – Finding Synergy: Don Bosco Green Alliance in discussion with SDB@UN

              (ANS - New York) – “Don Bosco Green Alliance” led by its Global Convenor, Fr Savio Silveira, the Provincial of Mumbai, India, had its first interaction with the Fr Thomas Pallithanam, Salesian representative at the United Nations (UN), on Thursday 20th July.

              The Global Leadership Team comprising of Mariana Cejudo and Silivio Torres for the Latin Americas, Taichikwan for Far East, Bro. John for Africa Madagascar, Fr Ryszard for Europe, Fr Jerry Thomas South Asia shared with Fr Thomas Pallithanam the environmental activities being carried out in the various regions of the congregation. Mr. Macson Almeida and Shawna Rebello explained how the Global coordination functioned. He appreciated the efforts being made to engage young people from Salesian institutions across the world in various initiatives to care for the earth. Complimenting DBGA for organizing a Side Event at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) at the United Nations in 2019, he pointed out that the grassroot work being done by the alliance was extremely important and necessary for the advocacy work that the Salesians were carrying out at the UN.

              Fr Pallithanam then gave a detailed presentation of the various activities he was engaged in at the UN on behalf of the Salesians. He highlighted the vision and mission of Salesians@UN, and explained how this helped to bring the voices of young people into the discussions being held at the global level. Issues such as education, migration, poverty and ecology are some of the key issues that the Salesians are focusing on at the UN. Fr Pallithanam said that the rights-based advocacy approach was used to further these causes.

              The need to increase our footprints at the different regional centers of the UN was highlighted. As DBGA already its nominated representatives for the different regions they could become the focal points to firm up the Salesian presences at the UN regional centers. It would be important to identify those engaged in issues of migration, trafficking of children and youth, refugees, indigenous people in these regions and form regional advocacy teams.

              The calendar of major events held by the UN at New York, Geneva, Bangkok and its other regional centers was also presented by Fr Pallithanam. He encouraged the DBGA to participate in some of these events, especially the UN Youth Forum and the HLPF. Further, he also recommended that the DBGA should get actively involved at the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya.

              At the close of the meeting, Fr Savio Silveira thanked Fr Thomas Pallithanam for enlightening the DBGA lead team on the various opportunities available through the UN for involving young people in environmental action and advocacy. Fr Silveira also expressed the hope that DBGA would collaborate closely with SDB-UN for future programs.

              Fr Savio Silveira,

              Convenor Don Bosco Green Alliance

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                South Africa – Amid violence and looting, the example of an honest, upright citizen: young Eurica

                5 days 21 hours ago
                South Africa – Amid violence and looting, the example of an honest, upright citizen: young Eurica

                (ANS - Johannesburg) - In recent weeks, South Africa has been shaken by a series of demonstrations and protests, often resulting in violence and looting, due to the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma and the dissatisfaction of demonstrators with the management of the pandemic and its consequences by the authorities. But if there are those who have indulged in acts of rash violence, there are also those who, motivated by their faith and by the teachings learned in the oratory, have been able to give a testimony of civility, active citizenship and commitment to the common good.

                Eurica Mapule Mokaba is a past volunteer of Bosco Youth Centre in Johannesburg. She shared her experience of what happened in her community in Orange Farm and how she responded. “A great example of a Good Upright Citizen,” Bro Clarence Watts, Social Communication Delegate for Africa South vice-province (AFM), states.

                “The time Spar [supermarket] was looted I was watching other malls and being looted, and I was seeing such actions being done.  I heard people making noise outside. I decided to go and check for myself what was happening, only to see young and old carrying looted stuff such as alcohol, food, etc., and it broke my heart.

                I remembered that yesterday [Sunday 11 July] I was at Spar to withdraw money as usual and to buy a tray of eggs and a bottle of mayonnaise. I was so lazy to buy groceries because I am lazy to carry 12.5 kg of maize meal. I postponed my shopping because a friend of mine told me to wait for the Tuesday specials, only to discover that our local Spar was looted.

                I don't live far from Spar, it's actually 5 minutes’ walk to the shop. What inspired or motivated me to go and help with the clean-up was this guy from our area who was looking for volunteers to assist with the clean-up at Spar. I called him and asked if I can come volunteer, and if he had asked for permission to clean as I was scared that police might assume that we are criminals who came to finish the looting.

                Around 9 am I took my broom and went to Spar.

                Spar has helped with several projects in my community. Spar has served me and my family well for years and their staff were always smiling and helpful as I was one of their regular customers.  I am a leader at church; I felt like, why shouldn’t lead by example? When I took my broom walking to Spar people were stopping me and asking where I am going with a broom. When I explained they could not understand why I must clean because I didn't loot. They failed to understand why I must clean for free.

                We have people whose reasoning is that if I didn't break it, I won't fix it or I won't work for free. They do not understand the concept of volunteering or shaping our community for the better.  Having seen what looters did and after cleaning the place I felt so much better; even the Spar staff were very appreciative 

                I still have a long way to go in educating people about volunteering, helping each other, stop looting, don't take what is not yours. People worked hard to achieve what they have.  I am currently unemployed, and I wasn't going to sit and watch staff at Spar lose their jobs. I was not prepared to lose Spar because of other people’s foolishness or evil.

                When I was walking back home with painful back, looking dirty, I was filled with joy and those I met now understand the concept of helping your community and protect what we have.”

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                  RMG – Eight years of shared life: Bro. José Luis Muñoz, SDB, and ANS

                  5 days 21 hours ago
                  RMG – Eight years of shared life: Bro. José Luis Muñoz, SDB, and ANS

                  (ANS - Rome) - After eight years of dedicated service (summer 2013 - summer 2021), Bro. José Luis Muñoz, SDB, has left his role as Director of the Salesian iNfo Agency (ANS) and has just reached his new destination, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Three World Youth Days (Rio de Janeiro 2013, Krakow 2016, Panama 2019), two General Chapters, the Bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco, a pandemic, extraordinary events such as the kidnapping and release of Fr Tom Uzhunnalil or the theft and the discovery of the relic of Don Bosco from the Temple of Colle Don Bosco are just some of the many challenges faced and overcome in this period of time.

                  Born in Santiago de Chile on September 25, 1961, Bro. Muñoz, a Salesian brother, completed his novitiate at the house of Macul, in Santiago, and made his first vows on 25 March 1982. Before reaching the Salesian Headquarters in 2013, he had already served in the Provinces of Chile and Southern Argentina, where he has now returned.

                  Under his leadership, ANS completely revamped its website (2016), and entered more decisively into the vast galaxy of social networks, adding to the pre-existing presences on YouTube (2009) and Twitter (2012), as well as Facebook (2015), Flickr (2015) and Instagram (2018). Furthermore, the Agency has developed an agreement with "IME Comunicazione" thanks to which the main annual events of Salesian spirituality (Salesian Family Days, Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians feast days in Valdocco ...) are broadcast in live streaming and seen and "participated in" by thousands of people around the world.

                  Before leaving Rome, in an open interview with the Italian Salesian Bulletin, he declared:

                  “I've always been attracted to social communication as a space for evangelization and I chose it as the area of ​​my specialization as a lay Salesian. There, I was slowly growing, especially in the field of new technologies and gaining work experience in the 90s in the development of websites and in the application of new technologies to schools, until the then Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez, invited me to collaborate in the Department of Social Communication.

                  For me, it was a great challenge because he gave me the opportunity to touch first-hand the reality of the Congregation in all its forms and breadths and to know how the Congregation is present in the world in its various forms.”

                  And looking to the future of ANS, he hopes:

                  “In the future, I dream of a news agency that grows following the change in the information paradigm we have today, that one-way information managed only by Rome is abandoned and that it is possible to consolidate a network where the various information centers interact with the central offices in the regions where the Congregation is present… In the future, ANS should consolidate itself as a network that gives ever-greater visibility to the Salesian world and consequently helps us to know better and to love the good that is done for young people.”

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                    El Salvador – Project of a new church at "Don Bosco Industrial Park"

                    5 days 21 hours ago

                    (ANS - San Salvador) - A new church was designed in San Salvador by a Valencian engineering firm, as a replica of the famous Güell Park in Barcelona, ​​known for its original modernist design, the work of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí.

                    The large church will have the possibility of welcoming up to 1,000 faithful and will be destined for the first beneficiaries of the Salesian mission, as it is located in a peripheral and humble area of ​​the capital of El Salvador. The area chosen, in fact, is that of the "Don Bosco Industrial Polygon", which, thanks to the commitment of the Salesian priest Fr José Moratalla, was transformed from a landfill that it was 35 years ago to a place of social inclusion for the most disadvantaged.

                    The vast center of the Don Bosco Industrial Park shall also accompany all the new structures to be built to help the area's inhabitants, about 70,000 people, to emerge from marginalization.

                    Observing the first images of the project, one is immediately struck by the architectural beauty of the temple: the church, in fact, recovers the stylistic features of Gaudí, which makes it an out of the ordinary building. Fr Moratalla himself, better known in El Salvador as "Father Pepe", confessed to being in love with Gaudí's work and from the very beginning of the project he wanted the church to be a replica of Güell Park in Barcelona.

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                      Italy – Salesian Agricultural School of Lombriasco and "Net4Grow": first cycle of "ApiCultura" project completed

                      5 days 21 hours ago

                      (ANS - Lombriasco) - The "ApiCultura" project in Lombriasco was established in October 2020 from a training course developed by "Net4Grow", a network of Salesian Agricultural Schools in the world, and the Salesian Agricultural School of Lombriasco, near Turin. The aim of the project was to bring beekeeping back to the benches of the Salesian agricultural school in Lombriasco, but with new themes, such as the safeguarding of the species, the importance for the care of the environment, the productive and innovative aspects that revolve around this world now in constant evolution.

                      The result obtained this year, after 10 months of management, is very positive, both for the completion of the first training course and for the production of honey.

                      The final-year secondary students had the pleasure of completing their training cycle by actively participating in the basic course for beekeeping operator, which was professionally organized and implemented by the "Agripiemonte Miele" producers' association in Turin.

                      But the greatest emotion was experienced a few days ago when some students, together with a group of professors and collaborators of the Institute, carried out the first "honey extraction" in Lombriasco.

                      “It's our duty to thank the 'Hobby Farm' company in Biella, in the person of Riccardo Rubato (former student), who made 10 complete hives and a honey extraction laboratory available, which allowed us to guarantee continuity in the technical-didactic path to young people,” said Daniel Orminus, Project Manager of the 'Solidarity of Don Bosco - Youth in Agriculture' project. Among the other people who made possible the start of this great initiative are the former pupils Marco Trinchero, who donated the bees and contributed, together with Alessandro Appendino, of 'Apicoltura Aperin', to the technical step-by-step assistance for the care of bees.”

                      The project continues and moves towards the second phase, the one dedicated to innovation. With the use of the ground-air sensors of the partner company "X-Farm", the data of the environment outside and inside the hives will be detected, to compare biodiversity. For the surrounding crops, the symbiotic method will be applied, which, thanks to the collection and reading of laboratory data, will allow monitoring the improvements in the different pollination and production phases.

                      The objective is to initiate a method for exchanging data through the network of Salesian Agricultural Schools around the world, with vocational training courses and with the possibility of practical work experiences at companies active in the sector and collaborating in the project.

                      A great challenge under the sign of formation, innovation, cultural exchanges following the teachings of Don Bosco and always in favor of the future of young people.

                      For more information, visit the sites: - 

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                        RMG – Seminar on centrality of Eucharist in Salesian charism

                        6 days 21 hours ago
                        RMG – Seminar on centrality of Eucharist in Salesian charism

                        (ANS - Rome) - From 25 to 27 July, at the "San Tarcisio" house in Rome, 18 Salesians met for an in-depth seminar on the centrality of the Eucharist in the Salesian charism, starting from the writings and testimony of the Servant of God Vera Grita, Salesian Cooperator. The meeting, coordinated by Fr Pierluigi Cameroni, Postulator General for the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family, concluded the online initiative of the 28th General Chapter of the Congregation on the "Salesian sacrament of presence" organized by the study center “Opera dei Tabernacoli Viventi” and by the Conference of the Provinces of Italy (CISI) Formation sector. The theme developed focused on the centrality of union with God through the permanent presence of Jesus in being voluntarily among the young.

                        Fr Silvio Roggia, from the Formation Department, recalled the Salesian origins: St. Francis de Sales and Don Bosco: "There is a true communion of saints within Don Bosco's educational and spiritual art, which does not come out of nowhere, but is nourished by deep roots, the work of the Spirit in the history of the Church that preceded it. It is neither an addition nor a replica: it is rather a new flowering and bearing fruit that is nourished by that work of the Spirit which has vivified the Church."

                        Maria Rita Scrimieri, Coordinator of the Opera dei Tabernacoli Viventi Study Center, presented the life and Eucharistic message of Vera Grita, highlighting the call and mandate addressed in the first instance to the Salesians.

                        Fr Roberto Carelli, professor of Theology at the International Institute of Turin-Crocetta, discussed and illustrated the mystical and missionary testimony of Vera Grita: "Jesus wants to be adored by those who are closest and close to those who are further away! He wants us to pass from Eucharistic repositioning to Eucharistic exposition, from adoration to mission! From reality to presence, from presence to permanence, from permanence to proximity, that is, from Christian charity to the very charity of Christ!”

                        “The Eucharist is not just a rite, it is not even the central moment of the day,” emphasized Fr Pascual Chávez in the homily of the concluding Mass. “The Eucharist is a person, the Lord Jesus dead, risen and awaited who desires in us, with us and through us Salesians to transform our lives first of all to reach young people and to be true living tabernacles in the world, as Don Bosco was.”

                        The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, also met the seminar participants, highlighting the joy of seeing in depth a central message for the generativity of the charism: being a Eucharistic presence for young people through the maternal mediation of Mary Help of Christians. "Knowing that you were together to make this reflection also in the light of St. Francis de Sales, of Don Bosco, putting the Eucharist and the Eucharistic experience of Vera Grita at the center, tells me that we believe that God is the Lord of everything and accompanies history… Thanks for this initiative! Seeing you together seems to me a very precious gift, because what emerges is what is essential and which gives more depth to our charism.”

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                          Hungary – Newly refreshed website on Blessed Stephen Sándor

                          6 days 21 hours ago
                          Hungary – Newly refreshed website on Blessed Stephen Sándor

                          (ANS – Budapest) – If anyone searches the website on the Internet he or she will be able to see the diligent year-long work on its being updated and refreshed. The website itself was first created immediately after Stephen Sándor's beatification in 2014.

                          Initially, the website was only in the Hungarian language; hence the resources regarding Blessed Stephen Sándor were accessible only in Hungarian. Thanks to the beatification ceremony, which spread the fidelity of Salesian brother martyr Stephen Sándor far and wide, all the resources concerning Blessed Sándor István were translated to foreign language: English, Italian and Spanish.

                          The scope of refreshing the website is to collect and put in one place: the writings, audios and videos that dealt with Blessed Stephen Sándor, the news regarding relic, the era of communism in Hungary, the new place of veneration of the blessed, the film and a song on Stephen Sándor, chronicles, roll-up pictures, etc. This effort of refreshing the website will enable easy access. Nevertheless, the website will continue to be renewed as there is a plan of collecting all the paintings, memorial works, institutions named after the Blessed, official documents, novena to Blessed Stephen Sándor and a virtual walk on the path that leads to different places connected to the life of the martyred brother.

                          All credit goes to Bro. Gábor Kirner SDB and Márton Csány who constantly contributed to the new look of the website: 

                          Stephen Sándor  was born in Szolnok, Hungary, on 26 October 1914. Dedicated from a young age to the spiritual life and an animator of his peers, he learned about the figure of Don Bosco by reading the Salesian Bulletin and immediately felt attracted by the Salesian charism. He made his first profession on 8 September 1940, and excelled both in teaching vocational courses and in work in the oratory. In 1942 he was called to the front, and earned a silver medal for military valor. At the end of World War II, he committed himself to the material and moral reconstruction of society, dedicating himself in particular to poor young people, to whom he taught a trade.

                          On 24 July 1946 he made his perpetual profession and in 1948 he obtained the title of master-printer. When the persecutions of Catholic schools began, he had to flee and hide in the Salesian houses. In July 1952 he was captured and was never seen by his brothers again. He was hanged on the evening of 8 June 1953 in Budapest, but his execution was communicated only after 1990. The place of his burial remained unknown for a long time, but the memory of Stephen Sándor today is more alive than ever.

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                            Philippines – BEARERS: The Alumni of the Religious Education and Pastoral Communication Program of DBFC

                            1 week ago
                            Philippines – BEARERS: The Alumni of the Religious Education and Pastoral Communication Program of DBFC

                            (ANS – Talisay City) – It was at the birth of the college aspirancy in Don Bosco Lawaan that Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB, Fr. Fidel Ma. Orendain, SDB, and Bro. Louie Domasian, SDB, worked to establish a college program for aspiring Salesians. The program for a Bachelor of Arts Major in Religious Education and Pastoral Communication, or AB ReEd PasCom, was reviewed and consequently approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and offered under Don Bosco Technical College – Cebu. It is a program that not only prepares young men for the Salesian religious life but also other young people who wish to become professional religious educators too.

                            To celebrate its 13 years of existence both as a program and a college department of Don Bosco Technical College-Cebu, the AB ReEd and PasCom alumni of Don Bosco Formation Center held its first ever alumni meeting via Google Meet on the 24th of July 2021 with Rev. Fr. Erwin Joey S. Cabilan, SDB, the incumbent department chairperson. Graduates from batches 2012-2021 were present.

                            In the meeting, Fr. Erwin emphasized that formation does not stop during graduation but is a life-long process. A change of names was also introduced. The term “extern”, used to refer to external students (those who are not in-house aspirants), will no longer be used. Rather, these students will be called BEARERS, or Bosconian Externs Aspiring to become Religious EducatoRS. They are bearers of the same mission offered by the Salesian vocation.

                            Fr. Erwin also invited the alumni to receive the Missio Canonica from the Archdiocese, to be sent forth as official catechists of the Church. He also invited them to form a group or an association of graduates of the AB ReEd and PasCom program for future formation sessions and linkages. In response, the ReEd PasCom alumni chose Mr. Alvin P. Gallo to be their coordinator.

                            After more than a decade, the bachelor program offered at Don Bosco Formation Center in Lawaan continues to produce quality Salesian educators, both for the Salesian religious life and for professional teaching. Here, they are formed to become true bearers of God’s love for the young both by educating and evangelizing.

                            By: Alvin P. Gallo, past pupil of DBFC

                            {gallery}FIS Bearers 2021{/gallery}

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                              RMG – “Good night” by Rector Major at conclusion of General Council summer plenary session

                              1 week ago
                              RMG – “Good night” by Rector Major at conclusion of General Council summer plenary session

                              (ANS - Rome) - A moment of presentation of the work carried out over the last two months, of fraternal sharing with the Salesians of the Salesian HQ community, and a moment of reflection on the path that the Congregation is taking: all this was the "goodnight" the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, offered yesterday, July 27, at the end of the summer plenary session of the General Council, which began last June 1.

                              As usual, Fr Á.F. Artime began by illustrating some data, thanks to the service offered by the Secretariat of the General Council:

                              In the period from 28 January to 27 July 2021, the General Council met 53 times.

                              Three provincials were appointed:

                              • Fr Guillermo Basañes, for the Central African Province (AFC);
                              • Fr Justiniano Flores Líder, for the Province of Bolivia (BOL);
                              • Fr Roshan Miranda Angelo Sylvester, for the Vice Province of Sri Lanka (LKC).

                              Also, the following were nominated:

                              • 105 Provincial Councilors;
                              • 320 Directors;
                              • 14 Novice Masters.

                              And on the theme of Salesian houses:

                              • 2 were canonically erected;
                              • 10 canonically closed;
                              • 5 presences were opened;
                              • 2 non-canonical houses were closed.

                              On this theme, the Rector Major said clearly: “We need not worry, because the criterion that interests us is not whether the number of houses rises or falls, but the charismatic significance of what we have today. And this speaks of a vitality of the Congregation.”

                              The General Council studied 8 Extraordinary Visitations to the:

                              • Vice Province of Equatorial Tropical Africa (ATE);
                              • Brazil-Recife Province (BRE);
                              • Southern Italy Province (IME);
                              • India-Calcutta Province (INC);
                              • Province of Mexico-México (MEM);
                              • Poland-Wrocław Province (PLO);
                              • Province of Portugal (POR);
                              • Vice Province of Zambia-Malawi-Namibia-Zimbabwe (ZMB).

                              Subsequently, Fr Á.F. Artime spent a few words to go beyond mere data, and spoke of the much work, sometimes hidden, carried out by the various Departments and Sectors in this period. Among the many activities, he mentioned:

                              - the Youth Ministry, the study of the Youth and Family Ministry Congress; the study of Salesian parishes; lay management presences; and, together with the Department for Formation, aspirants and accompanying presences preceding the pre-novitiate.

                              - the Missions Sector, the sending of 26 "ad vitam" missionaries and the distribution of funds from the Mission Offices.

                              - Social Communication, the continuation of the ongoing processes, the change in the managing board at ANS, and the launch of the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival".

                              - the General Bursar, whom he praised for his commitment in managing many situations that are sometimes difficult come from all over the world;

                              - Formation, the study and deepening of the "Ratio Studiorum".

                              In conclusion, the 10th Successor of Don Bosco thanked the work done by the General Mission Office, the Postulation for the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family, by the translators and by all those who collaborate, often silently, in support of the Salesian Mission.

                              {gallery}RMG - Buonanotte 27 luglio 2021{/gallery}

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                                RMG – General Councilors' work in forthcoming months

                                1 week ago
                                RMG – General Councilors' work in forthcoming months

                                (ANS - Rome) - At the end of the General Council's summer plenary session, the agenda of the General Councilors for the forthcoming months was also drawn up. Numerous commitments await the Rector Major and his first collaborators in the task of animating and governing the Congregation.

                                First of all, Extraordinary Visitations will be carried out to the following Circumscriptions:

                                -       Angola (ANG), by Fr Alphonse Owoudou, Councilor for the Africa-Madagascar Region;

                                -       North Philippines (FIN), by Fr Alfred Maravilla, General Councilor for the Missions;

                                -       Brazil Belo Horizonte (BBH), by Fr Gabriel Romero, Councilor for the America South Cone Region;

                                -       India-Tiruchy (INT), by Fr Michael Biju, Councilor for the South Asia Region;

                                -       North Belgium and Holland (BEN), by Fr Roman Jachimowicz, Councilor for the Central and Northern Europe Region;

                                -       Peru (PER), by Fr Hugo Orozco, Councilor for the Interamerica Region;

                                -       Middle East (MOR), by Fr Juan Carlos Pérez Godoy, Councilor for the Mediterranean Region;

                                -       Poland-Piła (PLN), by Fr Václav Klement, Extraordinary Visitor “pro tempore” and “ad nutum”.

                                Consultations will also be held for the appointment of new Provincials of the:

                                -      Vice Province of Haiti (HAI);

                                -      Province of Brazil-Recife (BRE);

                                -      Province of India - Hyderabad (INH);

                                -      Province of Poland - Wrocław (PLO);

                                -      Province of Great Britain (GBR);

                                and for the choice of the first Provincials of the three new Provinces:

                                -       Africa Nigeria and Niger (ANN);

                                -       North West Africa (AON);

                                -       South West Africa (AOS).

                                The actual appointments of the Provincials will then be made during the winter plenary session of the General Council. In addition, the General Council is also planning an intermediate session, from 4 to 13 October.

                                There will then be two Courses to Accompany the Provincials in the middle of their six-year term, both based in Turin, in the "Salesian cradle" of Valdocco: the first will take place from 12 to 21 September, the second just over a month later, from 19 to 28 October.

                                Finally, among the other important events, which will involve various members of the General Council, the Conference on Fr Paolo Albera, the Successor of Don Bosco at the head of the Salesian Congregation (30 October - 1 November 2021 - Rome - UPS), on the occasion the Centenary of his death; and the meeting of the Provincials of Europe, (26 - 28 November, Turin-Valdocco).

                                {gallery}RMG - Consiglio Generale 2021{/gallery}

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                                  India – Don Bosco alumni address a less-known pandemic issue: the threat to the girl child’s education

                                  1 week 1 day ago
                                  India – Don Bosco alumni address a less-known pandemic issue: the threat to the girl child’s education

                                  (ANS – Chennai) – As part of its initiative Min Siragugal, the school’s 1997 batch provides laptops to 50 underprivileged Class X girl students from two Adi-Dravidar schools on the outskirts of Chennai. It has plans to scale up the initiative. The boys from the 1997-batch of Don Bosco Egmore have rediscovered the wisdom of travelling together and therefore farther.

                                  Deepu Antony notes that his batchmates were loosening the purse strings for the pandemic-hit packing a provision kit here and donating an oxygen concentrator there, keeping the proffered right hand hidden from the left.

                                  However, along the line, they decided to make common cause, and that has made a difference in the lives of fifty underprivileged girl students in Class X.

                                  “We thought that as a batch we should do something that would benefit more people,” recalls Deepu.

                                  The need for oxygen concentrators and provision kits tends to float around visibly on the surface due to the traumatic images from recent months and the barely-concealed fear of another deadly surge.

                                  The 1997 batchmates did think of these essentials, but chose to peer deeper into the cup of woes for unaddressed needs that could have settled to the bottom unnoticed.

                                  An image that emerged was that of a girl child dropping out of school because her pandemic-hit family cannot support her education anymore.

                                  “There are multiple reports from India and beyond, including reports prepared by United Nations about children dropping out of the school system due to economic pressure brought on by the pandemic. In India, the girl child is at a greater disadvantage in this situation,” explains Deepu.

                                  Besides, a quotidian encounter further nailed the necessity of prioritising education during the pandemic.

                                  “An auto driver who is allowed to park his vehicle in our apartment casually mentioned the need for providing children with laptops and tablets. His children are attending online classes using tablets that they received due to somebody’s generosity,” Deepu points out.

                                  He carried that auto-driver’s thought to the immediate WhatsApp group chat with his batchmates, only adding that the initiative be aimed at helping girl students.

                                  As they were on the same page, Min Siragugal (digital wings) was born effortlessly.

                                  “Initially, we thought we would get laptops for 25 girl students; but in 10 to 12 days, 17.5 lakh came in, with our batchmates contributing 99 percent of it, and the remaining one percent coming from relatives. It surprised us, as we had expected that it would take a month to make this collection.”

                                  The next step entailed identifying the beneficiaries.

                                  “We wanted laptops to be given to only girl students, and we identified two Adi-Dravidar schools with the help of Anand Bhushan, a DB batchmate who is a member of the Round Table. One school is in Thaiyur on Old Mahabalipuram Road and the other in Kilambakkam on Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road. From discussions with principals of both these schools, we identified 50 students, 25 from each school. We have chosen only tenth standard students, because we are told that the government is going to offer laptops to eleventh and twelvth standard students.”

                                  The laptops are being given to the school, which would in turn distribute them to the ident3ified beneficiaries.

                                  “The laptops will be passed on to needy students in the tenth standard batch from next year, followed by another batch the following year. So, students from three 10 standard batches will benefit from this exercise.”

                                  At the time of this article going to print, preparations were being made for the laptop distribution programme at the Adi-Dravidar Government School in Kilambakkam, and the chief guest was from the 1997 DB batch — Dr N. Ezhilan, MLA from the Thousand Lights constituency.

                                  YR Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRGCARE), which is known for its community outreach programmes, drives the initiative. Madras Central Round Table 82 & Ladies Circle 73 is the implementation partner.

                                  Here again, there is a batch connection. Founded by the legendary physician and microbiologist Dr. Sunithi Solomon, YRGCARE has her son Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon in its governing body. Dr. Sunil, who is Associate Professor in Medicine at the Division of Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States, traces his schooling days to Don Bosco Egmore and its 1997 batch.

                                  “Even in the last two years, the 1997 DB batch were associating with YRGCARE to support it in its initiatives, including the one in which it was giving away sanitary kits to girls from underprivileged families,” adds Deepu.

                                  Joseph Kennedy, a filmmaker and Don Bosco alumnus from the 1997 batch, points out how his batchmates rally around any social cause that any of them would have started. As a case in point, Joseph refers to “Men In White” an initiative that “I have been driving to support the work being done by the Salesian fathers through projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the people in northern Sri Lanka. DB-1997 batchmates have been supporting this initiative. The Men In White Movement has been recognised as one of the best practices by the World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco.”

                                  Deepu underlines that the 1997 DB batch has plans to make this digital education charity an annual feature, and also extend its scope by reaching out to more schools or even colleges. If that happens, they would approach corporate foundations for support.

                                  Kennedy underlines how all the boys of the 1997-batch share the credit for the initiative.

                                  Prince Frederick

                                  Source: The Hindu

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                                    Uruguay – Freedom-deprived youth to study Mechanics at "Talleres Don Bosco" with INISA

                                    1 week 1 day ago

                                    (ANS - Montevideo) - On Friday 23 July, the Salesian Institute "Talleres Don Bosco" and the National Institute for the Social Inclusion of Adolescents (INISA) signed an agreement for adolescents deprived of their freedom but are about to leave institutions, so that they can follow a professionalizing Mechanics course at the Salesian institute.

                                    Among those present at the agreement's signing ceremony were various Salesians and educators of the school, the President of INISA, Dr. Rosanna de Olivera Méndez, and the Director, Andrea Venosa, officials of the Institute and the General Manager of the financial company “Unión Capital Afap”, Maria Dolores Benavente.

                                    "This event connects us to our Salesian mission," commented Fr Marcelo Fontona, SDB, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Vocational Training Schools and "Talleres Don Bosco". The religious recalled that the mission of the founder of the Salesians of Don Bosco, St. John Bosco, began by dedicating himself to adolescents and young people who were imprisoned in Turin, in 1840: "This passage gives us joy for the possibility it means for these young people, for whom we want to generate other life opportunities," added the Salesian, before recalling that always in Uruguay, in Salto, the Salesians have been developing a similar project for 20 years, of assisted freedom and socio-educational measures without detention with young people reported by the judiciary, with the aim of helping them to generate a life project.  

                                    The agreement, also signed by "Unión Capital Afap", which includes this initiative in its vast plan of social responsibility actions, will allow, in a first phase, 10 young people from different INISA centers to follow the vehicle mechanics for gasoline engines course; but there is already a waiting list of as many young people willing to take this path, which was defined by the President of INISA, a "resounding success" for the enthusiasm aroused in adolescents. “Being motivated is crucial,” she said.

                                    “I am very happy, today is a very important day. We are innovating, it is the first time that we have signed this framework agreement with Talleres Don Bosco," said Dr. de Olivera Méndez. "Talleres Don Bosco has great prestige and at INISA we have the mission and commitment to give these adolescents, who have difficult and traumatic life stories, the opportunity to find their vocation."

                                    “We have a responsibility to leave them, in view of their stepping out, a network that includes their health, their family (so they return to their environment) but also formation and the possibility of entering the job market. If we do not give them the opportunity to go out with real training and the opportunity to find decent work, it is difficult for them to support themselves,” she added.

                                    "We know” she concluded, “that in the 'Talleres Don Bosco' they are trained technically, but also in values, discipline, respect for timetables, citizenship, because they need support to be good citizens and to be aware that crime is not a valid path, that there is another way."

                                    {gallery}URU - Accordo INISA 2021{/gallery}

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                                      Indonesia – New opportunities for Vocational Training and ecological activities in Sumba, where Salesian charism increasingly takes root

                                      1 week 1 day ago
                                      Indonesia – New opportunities for Vocational Training and ecological activities in Sumba, where Salesian charism increasingly takes root

                                      (ANS - Sumba) - In Sumba, a predominantly Christian island in the world's largest Muslim country, Indonesia, the Salesian presence is now 20 years old. The community, led by Fr Adie Prinanto Laurensius, animates the aspirantate, the pre-novitiate, a Vocational Training Center and a Secondary Technical School with an internship. Without forgetting that in Sumba there are also two communities of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the first group of the Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA), and also the first organized center of Past Pupils of Don Bosco in the country. In this context of Salesian flourishing, new interesting initiatives are being reported, such as the expansion of the structures for the Technical School and the apostolate among young people to motivate them to care for Creation.

                                      The laying of the first stone of the new structures of the Technical School took place last July 10 and was presided over by Fr Augustinus Bulu, CsSR, delegate of the bishop of Weetebula, Msgr. Edmund Woga, CsSR.

                                      The expansion of the Technical School, through a new building, will allow it to accommodate 216 students, against the 140 that can currently be accommodated. This project had already been conceived five years ago and was carried out thanks to the commitment of the Salesian Vice Province "St Luigi Versiglia" of Indonesia together with the German Salesian NGO "Don Bosco Mondo" and the German government. The estimated time to complete the work is 10 months.

                                      The new structure will not only allow to increase the number of beneficiaries of Salesian education, but will also improve the educational quality with more adequate equipment and spaces: currently, in fact, secondary school students still use the rooms of the Salesian religious residence.

                                      On another front, a few days after this solemn event the Salesians of Sumba, together with several of their pupils, did their utmost to clean up the beach of Menanga Abba from waste. An initiative that was motivated by the reading and study of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato sì, and they expect to repeat it in the future as well.

                                      Twenty years after the opening of the Salesian presence in one of the poorest islands of Indonesia, in Sumba, the Sons of Don Bosco can indeed bear witness of the genuine charismatic impact aroused by this Indonesian "Valdocco".

                                      {gallery}INA Sumba x 2 - 2021{/gallery}

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                                        Paraguay – 1896-2021: Salesians present in the country for 125 years

                                        1 week 2 days ago
                                        Paraguay – 1896-2021: Salesians present in the country for 125 years

                                        (ANS - Asunción) - In 1894, Msgr. Luigi Lasagna - who had been ordained bishop the previous year in Rome, and who died in a train accident the following year in Juiz de Fora, Brazil - wrote to Fr Rua, Don Bosco's first successor: “Paraguay is the land that many Salesian hearts desire.” It was a prophetic vision that began to be fulfilled two years later, in July 1896, when the first four Salesians to arrive in Paraguay took possession of the premises made available by the government. Welcomed with joy by the population and by the authorities, the Salesians started the School of Arts and Crafts, thus their approaching the young Paraguayans.

                                        The first Salesians arrived in the country 125 years ago, exactly on 23 July 1896: they were Fr Giuseppe Gamba, Provincial of Uruguay at the time and responsible for starting the presence in Paraguay; Fr Ambrogio Turriccia, Director; Fr Domenico Queirolo, also from Uruguay, the then young acolyte Pietro Foglia, musician; and the Salesian Brother Carlo Dugnani, bricklayer and cook.

                                        The Salesians were warmly welcomed by the people and by the ecclesiastical and national authorities, and they opened the first furrows in the ever fertile and vast field of the world of youth.

                                        Fr Rua thus wrote in 1897: “At the cost of great sacrifices we wanted to fulfill, at least in part, the ardent wishes of Monsignor Luis Lasagna, by sending some Salesians to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.”

                                        Undoubtedly, in fact, the great bishop Luis Lasagna would have liked to accompany and preside over the first expedition himself, but this was not possible due to the tragedy of Juiz de Fora on 6 November 1895.

                                        But his plans didn't die with him. Indeed, Fr Gamba decided to carry on the Salesian work in Paraguay in his name and as a perennial monument to the memory of the bishop who died prematurely, he gave the new foundation the name of "Colegio Monseñor Lasagna", under the patronage of St. Louis.

                                        From that moment on, the apostolic wishes of St. John Bosco began to become a reality in Paraguay as well.

                                        The initiatives and works started by the first Salesians, with the blessing of God and Mary Help of Christians, have produced so much fruit in recent years, and will continue to produce innumerable fruits of good over the course of time.

                                        Today the whole Salesian Family continues to be vigorously and dynamically active in the various parts of Paraguay, thanks to the path opened by Msgr. Lasagna, who was "the best representative of Don Bosco's genius in these nations entrusted to him."

                                        Source: Salesianos de Paraguay

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                                          36 minutes 7 seconds ago
                                          ANS - Agenzia Info Salesiana. Periodico plurisettimanale telematico, organo di comunicazione della Congregazione Salesiana
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